Top 20 Items To Chill On The Streets Of Jaipur


When we think about Jaipur, the first thing that comes to our minds is the tradition and culture. And Rajasthan is very rich in its Folk Art and Culture. The local food is also included under the culture of Jaipur. The local food is not only liked by the local people but also loved by the visitors. The vibrant desert city has a lot to offer in terms of food. The people residing there have that interesting element of exploring so that is why the Pink City serves the best food. Here we have compiled the list of Jaipuri food which leads you to more and more excitement and exploration.

1.Pani Puri

This is India’s favorite street food. All love to have Pani Puri in India. When we hear Pani Puri, we automatically start salivating. The spiced flavor Pani is so delicious that no one can control. Puries are fried puffed crisp stuffed balls. The spicy water is balanced with the sweet turmeric sauce which is known as Methi chutney. These can be brought ready from the stores but when we eat it by the road side it gets tastier.

Pani Puri 1

2.Rawat Pyaaj Kachori

This is an all-time famous street food of Jaipur. The stuffing is made up of onions, Potato and Indian Spices. The base is made up of Maida and Eno powder mixed in it to make it more fluffy and soft. The Yoghurt is poured upon it to make it tastier and more happening. Jaipur’s Rawat Pyaaj Kachori is famous all over the world.

Rawat Pyaaj Kachori

3.Pandit Kulfi

This is the best Kulfi to have in Jaipur. Kulfi consists of Mava, Sugar, Dry Fruits and all flavors. It is available at reasonable prices, so everyone can afford it and satisfy their taste buds. It is located in the middle of Jaipur that is why it is easy to go and have it. The best flavor to have it for the first time is Kesar.

Pandit Kulfi

4.Barf Ka Gola

This ice cream is famous in both summer and winter. It is made up of ice and artificial flavor. The flavor available is Kaala-khate, Orange, Rose, Mango etc. Crushed ice balls are dipped in the syrup. It is quick and easy to make.

Barf Ka Gola


These are triangle shaped modern samosas. These are available in different stuffings like Potato, Chowmin, Paneer. It is easily available in all bakeries and a favorite time pass for the college and school going students.


7.Ice cream

Ice cream is very common street food to chill out with friends and family. There are famous places in Jaipur to hang out with friends and have Ice Cream on street. As we know about the temperature of Rajasthan is high all the time generally ice cream is preferred in both the seasons.

Ice cream

8.Chicken Tikka

This Chicken dish originated from the South Asia. It is an easy recipe made with Chicken and blended Yoghurt in it. The dish is not fried, it is baked. The coated material blended in it consists of Indian roasted Spices. It is very famous street food in Jaipur to chill out with friends and family.

Chicken Tikka


Omelet is very basic Egg recipe. It is made up of beaten Egg and fried with Butter, Onion and Green Coriander. It is also eaten for breakfast with Butter.



It is popularly known as sweet Butter Milk and originated from the Punjab region. Dry fruit, Yoghurt, and Milk are added into it. It is served in a full packed Patiala glass which is as big as a hand. Sometimes the flavors are added into it to make it more delicious.


11.Pav Bhaji

Pav means the Bread shallow fried in the Butter and served with the Bhaji which is made up of mixed Vegetables. The Vegetables are boiled and fried in Desi ghee with Indian Spices. It is served with Lemon and Onion to make it more delicious.

Pav Bhaji 1

12.Masala Chai

Chai (tea) is Desi drink of India and drunk by all age groups in the country. In every city, there are one or two famous chai wallahs, who make tea with dedication. So in Jaipur also there are two to three tea stores, where the delicious Tea is served. After work, people come to tea stores, gossip, and drink the tea.

Masala Chai

13.Faluda Kulfi

Faluda Kulfi is one of the most delicious sweets preferred in both summer and winter. The colored noodles which are sweet in taste are served with the Kulfi. The flavor used to add in it are Cesar, Kevra, and Rose.

Faluda Kulfi


The world famous South Indian dish Dosa is also famous in Rajasthan’s Pink City Jaipur. It is served with 2 types of Chutneys and Sambhar. The Sambhar is made up of vegetables like Tomato, Green Chili, Peas, Potato, Kadi Patta, Beans and many more veggies available in seasons. And Chutneys are two types; one is made up of Coconut, Yoghurt, and Nuts and the other is made up of Carrot and Tomato. Both are delicious in their unique way.

dosa 1


Well, now it’s Coffee or the Dark coffee or Black coffee. Most of the working people drink Coffee. They can’t live without coffee because coffee increases the stamina and the metabolism. Working class people have stress and tension, so they go to cafes and chill out with friends while enjoying strong coffee. And coffee and gossips are good friends.


16.Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll is a type of Veg. Roll available on the streets easily and served with the Szechwan Chutney Desi Chinese. Popularly Kathi Rolls are considered as the roll which is easier to consume and prepared in very less time. The stuffing in the Kathi roll include Cottage Cheese, Tomato, and the Indian Spices.

kathi roll


Shrikhand is made up of Yoghurt, Milk, Dry Fruit and Sugar. The texture is somewhat like Ice Cream but it tastes like sweet and sour. It is served as a dessert and is available in many flavors like Rose, Mango etc. Also, it can be eaten in evenings for the refreshment of mood. The creamy texture is delicious to have in the season of Mangoes.



Shikanjee is an Indian drink made up of Lemonade, Sugar, and Water. The taste is like sweet and sour. It is a refreshing drink which our grandmas used to make in summers while we come back from school. The Desi Cold Drink Sheekanjee is a solution which gives energy to your body and also provides vitamins and minerals. In Jaipur, there are many stores who sell it at a very reasonable prize. Rajasthan is famous for its hotness, which is why the people residing there should drink it daily.


19.Bhel Puri

The mixture of all Sev and snacks with Chutney is known as Bhel Puri. The dry snacks are mixed in one bowl. The Bhel Puri is the very famous street food of India. And many tourists come to Jaipur, so they are attracted towards this type of Indian food.

bhel puri 1

20.Chilli Chicken

This is the boneless Chicken recipe of Chicken. In this, the Chicken pieces are covered with Cornflour and deep fried in refined oil and shallow fried in butter with the vegetables until it gets crispy and brownie. The vegetables which are fried are Capsicum and Onion. At the time when that is getting ready, the sauces that are poured upon it include Red Chili Souse, Green Chili Souse, Soya Souse and two or three drops of Vinegar. That is why the Chicken gets more and more soft and delicious.