Top 20 Kinds Of Pulses You Shouldn’t Miss

top 20 kinds of pulses you shouldnt miss
top 20 kinds of pulses you shouldnt miss

Proteins are pretty necessary for our body to function well. We should not neglect the needs of our bodies. Focus on the nutritious values of foods you consume daily. Try to incorporate every nutrient in your daily diet to stay strong and healthy. Keep snacking between meal timings to avoid acidity and ulcers. Pulses are excellent protein sources that we need to strengthen our bones and teeth. Kinds of pulses are available in grocery shops. However, every kind of pulses is cooked differently and served with various regular curries for a full-fledging meal. Let’s look at the kinds of pulses available in the shops.

1. Bengal Gram

Bengal Gram is pretty famous for preparations in religious ceremonies. Cook with coconut for a creamy texture and sweet flavor, and serve with parathas and puris. Use it with plantain to make delicious curry and serve with steamed rice. It contains zinc, selenium, antioxidants, and copper.

1 Bengal Gram

2. Red Lentils

Red lentils are made daily in our homes to add protein to our daily diet. Make this kind of pulses with mixed vegetables and enjoy a healthy meal. It helps to boost immunity and manage diabetes. It contains calcium, protein, and magnesium. Use them to make yummy fritters with onions, and enjoy with a spicy and tangy sauce.

2 Red Lentils

3. Yellow Pigeon Peas

It is readily available in nearby grocery stores. Use them to make various recipes like toor dal curry, dal rasam, and Bisi Bele Bhath. They contain phosphorus, folic acid, and vitamins K, C, B, and E. Consume one of the various pulses daily with your regular meals to see the health benefits you gain. They aid in a healthy pregnancy and weight loss.

3 Yellow Pigeon Peas

4. Black Gram

You can readily mix various pulses to make a delicious recipe with local spices and coconut or coriander leaves. However, do not overconsume pulses as they may have harmful effects. Try to incorporate one kind of pulses into your diet daily. Use black gram to make dosa and dal makhani. They contain isoflavones, phosphorus, and protein.

4 Black Gram

5. Green Gram

Fry them with local spices and salt for a delicious snack. Add fried or roasted green gram to your regular salads for a crunchy appetizer. Make khichdi and halwa using these pulses, and you’ll be amazed by the outcome. They contain protein, vitamins K, A, C, and E. It helps to maintain blood pressure.

5 Green Gram

6. Chickpeas

Chole bhature is one of the famous dishes we relish with joy. Make chole curry using this type of pulses and reap its nutrients. Roast or fry them with salt for a crunchy snack. It helps to reduce iron deficiency in our bodies and maintains brain health. It’s a good source of calcium, protein, fiber, and iron.

6 Chickpeas

7. Horse Gram

Varieties of pulses are available in the market, and delicious recipes are made from them daily with our main course meals. They are highly nutritious and should be incorporated into our regular diet. It helps boost liver health and works wonders for kidney and gallbladder stones. They contain protein, calcium, iron, and fiber.

7 Horse Gram

8. Black Chickpea

They have a fantastic buttery texture and nutty flavor. Snack on them by roasting and frying them with local spices and salt. Use them to make delicious curries. It contains iron, dietary fibers, and protein. Make delicious kababs from them. It boosts cardiovascular health and manages diabetes.

8 Black Chickpea

9. White Urad

Use urad dal to make healthy regular dal recipes to serve with main course meals. They contain iron, dietary fibers, and potassium. Make dal makhani, papad, and idli using this type of pulses to stay healthy. They help to boost mental health and make our teeth and bones stronger.

9 White Urad

10. Green Pigeon Peas

It is readily available in the market. Use it to make delicious curries and fry them for a yummy and crunchy snack recipe. They consist of dietary fibers, protein, and carbohydrates. Include pulses in your daily diet and take care of your health. This kind of pulse help to improve digestive health and aids weight loss.

10 Green Pigeon Peas

11. Rajma

Rajma makes for a yummy and creamy, delicious recipe. Use coconuts or coriander leaves to garnish them and enjoy them with main course meals. The magnesium content in rajma is good for strengthening our bones and teeth and helps to regulate metabolism. Complex carbs and fiber are present in rajma.

11 Rajma

12. Chawli Dal

They are highly nutritious, containing calcium, iron, carbohydrates, and protein. Protein strengthens our bones and teeth, and iron helps increase our bodies’ hemoglobin levels. Use them to make delicious side dishes and reap their benefits. There are varieties of Chawli Dal available.

12 Chawli Dal

13. Moth Dal

People in diet know the importance of sprouts in their balanced diet. It is a powerhouse of calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B9, and manganese. You can make various recipes using Chawli Dal and stay healthy. Don’t overconsume pulses, as they may harm your health.

13 Moth Dal

14. Adzuki Beans

It isn’t readily available in grocery shops, but its nutritional value will amaze you. Make different curries using these pulses as they give your meals an authentic and creamy texture. You can roast or fry them for appetizers using local spices like onion and garlic powder.

14 Adzuki Beans

15. Indian Brown Lentils

Lentils are high in protein, as we all know. Various recipes are made using lentils. Consuming them is good for our health and boosts our immunity for an extended period. Use Indian brown lentils to make delicious pakoras mixed with onions and local spices, and enjoy with a spicy sauce.

15 Indian Brown Lentils

16. Lima Beans

Lima beans are highly nutritious for the development of our health. We often forget to take care of our health in our daily routine and suffer from various diseases and infections. Stay away from unnecessary health regarded problems by consuming pulses regularly. Use lima beans to make different recipes and enjoy them with your main course.

16 Lima Beans

17. Dry peas

We consume green peas as a snack and sometimes use them for cooking various recipes. However, dry peas can be cooked too. Use onions, garlic, and tomatoes for cooking dry peas after soaking them for six to eight hours. Garnish with coriander leaves and grated coconut for a delicious flavor and taste.

17 Dry peas

18. Dal Bhat

Don’t go behind their black color; they can change the taste of your overall meal with their creamy texture and nutty flavor. Cook them using local spices, and dal bhat will be one of your favorite pulses. Please don’t throw away the water of soaked pulses; instead, use it for cooking your pulses recipes and reaping the benefits.

18 Dal Bhat

19. Dew Gram Beans

Dew gram beans are also known as matki, and you can make delicious snacks using them. Make delicious recipes with dew gram beans to get health benefits, and you’ll be amazed by the outcome of the recipes. They’re alluring in flavor and taste and won’t disappoint you regarding nutritious values.

19 Dew Gram Beans

20. Soybean

Soybean is highly nutritious for our health, and we use soybean oil to improve our cardiovascular health. Soybean is a fantastic source of protein and helps build muscles, strengthening teeth and bones. Use soybean to make yummy recipes and enjoy a healthy, relaxing meal.

20 Soybean