Top 20 Nepalese Food Items

top 20 nepalese food items
top 20 nepalese food items

Today, we are going to know about the topmost Nepalese food items one can have. Nepal is one of the tourist places that’s why people love to visit there. Like trekking is famous in Nepal, one can’t able to ignore the delicious foods of Nepal. Nepalese food has a variety of flavors. Each of the tastes of foods is different from one another. Western fast foods are available there but their food (Nepalese foods) is distinct from fast foods. Nepalese flavors are taken highly influence by the neighboring countries. India, Tibet, China are neighboring Nepal. So, their varied taste and flavors are highly influenced. One should notice that not only do flavors differ, but the dishes and foods are in numerous numbers and they have new dishes for their occasions. Let’s see their top best dishes below:-

1.Dal Bhaat

Dal Bhat is one of the best dishes available in Nepal. This dish was cooked in every household of Nepal as it provides the nutrition needed for them. The people who visit Nepal as a tourist would love to have this food once a time, especially the trekkers, as this dish have a wholesome amount of nutrients to keep your boost up with energy for long hours. This Dal Bhat is cooked rice and dal. Bhat means “Boiled or cooked rice” and Dal means “lentil soup”, or vegetable or chicken or meat gravy. In addition to that, the process of making this Dal includes other items like onion, chilies, and a mixture of different flavors of spices. This dish is served with curd and pickles too.

Lasuni dal bhaat WS


The second best dish of Nepal is Momo. Almost every people love to have a momo. There is separate hunger for having momo, right? Well, Momo has got its traditional delicacy in Nepal. Momo has its delicious tastes made in other places. The Momo’s, which are available in Nepal, are in different sizes, different tastes, different flavors, and dipping, but the one thing common in every Momo is the outer covering (which is a steamed). Momo taste is a mouth-watering dish. The main variation of momo comes with not only white flour steamed but the Momo is something deep-fried or pan-fried. The stuffing of Momo which is available in Nepal, is the stuffing of Chicken, meat, paneer, vegetables, and a different flavor is Khoa stuffed in Momo. The dipping varies according to the place like mayo, and other sauces. The exciting part of Nepal momo is the dipping, which is wholly made with the spices available in Nepal.

3.Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau or “The King of Curds”. Juju Dhau is another most loved food from Nepal which gives you a taste of Newari culture. Like the Momo are available in the streets of Nepal, this Juju Dhau is also a street food in Nepal. It’s a dessert, which people of Nepal highly prefer during festive days. So, one can have got the idea this food is made from yogurt. Simply it is made from thick, creamy milk with a mixture of some sweet. It is mainly made from Buffalo milk. This is famous in Bhaktapur, Nepal as it gives a rich texture and delicious flavor to the dessert. It is mainly served in cups, pots or small glasses.


Dhido or Dhindo is another famous dish of Nepal. It’s a traditional food of Nepal, this dish is available mainly in Kathmandu, Thamel, and other regions in Nepal and this dish have high nutritional value. This dish preparation varies, but the main ingredients of this dish are flour, whether it was maize flour or wheat flour or buckwheat flour This is served with chutney or another dipping.

5.Sel Roti

Set Roti is another traditional sweet dish available in Nepal where most of the household makes it on every occasion, especially during festive days. Set Roti looks like a Donut and it is almost similar to the process of making donuts. This is prepared by making a round-shaped into flour by adding sweet taste or their preferred flavors to it and by finally deep frying in oil or ghee. Most people of Nepal prefer this Set Roti with a combination of tea, Yogurt or veggies or sometimes aalu aachar.


Another famous food of Nepal is this Yomari. Yomari is a sweet dish that is prepared fish-shaped. This dish is very suitable for cold weather. It is one of the best dishes from the Newar community, this dish is prepared in a rice dough with sweet fillings. The sweet fillings of Yomari are called Chaku in Nepal. The dough with chaku filling is steamed to make a complete Yomari. But, it is also available with spicy lentil fillings or meat fillings or many others.


