Top 20 Indian Rice Dishes To Try

We all know that; Indians cannot eat their food without Rice. India stands second on the list of rice consumption. Research says Indians consume around 100 million tons of rice in a year. North Indians have dishes like Biryani and Pulao. On the other hand, the south Indians have dishes like Tamarind rice and Tomato rice. Likewise, people in the west have Dal Bhat. People in the east have nut and fruit rice. The variety it has gives it more demand. So, Let’s see the Top 20 Indian Rice Dishes to Try.

1. Indian Biryani

There are uncountable types of Biryanis in India. This makes it stand first in the top 20 Indian Rice Dishes to Try. Precisely, Biryani is rice mixed with a particular kind of gravy. This gravy includes Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Egg, Lamb, Veggies, and many other food items. In India, Biryani is famous for the spice and aroma it leaves on the hand.

1.Indian Biryani

2. Indian Pulao

There are around two hundred plus recipes for Pulao. Still, many would agree that the Indian Railway Pulao is the best. Unlike Biryani, Pulao is more creamy than spicy. Indians make a gravy using oil, onion, ginger-garlic paste, cream, etc. They add vegetables accordingly. Lastly, they add Rice to it. Pulao has a mild spicy taste.

2.Indian Pulao

3. Tamarind Rice

As per the name, Tamarind rice has tamarind and red chili as its main ingredient. Its uniqueness makes it stand third on the list of top 20 Indian rice dishes to try. It has a spicy and tangy taste.  Generally, It goes very well with fried Vadagams and Papads. It is a popular dish in south India. Henceforth, locals call it Puliyogare.

3. Tamarind Rice

4. Tomato Rice

Just like Tamarind rice, the Tomato rice belongs to the south too. In the south, people call it Thakkali Sadam. Usually, people eat it with potato chips or Raita. Similarly, people serve it at the party with Potato or Chicken Curry. It has a mildly tangy, spicy taste.

4.Tomato Rice

5. Dal Bhat

The Maharashtrians eat Dal Bhat daily. Primarily, they eat it for lunch. Bhat is normal steamed Rice. Mostly, people use Parboiled Rice to make this Bhat. It digests easily. Hence, they consume it in large quantities over the ordinary Basmati Rice.

5.Dal Bhat

6. Nut and Fruit Rice

Locally, it is called Rice Pilaf with fruits and nuts. People cook pilaf in butter and water. This water has Almonds, Pecan, and Pistachios. With that, fruits like dried apricots, Raisins, Sultanas, Cranberries, and Goji Berries are present in it. It is a combo of Crispy Pan-fried Fish and Marinated Pork. Hence, we include it in the top 20 Indian rice dishes to try.

6.Nut and Fruit Rice

7. Jeera Rice

We all know Jeera rice is a go-to dish when nothing else works. Barely, it needs just Rice, Cumin, oil, and salt. Usually people eat it all alone. Also, a go-to dish with Jeera Rice is Dal Makhni. Jeera rice prominently belongs to North India.

7.Jeera Rice

8. Lemon Rice

Lemon rice, again is a South Indian Delicacy.  Without a second thought, we add it to the top 20 Indian rice dishes to try. Its recipe consists of Basmati rice, lots of lemon juice, Ginger, Turmeric, Oil, etc. Squarely, it is a great dish one can make in Minutes. It does not require lots of preparation and goes well with different Salads.

8.Lemon Rice

9. Khichdi

Different people use different ingredients to make Khichdi. Ordinarily, Urad dal, Rice, Moong dal, and Veggies make a good Khichdi. It is a kind of comfort food. Actually, it has essential nutrients to enhance one health. Hence, people eat it when they are not well.


10. Pongal Rice

Traditionally, people call it Khara Pongal. People refer to it as south Indian Khichdi. It has two types, namely Ven Pongal and Sweet Pongal. Specifically, it is a religious dish. It is savory to taste and includes nuts in it. Whereas Sweet Pongal uses Jaggery and Rice and Moong Dal for the sweetness.

