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1 Oats Meal



The healthiest dish which can be eaten anytime and anywhere. The dish is made up of different types of Oats, and it is a perfect meal for everybody. The dish is very popular in the gyms because the people who are fitness freak they try to eat more and more Oats rather than eating other things. The dish is generally eaten most at the time of winters for the reason that Oats keeps the body warm and active. The Oats lead to the proper balance diet. The dish is good for the children and adult. The Oats can be eaten by all and can suits to all without any side affect.

2 Batata Vada



The Batata Vada is the famous dish which is available on the roads side in India. The dish becomes very popular in winters because hot Batata Vada is loved by all at streets. The dish is made up of besan and boiled masaledar potatoes. And served with the chutneys. Then the dish is eaten on the streets frequently.

3 Anda Bhurji



Anda Bhurji is the crushed egg which is the very popular dish which is famous in winters. The Bhurji is made up of egg, tomato puree, and some Indian spices. The dish can be served with pao, bread or butter roti. The Anda Bhurji is eaten on the road side very happily.

4 Butter Chicken



The Chicken is the dish which is eaten most in the winters because the non. vegetarian dishes keeps the body warm in winters and active also. The butter gives the body balance amount of oil. The dish is very popular on the streets in winters. The dish is properly made and served with butter roti or sada roti.

5 Bombay Chicken



The dish named Bomb ay Chicken originated from the streets of Bombay. The chicken is made in the Bombay style and served hot at the streets everywhere with this name. The dish is made up of chicken and Indian spices. The Bombay Chicken is also popular in the other countries.

6 Bombay Sandwich



The Bombay Sandwich is the popular Sandwich which is made up like the other sandwiches, but the touch of Bombay is given to it. The dish is served on the streets with the chutneys. The Sandwiches are also very popular at the time of withers because the hot Sandwiches taste like heaven.

7 Bhel Puri



The Bhel Puri is the famous street food which becomes more popular in winters. The dish is served with the chutney and made up of the ingredients like tomato, onion, laai, fresh green coriander, green chilies, etc. All the things are mixed and served with the lemon juice. The Indian street food is incomplete without Bhel Puri.


8 Chicken Roll



In winters the chicken tastes like awesome. The chicken roll is the type of Frankie which is made up in different ways like Chili Chicken Roll, Chicken Rikka roll, etc. The roll is made up of Chapatti, and the stuffing is done with the Chicken.

9 Chicken Manchurian



The Chicken Manchurian is the common dish eaten or served at every second stole in winters. The dish is made up of the main ingredient that is chicken and served hot with chilled coke. The Manchurian is the Chinese dish which is loved by all very much.

10 Fish Curry



Fish aahaaa. The fish is liked by rare people but in winters the heart and tummy likes fishes. All the non. Vegetarian dishes provided warmth to the human body and the fish curry at this time is just awesome. The curry is served with jeera rich.

11 Frankie



Frankie is the type of roll which is made up of simple flour. The stuffing of Frankie is made up different vegetables which are sautéed and rolled in the chapatti. Then the hot Frankie is served.

12 Keema Pao



Another non. veg. dish served on the street in winters are Keema Pao. The Keema is stuffed in the Pao with lots of Indian flavors and served hot with the green chutney.

13 Kababs



Kababs, the mouth watering dish, is mostly eaten in winters. The dish is made up of vegetarian as well as non. Vegetarian ingredietns. The non. vegetarian Kababs are more eaten by the people at the time of winters.

14 Kanda Poha



The Kanda Poha is the very popular dish of India as well as the popular breakfast of streets. For eating Kanda Poha people roam on streets at 4 p.m. The Poha taste like bliss in winters.

15 Missal Pao



The Missal Pao is the dish which is somewhat like Vada Pao. And the happiness of eating Missal Pao in winters is out of the world. The dish is made up of Pao and Aloo Tikki.

16 Pao Bhaji



This is a well-known dish which is a street food. The dish is eaten in the summers, but it becomes more popular in winters. The Pao Bhaji is the dish which is tasty as well. The dish is made up of two different things;one is Pao which is available in the market and the another one is Bhaji which is made up of different vegetables. The dish is served hot and it is mouth watering at the time of winters.

17 Ragda Patties



The Ragda Patties are the type of chats which is very popular street food and mostly eaten in winters. The dish is made up of chole and aloo tiki. The Ragda Patties is the dish which can be served at the time of evening refreshment. The dish can be used as the starter.

18 Samosa



The famous street food of India is Samosa. The Samosa is eaten more at the winter time. The dish is served hot with the chutneys. The Samosa is made up of the ingredients like meda, aloo and Indian spices. The dish is served at the time of breakfast as well as at the time of evening refreshment. Foods that are deep fried can be had moderately.

19 Sizzlers



The Sizzler is the type of dish which becomes very popular in winters. The dish is made up of many ingredients like onion, chicken, cottage cheese, tomato, chili sauce, soya sauce, etc. The dish is very rich. The sizzlers also can be vegetarian . The dish is very popular street food.

20 Vada Pao



Vada Pao is the famed street food which is eaten by all in winters or summers. The taste of Vada Pao increases at the time of winters. The Vada Pao is made up of Vada and Pao and served  with green chili.