This Chtamari is another famous Newari famous food. People consume this chatamari as a snack. The best part about this dish is it looks like a pizza (Fast food). But the taste does differ. It’s made out of rice flour batter. It is available with both (vegetables and meat) toppings are added like onion, chilies, eggs or meat and many others. That’s why it tastes so different from Pizza. It is available in local streets. It’s a must-try dish.


Thukpa is a soupy-noodles. Thukpa is influenced by Chinese and Tibetan cuisines. It is widely served in the Himalayan region of Nepal and it was considered as providing enough nutrition. The delicious bowl of hot thukpa provides enough energy to survive in the cold weather. It’s a noodle with a lot of other nutrients like veggies or meat (Chicken). These ingredients of thukpa are combined to provide great taste.

9.Gundruk Ka Achar (Pickles)

Gundruk or Gundruk ka achar is consumed as a side dish with any other main course. It is prepared by fermenting vegetables and spices in a pot until it turned in to pickle. The Gundruk ka achaar taste was so yummy that’s why Nepalese consider this achaar as their national food.

10.Gokhali Lamp

Gokhali lamp – As the name defines, this dish is mainly for the non-vegetarians (As this dish is made from either meat or mutton). The best combination to have this food is with bread as this Gokhali is a gravy (A variety combination of onions, potatoes and delicious spices). This dish must be tried when you are traveling in Nepal, and I must say this dish is considered as one of the most favorite dishes of the Nepalese and it’s worth trying.


This Choila is a very famous dish during the festive time. It is prepared with meat (Chicken or sometimes duck meat). This is a savory dish served with rice. Many spices are added to this dish to make it more delicious and indeed mouth-watering smells and taste.

12.Samay Baji

Samay Baji is a traditional dish that is passed from generation to generation in Nepal. It is the main dish which contains barbeque meat, boiled eggs, salad (Spicy potatoes) and beaten rice too. Besides being a gourmet dish it is mostly the main attraction of Nepal.


Wo is also called Bara. It’s Newari’s pancakes. It is prepared from lentil batter (Either green or black lentils). The pancake or patties are consumed as a snack as the texture is so spongy and light. But, the exciting part about this Wo or Bara is, several other ingredients like chicken or meat are also available in Nepal for non-veg loves.


Chatpate is a savory or snack item. The chatpate is prepared differently in many places of Nepal. It has the taste of tanginess, sweetness, spicy. You must try the chatpate, if you are a spice lover. The spices will enhance the flavor and taste of chatpate. Sounds mouth-watering, right?…

15.Thakali Khana

This Thakali Khana is a very famous dish in Kathmandu, Nepal. One can find this dish in almost every restaurant in Nepal. This dish looks like Dal Bhat as it was served with rice, fried greens, pickles and other curries perfectly suitable for both veg and non-veg lovers. But the process of making it is different from Dal Bhat. To make this dish more delicious, the rice is mixed with melted ghee.

16.Sadheko Sukuti

Sadheko sukuti or Sukuti is a dried meat dish of Nepal, but it is available in the Himalayan of India and Tibet too. For making it, the dried meat is mixed with onions, chilies, and garlic, and spices. It is consumed as a side dish. But it is prepared differently according to the place may be.


Laping is a cold bean noodle of Nepal that is available in the street. This dish got its massive popularity in Kathmandu. This is served with cold spicy water and one can add extra spice if they want.

18.Gud Pak

Gud Pak is a famous dish in Kathmandu. It is a dessert which is made from milk, sugar, dry fruits and others. It’s a healthy dish as it provides enough nutrition to all, but it was mostly it was given to the new mothers. It is consumed hot to get a better taste.

19.Aalo Tama

Aalo Tama is a dish that is influenced by Indian and Chinese cuisines. It’s a soupy dish with the main ingredient of aalo (Potato). This soup or gravy is served with rice or set roti or other main courses.


Khuwa or Khoa is widely used by many counties for adding extra flavor and taste to the dessert. It was a Nepali’s food which is made from stirring the whole milk until it turns thick and gives a smooth texture. Indeed, this Khuwa adds extra flavor to this dessert and provide a delicious taste. This is served primarily served in the Veg restaurants throughout Nepal.

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