10.Pongal Rice

11. Schezwan Fried Rice

Merely, Schezwan Fried Rice is just Rice stir-fried in Schezwan Sauce. Some people prefer adding a fried egg to it. It includes Chicken, Carrots, Spring Onion, Cabbage, Ginger, and Garlic. Notably, people use a copper pan to give it flavor. Mainly, People consider it to be from Indo-Chinese cuisine.

11.Schezwan Fried Rice

12. Methi Rice

Most often, people make Methi Rice for their tiffin boxes. Methi rice is just Biryani within it. People use fresh or frozen fenugreek leave for it. They reduce the bitterness of the Fenugreek using Coriander and salt it in. Methi rice is slightly Bitter and spicy to taste. Unknowingly, people say it originates from south India.

12.Methi Rice

13. Bisi Bele Bhat

Bisi Bele Bhat is a Carnatic recipe for a complete meal. Accurately, it includes Rice, lentils, and some vegetables in a bowl. It is a hot pot full of nutrients. The other name for it is Bisi Bele Huli Anna. It is spicy to taste. Henceforth, It goes well with fried Papad, Boondi and Chutney, and Tomato Raita.

13.Bisi Bele Bhat

14. Curd Rice

Curd Rice is a south Indian rice dish. Secondly, in the south, it goes by the name of Thayir Sadam. Thayir here means yogurt and Sadam means Rice. They cook the rice and add yogurt to it. In the other pan, they prepare a tempering using Mustard seeds, Curry leaves, Oil, and Chili and put it on the curd rice. Lastly, it is slightly sour to taste.

14.Curd Rice

15. Shrimp Rice

As the name goes, Shrimp Rice is a version of Biryani with Shrimp. Mostly, people around the coastline make it. They make use of fresh shrimp and boil it initially with Rice. Furthermore, they prepare gravy and add rice and shrimp to it. It is slightly fishy to taste. It has become popular in recent times. So on, it is present in the top 20 Indian rice dishes to try.

15.Shrimp Rice

16. Rice Kheer

Rice Kheer is equivalent to the Kheer the Muslims make during Eid. Notably, the only difference between both is the use of Rice. People cook this Rice in milk until it mashes. Later, they add flavors to it using Sugar, Cardamom, Coconut milk, etc. People make it on special occasions.

16.Rice Kheer

17. Sakar Bhat

The name of this Rice comes from Maharashtra again. Sakar means sugar, and Bhat means rice. They make this rice on the occasion of Narali Pournima. It is orange in color. They make it using Ghee, Sugar, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, etc. Talking more, people in Maharashtra like it very much. Hence, we include it in the top 20 Indian rice dishes to try.

17.Sakar Bhat

18. Phodnicha Bhat

Not to mention, we Indians have our version of Phodnicha Bhat. It is just rice with spice and tempering to it. The difference in this tempering makes different types of Phodnicha Bhat. Reading further, the Gujrati people call it Vagharelo Rice. The unique thing about this rice is that people primarily make it from the leftover rice.

18.Phodnicha Bhat

19. Coconut Milk Rice

Popularly, this rice is known as Narali Bhat in many places. People make it by cooking rice in coconut milk. Hence, it has a very creamy and fresh taste. Green peas, carrots, Cashew, Raisins, beans, etc. are in it for more flavor. It is our go-to rice. Hence we gladly include it in the top 20 Indian rice dishes.

19.Coconut Milk Rice

20. Indian Rice Bowl

We all know KFC. Also, we know the Indian Rice Bowls they serve. This rice bowl comes in a variety. Most of them include an accurate mixture of spices to make it more Indian. Most of them contain Paneer, Veggies, Chicken, Fish, etc. as the main ingredient with rice. With that, we end the list of top 20 Indian rice dishes.

20.Indian Rice Bowl