Top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes

Top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes
Top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes

 “What’s for dinner today…? It’s Chicken.” Did your mouth water? Yes, for sure. Chicken is a prominent food item all over the world. You can fry it, boil it, put it in curries, eat it with rice, bread, soups, etc. Chickens’ texture and taste go well with almost everything.It is a trend from spicy to sweet. This leads to the invention of new recipes using chicken. So now we are going to see what are the top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken recipes. Maharashtrians have made the same tasty inventions throughout time. We will see how it will work in the case of Chicken.

1.Maharashtrian Chicken Curry

You must have tried chicken curries all over India. However, Maharashtrian Chicken curry has a different savor. There are different types of chicken curries all over Maharashtra. The Northern side includes lots of oil, and coconut and is spicier. The Southern part has a lot of coconuts and is less oily and spicy. This Chicken curry is the which leaves you licking your fingers. Therefore, we include the Maharashtrian Chicken Curry in the top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes.


2.Tambda Rassa

The other name for Tambda Rassa is Kolhapuri Chicken Curry. This is the spiciest dish from Maharashtra. Kolhapuri people make this Chicken Curry using oil, mustard seeds, onion, tomato, spices, and coconut. You will see the oil floating on the top. It is a sign that curry will be great for the taste. Tambda Rassa is a must-try chicken recipe.


3.Pandhra Rassa

One more star from Kolhapur is Pandhra Rassa. It converts to White Curry. Pandhra Rassa includes more dried coconut. Perhaps, this gives it its signature taste and aroma. It is not spicy but salty. Also, it goes well with Bhakari. Many places serve Pandhra Rassa. Nevertheless, you’llonly getthe original taste in Kolhapur.


4.Degh Ki Biryani

Biryani doesn’t come from Maharashtra. But the Degh Ki Biryani is a prominent one in Parbhani in Maharashtra.  Precisely, this biryani has small cubes of meat. You should marinate this meat in a concoction of Ginger, Garlic, Yogurt, Fried Onions, and various spices. The name Degh comes from the vessel people used to make it. They call it Deghchi.


5.Achari Chicken

Achari Chicken is popular in North India. It has its roots there. However, the Kolhapuri people in Maharashtra have given a twist to it. They made their version of Chicken Achari. It is spicier than the normal one. Achari Chicken is a new invention done in Maharashtra. Hence, we include it in the top 20 Maharashtra Chicken Recipes.


6.Malvani Chicken

There are two types of chicken, namely: boilers and layers. People use layers instead of boilers to make the symbolic Malvani Chicken. But, it is not that spicy. The replacement of Boilers brings a big change in its taste. You can eat it with Bhakari, Chapati, Rice, or the famous Pav we get in the remote areas of Maharashtra.


7.Konkani Chicken

Konkani Chicken is a famous curry in Konkan, Karnataka, and Goa. The main ingredients in this dish are Freshly grated coconut and Byadagi Chili. This is a less spicy and red colorant chili. Byadagi Chilli comes from Karnataka. Essentially, these two ingredients give Konkani Chicken its taste and aroma. You can eat it with Jowar Bhakari.


8.Tarribaaz Chicken Handi

Tarribaaz Chicken Handi is Maharashtrian-style chicken cooked in Handi. Handi is an earthen pot. When you make food in earthen pots, it retains oil and gives moisture to the food. The usual Maharashtrian curry has a lot of oil in it. Adding a handi to it increases its nutritional value too.


9.Gavran Chicken

Gavran Chicken is Gavathi Chicken. It means the use of Desi chicken instead of Poultry Boilers. Unfortunately, this recipe takes a long time to cook. The Desi Chicken is usually without much meat. The Gavran chicken takes all the juices from the chicken and makes it famous all around. It is a Village-style chicken recipe.


