20 Best Cheese Dishes

20 best cheese dishes

In the world of cheese, the styles, names, and flavours are galore. Hopping from one country to another, you can find a different type of cheese altogether. Mozzarella, Cheddar, Ricotta, Cottage Cheese, Blue Cheese and so much are just a few of this list. Endless varieties of this will just boggle your mind and your taste buds to the fullest. May it be sweet or salty;all the cheese in this world will always give you something new to look out for. All of us have seen those cheese wheels chasing our favourite characters in Tom & Jerry so then why not experiement with it once? Be it street food, 5-star foods or any other kind of food for that matter of fact, cheese is an inevitable ingredient today. So, we bring you an array of cheese dishes so that you can have a good time exploring these delicious beauties.

1. Cheese Dosa

Dosa is an indispensable food for all the Indians. Talk about having lunch or grabbing a quick bite, dosa is always to the rescue. Out of all the varieties that you will find in this, cheese dosa is something which has gradually gained popularity. Garnished with molten cheese inside and grated cheese on the top, this dosa is going to give you the taste of Indian as well as a Western dish. When the cheesy taste mixes with the chutney and sambar will make you crave for more. It delicious, fulfilling and economical.


2. Cheese Paratha

Indians just can’t do without a paratha once in a while. Filled with different types of stuffing, a paratha can make your hunger vanish in a matter of minutes while providing a magnificent traditional taste. But when two cultures mix together, the result is a cheese paratha. Filled with oozing cheese, this dish looks alluring enough to make you want to try it. You can have any type of cheese inside the paratha and can be mixed with either vegetarian or non-vegetarian stuffing.


3. Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are a very delicious snack. When you hold a freshly made hot one, and break it in half, you can see the mozzarella dripping down and melting in your hand. Having a dip or ketchup along with it is just the perfect combination. Another type of cheese sticks is there. They are actually made with bread sticks. After the crunchy bread sticks are prepared, they are smeared with cheese. The bread sticks are baked and then it is sprinkled with various types of cheese. Because the bread is hot when the cheese is put on top, it melts and sticks to it, giving it a ravishing look.


4. Cheese Balls

Cheese balls are most commonly heard when we think about Cheetos! But barring the cheese flavoured chips here is the newbie in town. These round shaped cheese filled balls when bitten into will fill your mouth, mind and heart with cheese. The cheese burst that will take place in your mouth, will leave your stunned for moments over its soft and pleasing feel.


5. Cheese Nuggets

Cheese nuggets are something which you will find almost everywhere. They are available as processed foods also. But one can always suggest you make them fresh and serve them hot. The outer covering of the nugget can always be modified with new ingredients to enhance the taste. The warm cheesy flavour will surround your taste buds and will make you want to take bites after bites. It’s time, you tried it!


6. Cheese Croissant

A croissant is a bread which looks very unique. Looking somewhat like a boomerang or a magnet, this will surely change the way you look at your bread. But when the cheese comes into context, a croissant becomes more beautiful- both in taste as well as looks. A cream cheese croissant is extremely delicious to have and will give you a slightly sour taste along with the crunchy bread with a soft inside.


7. Cheese Pasta

Cheese pasta is one of the most economical and easiest foods to have or prepare. The twisted pasta, spiral pasta, and the long flattened pasta, they all are a perfect combination along with cheese. Cheese pasta can be had as usual or can be baked to give it a more raunchy taste.


8. Cheese Quesadilla

Quesadilla is one hailing from Mexico. A dish of cheese quesadilla consists of tortillas being folded into triangular shapes which look like a two-dimensional cone. It is usually stuffed with different ingredients inside. One has the liberty to add anything as they feel like. Cheese being one of the active ingredients makes this cuisine look juicy and enticing. Stuff it with your favourites and there you have it- the perfectly delicious geometric shape. These tortillas are sure to make you fall hard for Mexican dishes.


9. Cheese Enchilada

The origin of the enchilada can also be traced back to Mexico. This hotshot can make you weak in the knees the moment you see it. The cheese enchilada is a dish where a line of folded tortillas with rich fillings are smeared with cheese and baked. The tortillas being one of the basic ingredients of the Mexican cuisine sees its usage in high amounts. What we call a plain roti in India can be called its cousin.


