Top 20 Must-Try Street Food Ln Crawford Market, Mumbai

top 20 must try street food in crawford market mumbai
top 20 must try street food in crawford market mumbai

You can enjoy excellent Street food in Mumbai. Even if you are sad or happy, in both situations, you can be delighted by the Street food of Mumbai. When we say street food, we are not talking about ten or twenty shops here and there on streets; we’re talking about the most effective ones, every better than the alternative. The records among the best food in Mumbai are intently connected to the growth of one of the best this town from fishing village to megapolis. Crawford market is a place where you can enjoy a variety of Street Foods with your loved ones. Here are the top 20 must-try street Food in Crawford market, Mumbai:

1.Pav Bhaji

It is a dish with a record probably the greatest over one hundred fifty years and quite enjoyable. Originating at some point in the 1850s as a lunchtime dish for the city’s people, it went on to turn out to be the most delicious Street food in Mumbai. The curry is commonly crowned with a slab of butter. So, go to a street shop and get a plate of this lip-smacking delicacy in Crawford market.

2.Vada Pav

It is one of the biggest and easiest to have road snacks within the town. Vada Pav is also called India’s vegetarian burger. It consists of a batter-fried potato patty placed among a bread bun. It generally comes garnished with one or more chutneys, each sweet and spicy.

3.Pani Puri

It is a small crispy puri. They are first poked with a thumb to make a hole, then half-filled with a mixture, probably the greatest chickpeas, potatoes, onion, and chilies, and eventually dunked into flavored water known as Imli pani.

4.Bhel Puri

It is a snack that is pretty simple, including puffed rice and sev, into which chopped potatoes, onions, and tomatoes are put. A selection of one of the best chutneys are also added to this combination, making it sweet, tangy, and spiced.

5Ragda Pattice

It is a deep-fried patty made with mashed potatoes. When you order a plate among the finest of this dish, you’ll get patties dipped in ragda. The dish is garnished with chopped onions, chutney, coriander leaves, tamarind chutney, and sev.

6.Kebabs And Rolls

The Skewered kebabs are an absolute stunner, the most effective street food, to say the least. Eat these meaty treats once, and you will start loving them. The same is going to be for rolls, specifically Chicken Tikka rolls, and bhuna rolls.

7. Baida Roti

The phrase ‘baida’ means an egg, and this dish is an egg-based pan-fried envelope full of greater whipped egg, minced meat, onions, and spices. Squeeze half a lemon at the roti, dip it inside the chutney or cucumber raita served in conjunction with it, and take a bite; you may sense the flavors bursting in your mouth.

8.Mumbai Sandwich

It has two slices of buttered white bread. A mixture of mint chutney, beetroots, tomatoes, masala potatoes, and shredded cheese is crammed among these bread slices.

9.Batata Vada

It is a delicious all-day snack from the streets of Mumbai. The word batata is potatoes, and no, the phrase is neither Hindi nor Marathi; it’s Portuguese! don’t forget, it turned into Portuguese who first introduced potatoes to our country.


It is available in a wide range, each with unique flavors. It has vermicelli noodles, rose syrup, jelly, vanilla essence, milk, almonds and pistachios, sabza or basil seeds, crowned with one or scoops among the finest ice cream.

11.Butter Chicken

This have-to-order dish while Indian families go out for dinner is made from pieces of chicken, marinated in a single day in a yogurt and spice mix that consists of ginger garlic paste and lime juice. An extremely wealthy sauce made with butter, tomato puree, cumin, garam masala, and clean cream is then poured over.

12.Varan Bhaat

It is a simple and humble dish made via gently tempering cooked-until-soft toor dal with ghee, turmeric, and cumin powder. Served over steaming hot rice, or bhaat, it assumes magical, legendary proportions.

13.Bheja Fry

It is a delicious dish. It has many ingredients like tomatoes, onions, turmeric, chilies, spices and is garnished with clean coriander, is a staple the most common  in all those with hardcore carnivorous leanings.

14.Zhunka Bhakar

This dish has deep roots in the farming and operating-elegance communities top-of-the-line indoors in Maharashtra. It is made using chopped onions tempered with mustard seeds, and kadi patta leaves combined with chickpea flour and is dry.

15.Brun Maska

you can wonder how bread and butter can become such an iconic union. But it’s now not merely bread, and this is not simply butter. It is crispy and hard and crumbly on the outside and smooth internal. The bun is sliced, and butter is implemented nicely.

16.Sabudana Vada

For Maharashtrians, sabudana vada is the conventional “upvas” or fasting meals and indeed people fast as much as four times a week. The good information is restaurants serve this because many people are on a fast. So it is easy to enjoy just go in a Restaurant and eat tasty sabudana.

17.Puran Poli

It is made with the help of simmering chana dal with sugar until it dries up, and then hand-grinding to ease it out. You can use nutmeg and cardamom for adding nice flavors to puran poli in the form of powder.

18.Kheema Pao

Minced mutton cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes, chilies, and spices are there. In its unique form, it’s far known as keema. It is topped with a crisply fried, sunny-side-up egg, it is known as kheema unmarried fry.

19.Patra Ni Macchhi

It is freshly stuck pomfret, marinated in a chutney that consists of grated coconut, green chilies, clean coriander, and mint leaves, cumin, sugar, lime and salt.

20.Kanda Poha

It is common in Maharashtrian families, you will hardly ever find a badly made kanda poha dish. This easy, smooth-to-make snack is made with kanda and poha mixed with chopped potatoes and chilies. Tempered with mustard seeds and garnished with sparkling coriander.