Top 20 Indonesian Recipes To Try

Top 20 Indonesian Recipes To Try

Indonesia is an Asian country which consists of over 17,000 islands. It has a lot of beautiful beaches as it is located between Indian and Pacific Oceans. It also has many volcanoes, some of which are active too. Indonesia is a beautiful place and it has a lot of natural sceneries and so, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Indonesia also has very rich food practices. Here, in this article, we have mentioned the most popular ones that shouldn’t be missed.


Satay is a traditional Indonesian chicken recipe. This is an easy recipe that can be made with not too many ingredients. Chicken, oil, onion, garlic, coriander and a few spices are all needed to make it. The Indonesian sweet soy sauce is essentially used while serving this dish. The chicken is grilled on skewers and and spicy peanut sauce is drizzled over it. It is a mouth-watering recipe and a famous street food.


2.Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng is a famous Indonesian fried noodle dish. It is also popular in South Asian region. Prawns, eggs, and chicken are used in the making of this dish. The sauce is thick like syrup and spicy. It is a easy-to-make recipe.

Mie Goreng


Pempek is Indonesian fish cake. It is a very famous Indonesian recipe served with spicy tamarind sauce. It is prepared with fish, all purpose flour, tapioca starch, eggs, and some spices. The pieces of fish are frozen, blended, and mixed in the dough. It is a relatively easy recipe to try.



Gudeg is a very popular Indonesian jackfruit stew. It is prepared with jackfruit meat and hard boiled eggs. Sometimes pieces of chicken are also added into it. Many spices and herbs are used in its making. It is a easy recipe that is served hot.


5.Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is a traditional spicy omelette dish, popular in Indonesia. Glutinos rice are cooked with egg and served with fried shredded coconut, fried shallots, and dried shrimp. Spices are added to enhance its taste. It is fried on a wok without any oil. It is a popular street snack.

Kerak Telor


Martabak is a traditional Indonesian pancake dessert. It is a pancake pie or a thick pastry with a delicious filling inside. The baking batter is prepared and it is cooked on a non-stick pan. The filling can includes chocolate, cheese, condensed milk, or butter. It is a very easy to prepare snack recipe.


7.Sop Buntut

Sop Buntut is a famous oxtail soup recipe of Indonesia. The oxtail is simmered in broth with carrots and potatoes. It has a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. Spices, ginger, garlic, and onions are added to enhance the taste.

Sop Buntut

8.Nasi Uduk

Nasi Uduk is a very popular Indonesian recipe made with white rice. It is cooked with coconut milk and seasoned with aromatic spices like lemongrass, ginger, and lime leaves. It is topped with fried shallots and omelette stips and served with spicy sambal.

Nasi Uduk

9.Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang is a very popular Indonesian recipe. It is a dry curry beef. It is highly aromatic and consists of rich coconut and spices gravy. The beef is cooked in coconut milk and fresh coconut is grated and turned into a curry. Beef is cooked thoroughly till the gravy becomes thick. It is served with turmeric or coconut rice.

Beef Rendang

10.Bebek Goreng

Bebek Goreng is a traditional Indonesian dish prepared with duck. A lot of spices go into it with fresh spinach and banana leaves. It has a rich and heavenly flavor. Served with rice, steamed snake beans, or Chinese greens, it is a delicacy to try.

Bebek Goreng


Bakso is a very popular Indonesian food consisting of meatball. It is made with beef bones. Spices and aromatics are added to enhance the flavor of this dish. It is a fairly easy recipe and can be added in noodles or stew.


12.Soto Betawi

Soto Betawi is a famous Indonesian dish consisting of beef soup. A lot of aromatic spices and herbs go into the preparation of this dish. It is an easy-to-make recipe that can be prepared in a short time. It is a mouth-watering recipe.

Soto Betawi


Pepes or Ikan pepes is a traditional Indonesian recipe. It is a tender fish meat that is wrapped in banana leaves. A lot of spices are added into this dish to get the authentic taste. The fish is marinated and wrapped in the coconut leaf, which is then baked in oven. It is served with lemon wedges.



Klepon is the traditional sweet rice cakes of Indonesia. It is made with glutinos rice flour and flavored with amazing combination of palm sugar, pandan, and coconut. It is a very easy recipe that can be made instantly. It is also a popular street snack.


15.Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is an Indonesian food recipe. It is made with beef or chicken. The chicken is thoroughly cooked in with a lot of spices. It is served with rice, eggs, or jackfruit curry. It has a rich and delicious taste.

Nasi Padang

16.Coto Makassar

Coto Makassar is a traditional Indonesian soup made with beef. The beef is cooked with spices until it becomes tender. The special sambal tauco sauce is made to serve alonf with it. The soup is served with lime wedges, chopped scallions, and garnished celery leaves.

Coto Makassar

17.Pecel Lele

Pecel Lele is a popular dish in Indonesia. It is made with catfish. The fish is marinated in the spice paste made from coriander, garlic, candlenuts, and turmeric. It is then deep-fried until golden-brown. It is served and enjoyed with salad and sambal sauce.

Pecel Lele


Siomay is steamed mackerel dumplings popular in Indonesia. The filling consists of fish and vegetables. The fish is canned mackerel used in this dish. They are served with peanut dipping sauce, hard-boiled eggs, and steamed cabbage. This is a delicious meal.


19.Babi Pangang

Babi Pangang is a famous Indonesian recipe prepared with pork. It is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is prepared with sauces, vinegar, vegetable oil, sugar, and fermented bean paste. The meat is marinated and kept in refrigerator for 1-2 days and then grilled. It is a heart-warming meal.

Babi Pangang


Bakpao is a steamed bun Indonesian recipe. The bun is made of all purpose flour and has a meat filling inside. Spices are added to enhance the taste. The dish is served with sweet chilli sauce.