10. Mac And Cheese

This is one of the most casual dishes in the world of cheese. The Chifferi pasta that is commonly known of as macaroni is the typically used pasta in this dish. The short wide macaroni filled with the cheese makes it juicy and impossible to resist. It may be a common dish but it is more than delicious for its worth.


11. Cheese Soup

You must have heard about tomato soup, chicken soup, and all others kinds of soup but here we bring you the showstopper- Cheese Soup! Thick and rich as it looks, it tastes equally great. You can add a bit of vegetable, meat, small pakodas and other such appetisers along with this and make it a complete package. You can accompany it with a piece of bread or a croissant and relish the cheesy feeling getting absorbed in the mildly crunchy bread. Have it once and you are sure to have it again!


12. Cheese Tacos

Mexico strikes again! Taco is a dish in which a tortilla is slightly hardened is folded into half giving it a half moon shape. Between the fold, an array of stuffing is put. It can be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian and it is ultimately topped with cheese spread and grated cheese. The flavours will just explode inside your mouth and give you all the tastes in at small intervals. This is worth a shot!


13. Cheese Ziti

An ardent Italian dish, the ziti is something in which the pasta is either had in its usual prepared form of baked. A cheese ziti dish if prepared in the usual ways is mixed with the pasta sauces and then garnished with cheese spread and grated cheese. A baked ziti is unique in its own way as the top is completely covered with cheese and baked. This makes the cheese get a rugged taste and become more delicious. It can partially be related to lasagna. This is sure to make your mind go around a few times when you taste this.


14. Cheese Waffles

Waffles are considered one of the best breakfast materials. They can be had with a variety of things. You can make it spicy, sweet or sour based on the choice of your accompanying ingredient. A cheese waffle has a soft cheesy centre. When you bite into it, it fills your mouth and gives you a mixed taste of the crunchy waffle and the soft cheese. This is a pretty little dish with a perfect combination which will make you want to have it every day. But do look out for the calories!


15. Cheesecake

This is a type of dessert that is neither too sweet nor too cheesy. A cheesecake has a mild sweet taste and a mild cheesy taste at the same time. It is blended with cake dough and the frosting can be anything. Varieties of cheesecakes can be found and each one is just better than the one before. A raspberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake and an Oreo cheesecake are just a few of these sinful delights that you can indulge in.


16. Cream Cheese Squares

If you have a sweet tooth, then this is one of the perfect dishes for you to try. Similar to the cheesecake, they are punched up with a brownie or any other type of cake and smeared with sugar frosting. They can be garnished with dry fruits, nuts, fresh fruits or chocolate. It’s a perfect dessert to end a hearty meal with. Bite into the soft creamy dessert as this and capture the taste in your mind!


17. Cheese Tarts

Cheese tarts are a beauty to look at. Just one look at the dish can make you want to have all of them. Little flat cups filled to the brim with cheese and smoothened, is a dish which is for the ardent cheese lovers. One bite into this tart will make you want to lose control at the sight of that creamy cheese. All you can taste in this dessert is the delicious cheese along with the slightly hard cup below it. It makes the perfect combination of mild and strong. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should do it at once!


18. Cheese Scones

Scones have always been one of the most loved accompanying snacks with tea, coffee, or any other hot beverage. Even if it is had separately, it has a beautiful taste. A cheese scone is made on a hot griddle. The scones acquire a rich creamy and cheesy filling inside. Its outer is made of bread and on baking, it rises and fluffs up and becomes soft. These amazing scones can make you fall in love with the old time snacks once again!


19. Cream Cheese Pancakes

Pancakes are loved by everyone. May it be for breakfast or just a casual snack at any time of the day, a pancake can always come to your rescue. The cream cheese pancake is not much different. The pancakes can be made with different types of batter as you may like it. And in the end, it is topped with a dollop of cream cheese and syrup. You can put some extra ingredients of your choice to enhance the taste and enjoy this simple and mind blowing dish.


20. Cream Cheese Pound Cake

A pound cake is the one where all the ingredients that are to be put are taken in the quantity of a pound and in the ratio of 1:1:1:1. This results in a big cake which is topped with cream cheese and frosted with powdered sugar, dry fruits, or nuts. There are two types of pound cakes that are available and they are of different shapes. There is the ‘Bundt’ shape and the ‘Loaf’ shape. The Bundt shaped pound cake looks like a big raised doughnut with a hole in the center. And the Loaf looks just like a bread loaf. They are made in various flavours and each one is as special as you can expect it to be.