Top 20 Milkshake Bars Around Bangalore City

Top 20 Milkshake Bars Around Bangalore City

1. The thick shake factory

The thick shake factory has been a newly opened venture that serves some of the most stomach filling milkshakes around the city. The milkshakes you get here is supposed to be equal to an entire meal and in this manner helps people make best use of their money and also the flavors that are on display at the thick shake factory are exciting and heartwarming that would put anyone in a state of bliss.


2. Truffles ice and spice

The place has been around the city of Bangalore ever since, and is popular so much that it has started to grow as a business and also expand itself around the city. What started as a famous burger joint it turned out to be pretty big and now has one of the best shakes that Bangalore has to put up. The most favorite of all here is the ‘Ferrero rocher shake’.

truffles-ice and-spice

3. Corner house

This is an identity of Bangalore itself. It has vintage painting collections of how the city used to look back in the 80’s and the dessert served mainly are derived from old school classics. The most tried shake would be the ‘strawberry milkshake’ and the ‘chocolate milkshake’ that one would die for just to get their hands on this classic dessert.


4. Matteo

It has an easy going feel and ambiance to the place that offers some of the most exciting shakes and also snack dishes that is served among restaurants in Bangalore. The most tried milkshake at the place would be the ‘Choco Brownie shake’ and also the coffee available there is actually really refreshing and worth an experience for sure.


5. Juice maker

The location of the shop is an efficient neighborhood called Koromangla that is located within the city of Bangalore. Here one gets confused with all the unique and extravagant combination of various fruits, vegetables and also its varieties of ice creams. The result of all these various different flavors is an amazing milkshake that is topped with rich ice cream and cream and makes even a usual customer smile.


6. Sreeraj lassi bar

Sreeraj lassi bar is one of the oldest milkshake bars in the city of Bangalore. It has been around for years together and has also expanded its business all over the city. It serves some of the best chocolate milkshakes and also the ice-creams, lassi and other such Indian desserts are amazing at the place to try.


7. The lassi shop

Another upcoming enterprise is the lassi shop. This place is packed during the summers because of the cool refreshing drinks that they have to offer in store. The best-selling drink available at the store is the ‘Belgian chips’ that is served with chocolate cake and topped with chocolate sauce. There are also many health drinks such as the carrot juice, the whey protein shake and other such varieties that one could choose from.


8. Lakeview Milk Bar

This is another oldest milkshake bar that is located around Bangalore and has a lot of history to the place. The milkshake bars has a special variety of ingredients they use and also ice creams and products are made within its premises and also the customers usually have their fixed favorites when they visit the place. Lakeview milk bar has been still standing ever since it has opened its doors and it is located on the famous M.G road in Bangalore.lakeview-milkbar

9. Café Thulp

Café Thulp is also a decent place that has a happy vibe around its place to accommodate its customers. They also serve some of the most beautiful milkshakes, that the city has to offer and also its milkshakes are usually stomach filling and almost equivalent to an entire meal! The café also makes it interesting for its users to avail its offers by offering them attractive and catchy offers


10. Keventers

At this amazing takeaway joint you could go back to being a child sipping on milkshakes from a glass tumbler the old school way. This amazing joint serves milkshakes that will leave you coming back for more because of the more different styles of making and serving their milkshakes and even though this is a takeaway joint, It has been growing rapidly.


11. Art of delight

Another exquisite joint in a small humble location but yet serves the most amazing milkshakes and deserts to the city as a whole. They have a wide range of deserts that caters to every section of the society. The ‘Oreo shake’ and the ‘Choco chip mousse’ are some of the elegant dishes that are offered in the menu at the joint.


12. Bliss luxe chocolate lounge

They say if you haven’t visited this store at the city then you are definitely missing out on something in life. The joint has to offer all kinds of desserts and milkshakes, also it has a different vibe to the place. The best drinks that are available at the store is the hot chocolate, are worth trying and also the red velvet cakes and the gooie chocolate cake are ones to die for.


13. Glensbake house

There are many new newly opened joints that are making the cut among the best in the city for their food and ambience. This is one of them that has a high rating among top critiques and also serves some of the best cheesecake and milkshakes in the city. They function out of a small rustic area and have a very earthen feel to its functioning.


14. Juice Junction

The joint caters to mostly college going students and also quick working individuals that are on the move. The shakes that are quick, refreshing and also does the job. The joint offers very refreshing juices and shakes for a very minimal price and it does the purpose. So now, whenever in a hurry Juice Junction is the place to visit for a quick drink to just calm your nerves down.juice-junction

15. Cool joint

The joint located at Jaynagar serves some of the most amazing milkshakes that the city has in store for its commuters. The highly recommended shakes available at the store would be the dry fruit shake and the custard apple milkshake. The commuters love the milkshakes that are available at the store.



16. Empire juice center

Another popular and most frequented restaurant amongst most people that reside in Bangalore. Empire Juice service serves some of the most amazing ice milkshakes and juices at an efficient price, the restaurant has also marketed its departments in the right manner and has already made a base in the city of Bangalore, because of it amazing food and the beverages that they have in store at a very minimal rate.


17. Corner house, Lavelle road

Another intense landmark and shake store in Bangalore is that of a store that has in its ranks some of the most interesting and delicious shakes that would make you feel get rid of burden after you taking a sip. These shakes are some of the best that the city has to offer and it’s actually been around for quite some time now.


18. Lakshmi juice center

A humble joint located on the streets of a small locality called Seshadripuram, the joint serves some of the best milkshakes and juices that are available at the city. The chocolate milkshake and the famous gadbad ice cream that is a Mangalorean delight that is available at the store are a must try and the chocolate fudge and the pista milkshakes are definitely not going make you unhappy.


19. Cool corner

One of the most healthiest and cleanliest places that serves some of the fresh and healthy juices in the city comes out of small joint in vishveshwara puram comes out with the best and healthy juices namely the carrot milkshakes and banana milkshakes are the two best drinks that are available at the junction.


20. S.K bakery

The spot fondly known as Chetas is a very famous joint among localities for its refreshing and easily accessible juices available at Chetas. The ‘Oreo milkshake’ and the ‘ultra-lime’ is the best and some of the oldest drinks that are still available at the bakery and also newly introduced drinks such as the rocky road and other drinks will blow your mind away.