Top 20 Stuffing For Samosa

Top 20 Stuffing For Samosa
Top 20 Stuffing For Samosa

We are all very fond of junk food. Have you ever wondered if you may turn this junk food into healthy food? Samosa Stuffing is a lovely Dish for everyone. When you have to eat outside or at home, samosa is a favorite dish for everyone. Let’s talk about the top 20 Stuffing for Samosa. It is a traditional dish of India and has a long history. You can all see variations in samosa stuffing quite often. So, let us all dive into some lip-smacking samosa stuffing ideas one by one!

1.Maggie Masala Aloo Stuffing

First in the top 20 stuffing for samosa is Maggie Masala Aloo Stuffing. There is hardly anyone who does not love maggie. It’s argued that they a good source of vital proteins. However, having them every day is not healthy. Maggie noodles stuffed inside the samosa with other Indian spices make a deadly combination of samosa. Stuffing of maggie is sure to leave you smacking your hands again n again.

Maggie masala aloo Stuffing 1

2.Chana Dal Stuffing

They come second in our top 20 samosa stuffing. People take Dal to be a healthy and available ingredient in every Indian’s home. It helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of heart disease. Hence, its nutritional value keeps increasing more and more. It is good to start your day. Chana Dal is very Delicious and healthy for your body.The softness of dal and crunch of samosa’s outer layer is delicious.

Chana Dal Stuffing 2

3.Aloo Chola Stuffing

Aloo Chola Stuffing is a traditional method of stuffing but has a delicious taste. Aloo is the main ingredient of samosa. Adding Chole (Chickpeas) to samosa makes the samosa healthier. The combination of aloo and Chola is the heart of samosa.

Aloo Chola Stuffing 1

4.Pasta Stuffing

People out there love pasta stuffing. They tend to have sometimes craving for Chinese with Indian dishes. Pasta is all time favorite of everyone. It is healthy when we use less oil and some green veggies. You may delightfully add this to your evening snacks.Children must love it.

Pasta Stuffing 1

5.Vegetable Stuffing

Vegetables are the healthiest thing in the universe. If we add green and leafy vegetables to our snacks, it gets more tasty and healthy. It boosts our immune system and keeps us healthy at any age. Sprinkle some chaat masala to enhance the flavor of samosa stuffing. Adding vegetables to samosa is a heavenly feeling of great taste and nutrition.

Vegetable Stuffing 1

6.Khoya Stuffing

Generally, people love sweets. To give an extra taste, we can add a healthy ingredient. Khoya originates from milk. Its health benefits are that of milk. It is rich in calcium and Vitamin D. To make khoya, you will have to boil milk until it becomes thicker at a temperature. This recipe is highly nutritious for your body

Khoya Stuffing 1

7.Paneer salad Stuffing

Paneer comes from milk. We all know how healthy milk is for our bodies. Salad is good for weight loss. This stuffing is for those who are health conscious and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The taste is no less than other stuffings. Paneer salad stuffing is one of the most loved stuffing in India.

Paneer salad Stuffing 1

8.Chicken Stuffing

Then comes next on the list of top 20 healthy Samosa stuffing. It is a very healthy and nourishing dish to make. Chicken contains high-quality proteins and vitamins. It is very nutrients. In samosa, it is more tasty and healthy. Hence this comes under the top 20 samosa stuffing.

Chicken Stuffing 1

9.Fruits Stuffing

Generally, people prefer fruits in case of a healthy diet. It is better to add your fruits to the samosa to get a different taste with good tastes. By Adding fruits and vegetables to your recipe will increase fiber levels and lower fat levels in your body. It is delicious.

Fruits Stuffing 1

10.Cheese Stuffing

Cheese is everyone’s favorite western fusion of milk. Nowadays, it is also available in different flavors. People all across the world like it. Promptly, because of the combination of the crispiness on the outside. You can add chutney to enhance the taste of these flavors. These days cheese is used in every dish to enhance its taste. As people love pizza with extra cheese.

Sweet corn cheese Stuffing

11.Manchurian Stuffing

Manchurian is considered a mouth-watering stuffing. Deeply fried, filled with cabbage or meat. It has a high nutritional value too. It contains green veggies and adequate micronutrients in it. They are like veggie balls in a spicy and tangy sauce filled inside a crisp samosa.

Manchurian stuffing 1

12.Onion Stuffing

Ultimately it is a ball full of protein, vitamins, and energy. Onions not only provide nutrients but also helps in increasing our Haemoglobin level. It is the core of every Indian dish. It just adds to the taste of any food. The raw onion gives you a crunchy mouth feel to the onion samosa. It is delectable. Hence, comes under our top 20 stuffing for the samosa list.

Onion Stuffing 1

13.Dry Fruits Stuffing

Dry fruits have high nutritional value. It is known to cure body problems as well. Dry fruits have natural healing properties in them. If you add dried fruit to your samosa, no doubt everyone will love it. It is perfect for your snacks. While it boosts your immunity, it is tastier too. Not only this, they are full of fiber and antioxidants too.

Dry Fruits Stuffing 1

14.French Fries Stuffing

French Fries are nowadays popular among children. It is crispy and tasty. This stuffing gives you an extra flavor of tanginess. Along with it, the French Fries Stuffing contains some green vegetables. Once you eat it with a sauce, it adds to the taste.

French Fries Stuffing 1

15.Chocolate Stuffing

Chocolate, as we all know, is the best for our hearts. It helps keep blood pressure low and increases blood circulation. Among all the healthy dishes, Chocolate Stuffing is the most versatile recipe. Hence, we include it in the top 20 healthy stuffing list. Chocolate stuffing has a great taste. A combination of chocolate and samosa crunchiness soothes our taste buds. Try making it at your home kids love just this type of samosa.

Chocolate Stuffing 1

16.Gobhi Bhurji Stuffing

People consider it to be super healthy. Gobhi bhurji Stuffing is a good source of minerals like magnesium and iron. Not only this, but it also helps in lowering blood pressure. It also increases the growth of red blood cells. They are easy to make. It is based on the traditional cooking style and is healthy for snacking. It gives a tangy and crispy flavor to your taste buds.

Gobhi bhurji Stuffing 1

17.Egg Bhurji Stuffing

It is rich in protein and a good energy booster. Its taste is wow and soothing. Egg in samosa is also healthy stuffing. It is recommended for pregnant women as it has a lot of Vitamin. Also, the egg is known to have iron, folic acid, potassium, and magnesium. Hence, we gladly bring it in the top 20 healthy stuffing dishes.

Egg bhurji Stuffing 1

18.Korma Stuffing

Korma is non-vegetarian food. In samosa, korma stuffing gives you a different taste and a healthy mind. It is a good source of protein, repairs cells, and nourishes the skin. It is no worse for diabetes patients. In samosa, korma is a favorite recipe of every Indian.

Korma stuffing 1

19.Sweet Corn Cheese Stuffing

They are from the easy-to-make category. It has a different texture that melts it in the mouth. It is sweet and a little tangy at the same time.  It supports the repair of cells. Also, this stuffing has a different taste and leads to a healthy body. It is a part of a healthy diet.

Sweet corn cheese Stuffing

20.Nariyal Stuffing

Nariyal contains a sweetness that is good for health. It improves the digestive system. This is just another stuffing with a delicious and different taste. It has fewer calories and refreshes you. Samosa stuffing aids in enhancing the taste. You can also add some dry nuts to the filling to make it even tastier.

Nariyal Stuffing 1