10.Sajuk Tupatil Chicken Biryani

This is another invention from Maharashtra that comes tenth on the top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken recipes. Sajuk Tup is clarified butter. The Sajuk Tupatil Chicken Biryani comes from Pune. People here use clarified butter to cook chicken instead of chicken fat. Next, they cook veggies, nuts, and spices inthe same chicken-flavored clarified butter. Clarified butter leaves a strong aroma and flavor. Also, it gives a crisp to the chicken.


11.Agri Chicken Rassa

Agri Chicken Rassa is similar to Tambda Rassa.  People use special Agri Koli masala to make this chicken recipe. Agri Koli masala gives a spicy peppy taste to any dish. You can use it to make different veg and non-veg dishes. To make Chicken Agri Masala, you have to marinate your chicken with Agri Koli and follow further cooking like TambdaRassa.


12.Khandeshi Chicken

Next in the top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes is Khandeshi Chicken. Khandeshi originates from Khandesh in Maharashtra. Khandesh is famous for its teary-eyed spicy food. Hence, Khandeshi Chicken is not a piece of cake for all. You can try it if you are a spice lover and like to challenge your spice tolerance. Otherwise, you can always enjoy it by adjusting the spice level.


13.Chicken Bao

Chicken Bao is a new invention done in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  People in Eat Thai in Bandra west, Mumbai have made it.They serve Asian and Thai cuisine for Lunch and Dinner. Chicken Bao is one of their inventions. Basically, they put the flavorful grated chicken into soft pillow Bao along with Pomegranate, Chutneys, and Coriander.


14.Kolhapuri Chicken Sukka

Kolhapuri Chicken Sukka is a spicy dry chicken dish from Kolhapur. The main ingredients in this dish include Chicken, Grated Coconut, and aromatic Spices. People know this dish for the way it represents Kolhapuri Cuisine. It is spicy and has the taste of Kolhapuri spices all over. Sukka best goes with Chapati.


15.Kaleja Fry

Chicken Kaleja Fry is the tastiest dish from Maharashtra. We had to include it in the top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes. Henceforth, Kaleja is the liver part of Chicken. People sauté onions in oil and add small pieces of Kaleja to it. Then, they cook it to become more tasty and full of flavors. I prefer to eat it with sliced bread because of its mild salty taste.


16.Kolhapuri Murgh Masala

Kolhapuri Murgh Masala is another masterpiece in the history of Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes. Fortunately, you can make it using home-available spices and ingredients. Kolhapuri Murgh Masala is mildly spicy. So, the gravy is more like Butter Chicken. The Curry is thick and delicious.


17.Kombdi Wade

Kombdi Wade does not include Chicken in it. However, people don’t even eat it without chicken.Kombdi Wade is similar to Puris. The flour is a mixer of different flours,namely: Rice, Wheat, Gram flour, Urad dal, Cumin seeds, Fenugreek seeds, etc. You can eat Kombdi wade with tea too.


18.Saoji Waradi

Saoji Waradi comes from Nagpur. People broadly know it as Nagpuri Chicken Curry. Saoji is the name of a community in Maharashtra. Waradi or Varhadi is a dialect in Maharashtra popular in Vidarbha. Saoji Waradi is a delicious curry. Nagpuri Chicken is a spice added to the hot firing cuisine of Maharashtra.


19.CKP Chicken

CKP is Chandraseniya Kayasta Prabhu. People all over the world know this family for their exceptional non-veg dishes. CKP recipes are time-consuming. However, they are worth the effort. You will have to prepare this recipe in different parts. The starting of this recipe happens five to six hours before. Not scaring you, just testing your patience and curiosity.


20.Maharashtrian Kasoori Methi Chicken

Last, in the top 20 Maharashtrian Chicken Recipes, we have Maharashtrian Kasoori Methi Chicken. Here, the spicy chicken is blent with fenugreek leaves powder. Fenugreek gives it a slight hint of Fenugreek. It increases the deliciousness of the dish. Furthermore, you can have it with Bhakari or Rice as per your choice