Top 20 Konkani And Malvani Food In Alibaug

Top 20 Konkani And Malvani Food In Alibaug

Alibaug is the coastal state in Raigad district of Maharashtra state. This is also the region included in the MMR region. This place is also considered the best holy place, and many devotees come here to worship Shree Padmakshi Renuka. At the same time, they are also known as goddesses. Rice and fish is a staple food that is available here. All unique dishes are prepared with great effort, and tourists, and locals, enjoy them a lot. Seafood is always in demand. But many also eat veg food when they come here. Enjoy to the fullest by eating mouth-watering and delicious food.Following are the top 20 Konkani and Malvani food dishes in Alibaug that you should have :

1.Rawa Fry Tiger Prawns

This is a simple dish to prepare. You can make shellfish texturally rich by pan-frying prawns. As we break crispy prawns into the outside layer, you can see soft and delicate prawns inside it. You also require art to prepare this dish. You can enjoy it best with cold drinks or even simple daal and rice.


2.Surmai (kingfish)

This fish is a crucial part of traditional meals. This dish is quite similar to the one we used to eat with our grandparents. Curry, fried fish pieces, salad, chutney, sukha , or jowar rotis, and rice are favourites.


3.Pomfret Rawa Fry

Pomfret Rawa Fry is one of the best dishes available locally here. Just a simple marination of salt, turmeric and chilli powder will enhance the taste of the fish. You require the proper quantity and quality of ingredients to cook fish per your flavour and taste.


4.Misal Pav

This is a famous food in Maharashtra which you should try in Alibaug. Sprouted moth beans, the mixture of spicy gravy and the best topping of coriander is seen. Pav served is just lightly buttered and toasted.


5.Kombdi Vade

This dish is a speciality in Alibaug. Chicken curry is best served with highly crisp and fluffy vada. This video is just made from rice flour and urad dal. The best flavour and texture combination is the best for non-vegetarian foods.


6.Ambavlele Vade

This dish looks quite similar to South Indian Vada. This dish is prepared from jaggery, rice flour, turmeric and fenugreek seeds. Hot oil will just be poured into holes lined with onions and dough is left for fermentation. Deities are served with this food.



This is a tadpole-like fish available in September. It is essential to eat this fish these days with fresh rice. Murya is just made by breaking rice till lumps are formed. MURYA is prepared dry, and layering is done with Murya and leaves. Hot charcoal is just placed on top. This will just turn the mixture into a thin sheet.



This blood-enriched recipe is quite famous among rural folk. Blood should not be wasted if we sacrifice a living being. Animal jugular is just collected in a vessel and coagulated. These are used to prepare. Spices are just sprinkled with hands. Onion, coconut and curry leaves are stir-fried.



After harvesting the necessary ingredients, people indulge in preparing this dish. Cooking done in an earthen pot is also quite similar to Gujarati preparation. This dish contains wild shrubs that will grow after the paddy field gets cleared.


10.Bhaji Pav

You can see here thick vegetable curries are prepared. Smashed potato and green peas are added to make a more authentic flavour. The tomatoes are cooked in butter. One can also serve this curry with a soft pav.


11.Chicken Club Panini

Tomatoes are sliced for grilling chicken. Bacon is smooth, and brie cheese makes this dish yummy and mouth-watering. It is also easy to do house dressing with this dish.


12.Chicken Pakora

Cottage cheese is also marinated in the chicken. Gram flour is used for coating the chicken. As soon as you deep fry chicken is eat.


13.Tandoori Murgh

This dish is also called the king of kebabs. Yoghurt and Kashmiri chilli powder are mixed to prepare marination for a spring chicken. Boneless chicken is fried with this marination for great taste.


14.Methi Mirchi Ka Paneer Tikka

Steeks of cottage cheese are also marinated in a best fenugreek-flavoured yoghurt. Charcoal too is grilled at the same time in this delicious dish.



This is a sweet dish and also a traditional one. Cucumber cakes are prepared, and it is a famous dish. At the same time, this is also the most-sold dish in Alibaug.


16.Fish/ Chicken/ Vegetable Special

Chicken pieces, vegetables and eggs are stuffed and cooked in an earthen pot. This pot is placed under a wood fire and cooked for half an hour. Prior booking is required to have this dish.


17.Tandoori Vegetarian Platter

Tandoori Gobi, Hara kabab and vegetable sikh kabab are just a delight. You also get dal makhani and butter naan at the same time to enjoy on this platter.


18.Paneer Kadai

Dicing of tomato, onion and capsicum is done to get a blasting taste. Just be ready to toss all these items in your kadai masala.


19.Kheema Pao

While preparing this dish, mutton is chopped into fine pieces. Buns served are best tossed in butter or a mask. This is a unique dish which one can skip..


20.Diwani Handi

Seasonal vegetables are mixed to make a curry. The curry is quite delicious and famous too.