Top 20 Most Delicious Food at Root Restaurant and River Club Varanasi

top 20 most delicious food at root restaurant and river club varanasi 1
top 20 most delicious food at root restaurant and river club varanasi 1

You will get an amazing ambience with amazing food quality. Quick and welcoming staff. Nice river view from the open rooftop. You can try Veg Cigar Rolls and Hazelnut Cappuccino (Perfect crisp, filled with veggies and cheese, and that strong cappuccino is Best!) The taste will amazing. There are many more dishes to try like paneer tikka lababdar, methi malai kofta,subz pancreatic, Manchurian etc .

1. Paneer Tikka Lababdar 

Paneer lababdar gravy is made from a spiced tomato and cashew paste that is then sautéed with onions, more spices and herbs, has a lovely tang to it and is full of flavour. The addition of sugar and cream gives the dish creamy. This dish is the most ordered dish from all over the menu because it is so delicious.

paneer tikka

2. Methi Malai Kofta 

Malai Kofta is a very popular Indian vegetarian dish were balls (kofta) made of potato and paneer are deeply fried and served with a creamy and spiced tomato- based curry. The literal translation of this dish is. This dish includes malai, creamy or buttery and kofta’s spiked balls.

Methi malai kofta

3. Subz Pancreatic

Subz Panchmel is typically a Rajasthani special vegetarian curry made with five different vegetables. It has mainly five types of vegetables in it broccoli, potato, green chilli, Simla Mirch and peas.

sabz pancreatic

4. Manchurian

Manchurian is a class of Indian Chinese dishes made by roughly chopping and deep-frying ingredients such as cauliflower (gobi) and paneer, and then sautéeing them in a sauce flavoured with soy sauce. You can find this dish in two types one you will get vegetarian in which you will get wedgies and a non-vegetarian in which you will get meat, fish, and prawns. You will get Maggi Manchurian also.


5. Corn’s Peas Hot Garlic

recipe of the corn kernels and shelled peas, to make it you have to, microwave a safe dish and proceed with the recipe until the vegetables are hot and the butter is melted. Transfer cooked fritters to a plate lined with a paper towel. Add peas, corn, onion, and water to the skillet.

Corns Peas Hot Garlic

6. Salt & Pepper Vegetables 

A great dish to eat leftover veggies, Vegetable Salt and Pepper can be made as an appetizer or even a side dish for a dinner party. this dish is Assorted veggies dipped in a creamy batter and fried crisp and makes a delicious dish that you just cannot resist.

Salt Pepper Vegetables

7. Crispy Baby Corn 

Fried chilli baby corn is a common Indo-Chinese dish and snack. It is sweet and tender pieces of baby corn, it is battered and fried to crispy. The corn is then tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce for a delightfully flavorful dish, it is a crunchy, and saucy veggie dish.

Crispy Baby Corn

8. Cigar Roll 

this dish is Sauteed, flavourful veggies rolled tightly into spring roll sheets and deep fried to hot and crispy. Perfect for kids and adults, these Thai chilli cigar rolls are great for every event, they go with a cup of hot tea.

Cigarr Roll

9. Mac n Cheese 

this Fancy and tasty dish is famous among young and old people in India. It is a dish in which microns are boiled in a cheese sauce and mixed with crumbled bread. This is so tasty dish you ever tried.

Mac n cheese

10. Manchow Soup 

Manchow soup is a soup popular in Indian Chinese restaurants, it's easy to prepare and has a hot spicy taste. It is available in many restaurants and street food carts alike. You will find a good decoration in the upper layer of soup. This soup is presented in a beautiful bowl.

Manchow soup

11. Orea Cookie Shake 

In this shake, there are only four ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookies, milk, and chocolate sauce. This shake is so awesome and you will see a beautiful presentation in this shake. You will get a full glass of shake with ice cream overloaded on it.

Orea Cookie Shake

12. Pina Colada 

The pina colada is a cocktail made with rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually it is served either blended or shaken with ice. It may be garnished with either a piece of pineapple or cherry or both.

Pina colada

13. Pan Fry Noodles 

this is so a simple dish you can try it with anything. It's a normal noodle which Is first boiled in warm water for two minutes with a spoon of salt and oil, then sprinkled with corn flour and live for thirty minutes and then deep fried and it’s ready to eat. You can try this with so many things.

pan fry noodles

14. Brownie Sunday 

brownie sundae, the name says it all. It is so a delicious dish with soft creamy ice cream and loaded with chunks of brownies. You will get this in a container made of plastic so you can take it out and eat it right from the container. In this dish, you can get the flavour milk ice cream brown cake and all. It is so sweet and delicious.

Brownie Sunday

15. Hot Chocolate 

so delicious hot chocolate is a very good and healthy drink, it is made to Whisk together the cocoa, sugar, salt, and about two tablespoons of milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until cocoa and sugar are dissolved. And then Whisk in the rest of the milk and heat it over medium heat, until it is hot. And then stir in the vanilla.

Hot chocolate 1 1

16. Blue Lagoon 

Blue Lagoon is a cocktail showing blue Curacao. It is mixed with vodka and lemonade. It is typically garnished with an orange slice or a lemon slice. Blue Lagoon is served in a highball glass.

Blue Lagoon

17. Rissoto 

Rissoto is an Italian dish which is now you can find it in India also, Rissoto is full of rice dishes, you will get risotto full loaded with rice, meat, and vegetables. Many types of risotto contain butter, onion, white wine, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is one of the most delicious Italian dishes you can find in root restaurant.


18. Virgin Mojito 

Virgin Mojito is a perfect drink for summer. It is lemon juice. This juice is suitable for parties also. It is a fresh lemon drink you must try. This drink will refresh your mind, it tastes so good. You will get a minty and lemony flavour in this drink.

Virgin Mojito

19. Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

A grilled cheese Sandwich is a hot sandwich typically prepared by heating one or more slices of cheese between slices of bread. This dish is good for lunch purposes this dish is fully loaded with cheese. So tasty and yummy food you will get.

Grilled cheese Sandwich

20. Peri Peri Paneer 

This peri paneer dish is very tasty and good in colour, usually paneer is grilled with regular masala, but after adding peri sauce and grilled, It’s very tasty and spicy too. This peri paneer is very unique and mostly we can’t get it in hotels and restatements.

Peri Peri paneer