Top 20 Japanese Restaurants In Vadapalani, Tamil Nadu

top 20 japanese restaurants in vadapalani tamil nadu

Japanese foods in the Vadapalani include variety of foods like sushi, a casual Japanese eatery, and Sora Jima at Consent Urban, which originally opened as a traditional Japanese restaurant a few years ago but now specialises in tasty dishes that combine with mouth-watering Japanese cuisine with Indian flavours. For instance Meat Tikka Sushi. Whether you’re in the mood for a Sushi plate for lunch or a multi-course supper, Vadapalani is a good place to get your taste of Japanese food.


Kuuraku is a Japanese restaurant situated in Vadapalani, Tamil Nadu. Kuuraku is a casual dining restaurant with a variety of best-selling flavours.
Their best sellers include Sushi, Kuroki, Crafted Beer, and Oyko Don.  If you are wondering about your pocket then, you should know it only costs an average of 1000 Rs for two people. Cheap, isn’t it? Let’s talk about the facilities Kuuraku provides well air conditioning, serves alcohol, parking is available, and luckily they accept card payments too.



Twenty years ago, Chef Vikram Arora discovered his passion for cooking, and he hasn’t looked back. After working at several hotels and restaurants in Singapore, Tamil Nadu, India, and India to hone his innovative and creative abilities, he now owns and serves as the culinary director of “Tamak,” a micro restaurant in Mumbai that first opened its doors in June 2018. Food provided by Tamak is FSSAI audited with hygiene standards, raw materials are sanitized correctly before use, regular sanitization is their premises, and its also WHO approved.



The Teppan restaurant offers a variety of Japanese as well as Indian dishes that people love the most. Popular dishes served by Teppan are the Combination menu, chicken salad, Miso soup, Sashimi, and Sushi. What people love most in Teppan is their budget-friendly foods, an average of 2000 Rs for two people. Teppan services provide home delivery, indoor seating, takeaways, and table reservations.


4.Asian Station

Asian Station makes every effort to be the best shop for people who likes Asian food, and it is only possible because of the hard work of the cooks, who are skilled at making the various dishes seem appealing. First impression of the informal dining establishment can immediately altered by its all-encompassing atmosphere. It is been ensured at Asian Station, that enjoying superb meals shouldn’t be sacrificed because of excessive costs. The unique menu features every mouth-watering dish from Japanese, Seafood, and Asian cuisines. The location is in Chennai-north-western Vadapalani’s region.

Asian Station

5.Dahlia Restaurant

Dahlia is a Japanese restaurant situated in Tamil Nadu, Vadapalani. It’s known for its Pan-Asian cuisine and its famous dishes like Ramen, Sushi, Pork, and Sause. Dahlia is also known for affordable prices, authenticity, attitude, portion size, owner, and tables. Eating at Dahlia will only costs approx. 1500 Rs for two people. After eating, you can pay in cash or card or even order a takeaway.

Dahlia Restaurant

6.Sushi In A Box

What People love about Sushi a Box restaurant is that the fun and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant and the lovely presentation of every dish with its outstanding and distinctive flavours have created Sushi In A Box. They also promise that the freshest seafood and meat will be served for you at Sushi A Box restaurant. Their timings are 12 noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm.

Sushi In A Box

7.Oyama Japanese Restaurant

Oyama Japanese Restaurant in Vadapalani, Gandhi Nagar, Chennai is a reliable name in the industry as they aim to deliver the best experience to their customers. Due to this, they have amassed a following of devoted clients. Oyama Japanese Restaurant started its journey as a successful restaurant and has ensured that the customer remains at the centre of their business operations and philosophy. One of the most reliable names in the food industry is the Oyama Japanese Restaurant in Vadapalani. Customers have given them a 4.5-star rating. Anytime between 11:30 and 22:30 is the ideal time to contact them.

Oyama Japanese Restaurant


One of the most reliable names in the business is Yakiniku (Hyatt), located in Teynampet. Yakiniku have a 3.5-star rating from their clients. Their service, and product range includes Casual Dining, Bar, Smoking Areas, Alcohol, Valet Parking, Wi-Fi Available, Ac, Wi-Fi, Price For Two 2500, Known For prawn Tempura And Maki Varieties, etc. To make the transactional experience hassle-free for customers, they accept multiple modes of payment such as cash, master card, visa card, debit cards, and credit card.  The best time to eat at Yakiniku is between 18:30 – 23:00.


9.Soy Soi

Many of the tastiest meals are offered in the South-East Asian cities’ bustling streets, as anyone who has travelled extensively through the region will attest. The beautiful restaurant was stylishly built with minimalistic components, a classic Asian aesthetic, and a dash of glitz, all embraced by the gigantic light show in the center. Soy Soi has an exquisite backdrop with a blend of contemporary design and recognizable Asian influences.

