Top 20 Indian Snacks The People In Nagaland Enjoy Eating!!

Indian Snacks The People In Nagaland Enjoy Eating!!

Nagaland, the state situated in the North-eastern part of India has been long known for great scenery and hospitality. However, it is a fact that most of the locals would like their everyday food without all the spices. Nevertheless, we do love the spicy foods from our counterpart Indians and we enjoy every bit as we do our own. And when it comes to snacks, there are lots that we love eating. And here is the list:


This is truly a food with no cultural barriers and limitations. Just ask the locals here if they like Samosa or more commonly known as ‘Singara’. The answer will be “Yes”. Found in every bakery and tea hotels; this is one food which deserves to be on the top spot.



Another of the local favourites, Ghugni. This hot steamy chick peas cooked in thick spicy gravy, served with some onions and chillies on top, drives the people asking for more. The only difference, more the chillies the happier we are.



Also known as ‘Pokora’ by the locals. This crunchy savoury little snack which comes in almost any shape is one that can be found sold by vendors in almost every locality or bazaar. However, the only set back would be the variations of Pakoda which is found in other parts of India like: ‘onion pakoda’, ‘gobi pakoda’ etc.


4.Jhal Channa(Hot Spicy Gram With Onions, Chillies, lime Etc)

This is one food which is so infused in our state and enjoyed by the people that we really don’t see it as a particular Indian snack but much more of a common food which we happen to enjoy eating. There also happens to be a humorous video clip of Jhal Channa on facebook, uploaded by our own Hopong Naga.

Jhal Channa

5.Pani Puri/ Golgappa

The little balls of hollowed Puri have made its mark in Nagaland. The sweet, spicy flour balls filled with potato, gram etc has managed to captivate our taste buds. And even for the people who don’t eat often, this is one we’ve all tried.

Pani Puri

6.Aloo Chop

Boiled potato mixed with onions, chillies, spices, covered in batter and deep fried in hot oil; crunchy when hot. Sounds simple and we love it. Aloo-chop can be found sold by vendors along-side Pakoda, Aanda chop etc.

Aloo Chop

7.Aanda Chop/Chicken Chop

Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s a fact that the people in Nagaland love non-vegetarian food. So what happens when you take a snack we love and mix it up a little with some chicken and/or egg? We get a mouth full of tasty food. And thus we have, Aanda and Chicken chop.

Chicken Chop


Murukku is a snack from Tamil Nadu. The name ‘murukku’ is derived from Tamil, which means “Twisted”. It’s so tasty that we’ve actually started making our own with a different variant of rice flour and sticky rice flour. Normally found in bakeries, this is one tasty treat we eat as it is or with tea.


9.Banana chips

Yellow in colour, also quite healthy and still without a clue how it’s made. Yet you can taste the fragrant coconut oil it’s fried in. Usually made in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this fragrant yellow chips is one food I can honestly say we all love.

Banana chips


A cup of tea and bowl full of Nimki, is a favourite snack pass time. Although eaten in small quantities, it is still eaten in almost every household.



Although it’s sweet, it is still considered a snack. How do we best love it? Hot, crunchy and sweet. Jalebis can be found in bakeries and street corners sold by the grams and kilos, but honestly the Jalebis made fresh in street corners and bazaars are far better and tastier.

Jalebi 1


There is one Bhujia that stands out from the rest, that we enjoy eating the most. And that is Aloo bhujia. Crunchy and spicy, the way we like it.



Famous all around India, this savoury south Indian mouth-full has hit the home run with the locals here. Even better with butter on top. Mostly found in restaurants and small hotels and seldom with street vendors.


14.Chole Bhature

There is a kind of misconception regarding this dish. It is misunderstood as Puri by the locals (a different dish). The puffed up Bhature with the ever tasty Chole, it is one of the few, we come back looking for.

chole bhature recipe

15.Bhel Puri

A walk around Murgi-Pati in Dimapur will give you a glimpse of the famous Bhel-Puri and its vendors flocked by people. Who doesn’t love it? It’s sweet, spicy, filled with tamarind sauce, creamy curd and everything nice.

bhel puri

16.Muri/Puffed rice

So called Muri by the locals, usually accompanied by tea or milk. This snack goes down as one of the more popular morning snacks.


17.Pav Bhaji

Although not literally known by name and not as popular as the others, it is still popular among the locals who love a good short snack. A small amount of butter takes the dish to a whole another level.

Pav Bhaji


A sweet snack made almost similar to Namak para, is something we enjoy with our tea. However instead of ghee, vegetable oil is used in making these snacks. Also known as sweet namkeen by the locals.



Considered both a break-fast dish and a snack, it is widely eaten by the locals as a quick snack to fill up their stomachs. Also quite reasonable in price, this is one snack we all love to eat.


20.Moong daal

Last but not the least, it is Moong-daal. A trip to the nearby bakery and you have the choices of Moong-daal by different brands. This is one versatile snack that can be eaten straight out of the packet or mixed with vegetables and spices. And, it is also fit for any occasion from watching TV, to hanging out with friends. Why do we love it? No idea. But one thing is for sure, we keep buying it.

Moong daal