Top 20 Street Food Places In Faridabad

Top 20 Street Food Places In Faridabad
Top 20 Street Food Places In Faridabad

Faridabad, like Delhi, is also  home to many delectable dishes. It is the hotspot of many palatable eateries that are instant, affordable and at, the same time give you a major food orgasm. Whenever you are in town, these places are worth a visit.

1Veerji Malai Chap Wale- 5- D/110, Opposite Bijli Board Office, NIT

Presenting you  a wide range of street style chaps from Malai Chap, Soya Chap, Aachari Chap and Afghani Chap. Their exotic tastes and mouth-watering flavors cannot be resisted when glanced at. With affordable prices and hygienic surroundings, this is a total win. This is your go-to place when in town!

Soya Chap

2.Ajay Bhojanalay- Sec 15 Faridabad 

We all love Aloo Puri breakfast, don’t we? Ajay Bhojanalay brings you the best breakfast deal, Puri Aloo . Puri is as big as your unrealistic expectations, jokes apart. Two big puris are sufficient for one person each. The pocket- friendly rates make it a have-to-have dish.

Aloo Poori

3.Gol Gappa Stand in Sec 21 C Market near Bikaner

Faridabad Panni Puri lovers can never be disappointed. They have the best panni puri stall in their town. The area near it is famous for its panni puri stand which offers ten different types of ‘panni’; comprising pineapple, mango, khata, and many more.  The special sukhi papri in the end is just icing on the cake.

Gol Gappa

4.Sangam Chat Bhandaar Sector 2 Ballabhargarh

What a blissful sight it is to see a loaded plate of Chat. Yes, you may  be not tempted by this.  Sangam Chat Bhandaar is a  package of North Indian Street food comprising of various exquisite varieties of Chole Tikki, Chat, Gole Gape, Bhalla papri, etc.

Bhalla Papri

5.Padam Pakode Wala, Main Kalyaan Singh , NIT

With the onset of the rainy season, we have a perfect place for crispy pakoras lovers. Serving its customers for more than six decades,  it’s right to say that  Padam Pakode Wala has been entrenched into its customers’ hearts. From aloo pakoras to Gobhi, Palak, we have covered all! The Rainy season, We are coming to Faridabad.

Aloo Pakora 1

6.Anupam Sweets Faridabad Sec-15 Market 

All the Indian Mithai lovers! Sweets have their own way of representing the Indian tradition of love, bonding, and togetherness. Anupam Sweets in Faridabad is extending such kind of bonding among its customers. Its specialty kalakand/ Danedar Barfi is famous all around the city. This  place is an apt for kalakand lovers.

Danedar Barfi

7.Kulcha King. Sector 21

Spicy Matar kulchas with Hari chutney are never a no to our taste buds. The place is perfect for satisfying our cravings. Must visit this place when in the mood to eat some spicy food.

Spicy Matar kulchas

8.Darbar Pan Shop, Sec-17 Faridabad

Have a fantastic day at Darbar Pan Shop! They have wide- ranging pans of every mood, taste, and flavor. A happy  and a satisfying meal  is incomplete without a dessert and,  what is better than a Pan.

Sweet Pan

9.Jhalmuri Wale Baba – Sec 37, Opposite Sector-37 Community Center

Jhalmuri Baba is the Faridabad version of Malviya Nagar ‘ Baba Ka Dhaba’. He is 86 years old man  struggling to meet two square meals. So folks, let Jhalmuri Baba also enjoy the power of Social Media. Visit him, and support him.

Jhalmuri Baba

10.Sanjay Sweets -5K/102, Near 4-5 Chowk, NIT –

Chole bhature lovers are everywhere and so are the best selling chole bhature, vendors. Sanjay Sweets is majorly famous for its chole bhature around the town. This place is an active hotspot for youngsters to enjoy the food.

Chole Bhature

11.Amritsari Kulcha King – Near Neelam Petrol Pump, NIT

Spicy kulchas with Green Mirch ka achar can always vibe with a happy and refreshing mood. You can have them at very affordable rates of Rs350/- for two- people at Amritsari Kulcha King.

Spicy Kulchas

12.Rahul Eggs- SCO 109, Ground Floor, Omaxe World Street, Sector 79, Near Sector 81

We come across many egg-selling vendors across our city; one such vendor in Faridabad is Rahul Eggs . He sells over 500 varieties of classic eggs. It has friendly cafe setting for its customers. They have experimented with legions of flavors and cuisines and even paired with meat. Head over to this awestruck place with your groups.

Rahul Eggs

13.Babbal Sweet House, Shop 110-113, KC Road, NIT

Chole Bhature lovers are everywhere, so, here’s another famous place for it at Babbal Sweet House. The Dhaba- like surroundings creates a perfect place for its customer to enjoy food in an ideal space. One can also hop on other famous eateries like pakora, kachori sabzi, etc.

kachori Sabzi

14.Sec 31 Market, Near Pristine Mall

Appetizing  food all at one place, yes! You heard it right. The  market is famous where you get good items like sandwiches, burgers, chow mein etc, all at your own budget prices. The market is well known for mouth watery items. It is a must check-out place for all food bloggers.


15.Red Dragon, Sector 14

Momos  have become a necessity to our young teens. So, we got you Faridabad’s best momos with teekhi chutney at Red Dragon.

momos chutney recipi

16.Sector 15, Faridabad

Sector 15 market offers multiple options for street- style food. You can get Bhelpuri, Afghan rolls, and whatnot at reasonable prices. This market is famous for its wide variety and best street food in Faridabad.

Afghanni Roll

17.Badkal Area

This is an area that is primary populated by Muslims. You will find the best non- veg dishes in the area. Mughal food is one of the specialities of this site. The area is surrounded by Dhaba’s all around the lane.

Non Veg Dishes

18.Uncle Chicken, Sector 14, Faridabad

Who doesn’t love Shawarma? Located at the central location of the market, this shawarma wala will never disappoint you with its savors. Apart from Shawarma , they serve veg food like momos etc. Their Chicken Biryani is a must- try too!

Chicken Biryani

19.Shankar Bhaji Burger, Sector 7, Faridabad

You can never stop hopping into burgers. Shankar Bhaji has been selling his burgers for around two decades. Its flavor tempts us every time and never fails to impress each time.


20.Guddu Kachori, Main Bazar Road, Faridabad

Guddu Kachori offers you really wholesome kachoris, you can have at any time. This place is not only pocket friendly but also perfect for a hearty meal.

Guddu Kachori