Soy Soi

10.Copper Kitchen Vadapalani

To give you a memorable dining experience, Copper Kitchen who is inspired by Ahlan Foodpreneurs, did a lot of aesthetic and Japanese touch-ups to the restaurant. The goal was to create an authentic North & South Non-Veg restaurant focused on Chettinad, Tandoor, Andhra, and lip-smacking barbecues. The restaurant would also have a great atmosphere and unmatched services. The menu’s notable highlights include Japanese-Indian seafood dishes and Tamil Muslim wedding biryani.

Copper Kitchen Vadapalani

11.Osaka Foods

Following a visit to the Ganesh Karthik Temple, you can visit this eatery. You can sample a range of different Japanese foods at Osaka. One of their best-selling item is Sushi. The Osaka restaurant offers parking, home delivery, credit payments, and takeout alternatives. This restaurant is famous for the food serving, sitting arrangements, and Japanese traditions.

Osaka Foods

12.Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant

The staple dish of Japan is grains with miso soup and focusing on using ingredients and flavours that are in season. Noodles are a staple food item in addition to rice (Soba and Udon) and their seafood is mostly cooked but is also often served raw as sushi or as sashimi. Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant also offers a large variety of simmered foods, including fish items in broth (Oden), beef in Sukiyaki, and Nikujaga. Their famous side dishes are pickled vegetables, fish, and baked vegetables cooked in broth.

Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant

13.Barbeque Nation

If you want to eat Japanese food without going to a Japanese restaurant, this barbeque nation is the best option. There are various Japanese food and immense flavours and love. Some of the facilities they provide are Lift, High chairs, parking, alcoholic beverages, and a good atmosphere.

Barbeque Nation

14.Far East Japanese Restaurant

Let’s start with the requirement of the Far East restaurant. To enter the restaurant you need to have a Mask on, Temperature check is needed, staff has to wear masks, and staff is necessary to disinfect surfaces between the visits. Facilities Far East restaurant provide are kerbside pickups, home delivery, raw food on retail, and friendly staff members. The Far East is famous for its eatery serving Sashimi, Tempura, and Sushi dishes in a streamlined dining space.

Far East Japanese Restaurant

15.Sushis Boutiq

People adore the diversity of Japanese and Indian meals served at the Sushis Boutiq restaurant. Delicacies served by Sushis Boutiq are mixed platter, Sushi to Miso soup, Unagi Eel, Tempura, Soba, Udon, and rice balls. People adore Sushis Boutiq for its affordable fare, which costs, on average, Rs 2000 for two people. Sushis Boutiq offer services like, home delivery, indoor sitting, takeaways, and table bookings.

Sushis Boutiq

16.Jonah’s Goes To Japan

absolutely yes! “Jonah’s Goes To Japan” is a restaurant, and the unique name make this restaurant famous. The service options provided are: Dine-in · Takeaway · Jonah’s trip began with his father and son’s shared love of food, travel, and adventure. Jonah’s Goes To Japan chain Jonah’s Bistro, which bears his son’s name, plans to grow internationally. Jonah’s, is dedicated to providing mouth-watering Japanese food. Recipes follow by Jonah’s have spirit, and they continually look further to make sure that what they do is improving this.

Jonahs Goes To Japan

17.AKI BAY TVR Japanese Restaurant

People Say This Place Is Known For, Menu, Packaging, Value for Money, and Taste. Some services they provide are home delivery, Takeaway available, Wi-Fi, indoor seating, and free parking. They accept cards, and cash for payments and it only costs 1200 Rs approximately for two persons to eat.

AKI BAY TVR Japanese Restaurant


Mamagoto is a Colour-filled, pan-Asian restaurant chain serving various dishes for delivery and takeaway. It would be best if you eat once in your life at Mamagoto as its experience is worth the time. Mamagoto, the classy Japanese restaurant offers fantastic food and drink selections. Starting with some crunchy complementary starters to a tasty, refreshing drink menu is a great idea for eating in Mamagoto.

Mamagoto 1

19.KooX – Rooftop Asian Grill

KooX blends together all the best of Japanese and Sichuan cuisines in complete sync. The food at KooX is conceptualized and curated by a team of chefs who have worked extensively in restaurants throughout India. They offer a variety of delicious Japanese dishes with immense flavours. Although they don’t provide home deliveries, you can still order their food from third party websites.

KooX Rooftop Asian Grill

20.The Noodle Theory

The best thing about Noodle Theory is that, they offer customers to customize their order and have awesome taste and a great foodie experience. You should visit Noddle Theory if you love Japanese cuisine with customized flavours. Opening hours for Noodle Theory are from 12 pm to 12 am, and they offer home delivery as well.

The Noodle Theory