Top 20 Ways to Cut and Serve Apple


Apple is a fruit which can be had in many forms and served in many ways. Though most of the people drink apple in the form of a juice or you serve or make your own dishes and serve it.

1. Apple and Walnut Salad

Incredibly healthy salads which rejuvenate you and help you think clearly. You will find many people having this salad for breakfast or lunch a small snack. Walnuts and pieces of the apple are added o it and tossed nicely, and you can relish at any point of your day.


2. Apple Dal

You can make dal with absolutely anything, and Apple is not an exception. You need to soak the apples in lemon water with and soak it for 15 mins and then add the fruit into the dal, which is prepared using moong dal along with various other spices which are amazing and they give the food an amazing floor ever.


3. Baked Apples

Baked Apples very simple to make and you do not need to do any help.  The core of the apple should remove from the apple, and you should stuff the inside with brown sugar to add some taste and flavor to the apple.


4. Apple Chips

Apple chips are exclusive snack item. You have to make thin slices of the apple and then fry it before you do add little bit salt and pepper. After that, you can fry it and eat it after cooling it down. These chips can eaten as a snack at any time of the day.


5. Baked Apple and Beans

Baked Apple and Beans is one of the ways to cut and serve apples. You have to cook the beans with apple to one particular point till it fully cooked. You can add various spices and sugar or salt based on your preference. You can have this premium apple dish in breakfast or an early lunch as a starter or a salad. You cannot miss out on this dish.


6. Applesauce

As the name suggests, Applesauce is a sauce that you can make using apples. Extra sugar or honey, to the sauce. The preparation time for this food is 30 mins approximately. Though it takes so long to prepare, you will find out that it lasts for many more days. It is healthy, and it goes well with everything you eat.


7. Lattice Pies

Lattice Pies are pies which have a crisscross layering which you make using pastry and the stuffing below it is made using fruits and is very sweet. Apple lattice pies are quite easy to understand and make. You have to take an apple and cut off the top portion and remove the remaining pulp. You have to fill in the apple with any stuffing of your choice after that add the pastry on top in a zig zag format and bake it and then serve.


8. Apple Sandwiches

Apple Sandwiches are similar to bread sandwiches; the only difference is that instead of bread you have to substitute it with apples. You have cut the fruit horizontally, and place, and you can place any filling of your choice into it. You have to eat this like you eat any other sandwich except that this one is sweet and it also good for your health. You cannot miss out on these sandwiches.


9. Cider Cups

Cider Cups are cups of cider served to guests. You should serve the cider apples which take the shape of a cup. You have to cut the top portion of the apple, and you have to remove the pulp present in apple. After that, you can add the cider and serve it. It is a genius way of serving cider.


10. Shrunken Apple Heads

If you love scaring people on Halloween with food, then try this. Shrunken Apple Heads. This food is not something that happens overnight and requires few days’ time to prepare. You need to soak the apple in a bowl of salt and lemon juice for 30 seconds, and after you dry it you have to place it in a dry and warm spot for few days, and you will see that the Apple shrunk and distorted.


11. Heart Apples

Nothing is better than to prove your love to others than this? It might not seem like it, but heart apples are one of the simplest ways for cutting and serving apples. You need to cut the apples in half and place each half of the apple in a heart shaped cookie cutter, this heart shaped apple obtained. Another way to get this is that you need to draw a heart on the apple and you need to substitute the heart part with a heart part of another Apple alone.


12. Sliced Apples

The best way to serve apples when you are feeling lazy or not in a mood to do any work. You can slice apples into even slices using an apple cutter or a knife. Though a cutter is better as you will be able to remove the core of the apple without any hassle, whereas the slices you cut using a knife will be a little messy and not even.


13. Checkered Board

On the surface of the apple, you can make a checkboard pattern. All you have to do is remove portions of the skin of the apple similar to that of the checkered board. It is quite simple to make and perfect for you to serve when you have guests over.


14. Monster Teeth

Monster Teeth is a cute way of serving apples. You can serve them during Halloween as a perfect treat for the guests who come over. You have to cut the apple into horizontal slices and in between these two slices places marshmallows with peanut butter to make it stick to the slices will give the teeth look. It will be a definite hit among your guests.


15. Monogram

What better way to teach your child the alphabets than this way. You need to cut the apple in half and on each half you have to carve a letter on to it. You can do this for various events also. A splendid way to surprise your guests.


16. Aussie Apple

Aussie Apple is a creative way of carrying around apples and eating it. You can do this when you have time to spare in the morning and also when you want to look elegant while eating an apple. You need to cut the apple into slices and then tie it up with an elastic band. A hassle less way of eating apples.


17. Apple Leaves

Do not be fooled by the name. It is a carving leaf on an apple. Like any other carvings, this is also a bit hard to carve, and you have to have insane amounts of patience for it. You can serve these with cucumber carved in the same way. You can serve it as either a decoration or if you want to eat it.


18. Apple Swan

Apple Swan is easy to cut and prepare. You need to slice the apple into even slices that just differ a bit regarding length. Then comes the easy part, that is the arrangement of the slices in such a way that your result will be a swan.


19. Turtle Apple

Turtle Apple is a way of carving the apple in the shape of a turtle. You need extreme amounts of patience to serve the Apple in this manner. Not only that, you need to have a special knife to do the carving. If you are good at carving and if you have a good control of the knife, you can present it to your guests.


20. Stripey Apple

Stripey Apple is an excellent way for you to serve apple to guests who come over or for you to pack children’s lunches. You need to evenly slice the apple lengthwise and place it in an alternating order. You will find this appealing yourself and find it a delight to serve to guests.