21 Fruits And Vegetables Best To Eat In Month Of April

21 fruits vegetables to eat in month of april
21 fruits vegetables to eat in month of april

A  Diet full of fruits and vegetables is rich in fiber, high in water content, full of life, and easy to digest too. If you are adding them daily in your lifestyle they would reduce the risk of heart diseases, prevent some type of cancer and lower the risk of eye and digestive problem. No doubt in the present times when whole world is fighting with covid-19 pandemic, fruits and vegetables have their own importance in our diet. But are you eating them in their purest and natural form or are you just eat the ones which are artificially grown? Any fruit or vegetable if eaten when not in season is not beneficial at all. Do you know all of the fruits you eat out of season are artificially grown and are full of chemicals and fertilizers which are just causing negative impact on your health? The only way one can get right nutrition from them is by eating then when mother nature provides us them. So let’s look into the fruits and vegetables which are naturally grown in the month of April:

1.Lady’s Finger

It is a very common vegetable in India. It is good for RBC production, contains good amount of vitamins and are good for diabetics. It is also a good option for those who want to lose their weight. They grow in summer season. The three mains seasons are February-April, June-July, October-November. Avoid eating in other months.


It contains various minerals and is high in water content. It is low in calories so can be included in diet by people who want to lose weight. Contains antioxidants and may lower the blood sugar. It is grown in summer season and to be consumed in winter season.

3.Bottle Gourd

Always select the bottle gourd which has smooth skin, is pale green in color and free from any cuts.   It help control blood cholesterol, also prevents acidity and good for diabetics. It is grown in summer season.

4.Bitter Gourd

Though bitter in taste but comes with many benefits. It helps reduce blood levels and can aid weight loss. Also it is liver friendly and detoxifying. Eating regular can prevent skin ailments. It is a warm season crop and can be consumed in rainy season too, avoid in other season to attain full benefits.


It helps you maintain a healthy weight, keeps your heart healthy, they are a good source of protein as well which maintain healthy bones, hair, organs, muscles. Best season to consume them is summer avid in rest.


It can be consumed in fresh, dried, and canned form. Reduces high blood pressure and has anti-cancer activities. It Prevent liver diseases. It contains antioxidants and prevents diabetes too. It is a summer fruit and if you are getting it in any other season it is probably the one of cold storage.


They take almost 18-24 months to harvest and are eaten best in summers. It contains enzymes which ease the digestion, also ease the symptom of arthritis, it also contain disease fighting antioxidants. Make sure you not consume then in any other season than summer.


It is a tropical tree fruit grown in Asia, Africa and other parts. It is edible both when ripe and unripe. It can be used in sweets too. It benefits in controlling blood sugar level, preventing skin problems. It is a summer crop only to be consumed in summers and not in any other.


The best season to eat broccoli is from October to April. It is tasty and filled with dozens of nutrients. It prevents cancer, reduces cholesterol, reduce allergic reactions and inflammation. Apart from this it detoxifies the body and act as anti-ageing agent. Don’t eat in any other season except from October-April.

10.Musk Melon

They promote good digestion and helps in hydration of body. It contain high amount of antioxidants and help in purification of skin. The calorie count is also very less. It is a summer crop and should only be eaten in summers.


Mango being the most popular and favorite throughout the world, is the one which is grown artificially the most. It provides many health benefits like lowers the risk of cancer, good for digestive and heart health. Avoid eating them on empty stomach. No doubt being a summer crop should only be eaten during April-July.


They are rich in amino acid named which promotes movement of blood through body. High in water content keeps body hydrated and soothes the skin also is easy to digest. It is a summer crop which comes from month April-July.


They might be small in size but big in terms of flavor and nutrition. They promote healthy vision and provide protection to skin. It is a good source antioxidant that protect against inflammation along with reducing risk of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. It can be consumed during April- September.


They can be used in recipes that require braising, stir-frying, deep frying and roasting. It is a good option for diabetics and the one who want to lose weight. They maintain a healthy weight. They are to be eaten from April-July being a summer crop. Don’t eat them in any other season.


Turnips can be grown both in spring and fall and take a period of around two months to grow. It promotes prevention from cancer, and good eye and bone health. Loads you with vitamin A and C. Not to be eaten in hot summers.


They are low in calories and is filled with vitamins, mineral .They are rich in antioxidants and is a potential sleep aid. One can consume it in juice form too that acts as a brain booster. It is a summer fruit that can be eaten from April to July.


These potent little packages protect your heart, reduce blood pressure level and protect against cancer. It contains good amount of antioxidant and is a low calorie food. They are beneficial when you eat them is April-July. Don’t eat in cold climate.


It is well known for its reddish stalk and sour taste. In Asia its roots are even used medicinally. Benefits include lowering of cholesterol levels, providing antioxidant. It is best eaten in month April-July.



It is a popular fruit that adds flavor to food when used in right quantity. It is good for hydration, digestion and skin. Famous in summers especially as lemonade and can be squeezed on the salads too. It is a summer fruit eaten during April-July months.


It is an excellent source of potassium which is beneficial for gut health. It helps in prevention from heart diseases and also promotes a healthy body weight. It is a good option during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A summer fruit and should not be eaten in winters or any other season.


It is a tropical citrus fruit best known for its sweet and sour taste. It is a low calorie food yet high in nutrients. Eating it on a regular terms benefits the immune system also it promote good appetite. It is a summer fruit and should not be consumed in other seasons.