Top 20 Pahadi Dishes


1 Sidu (The local bread)

Sidu is a local bread of the Pahadi cuisine made from wheat flour. The recipe for the bread is very easy. What you need to do is simply knead the flour with warm water and set aside for some hours. This is done for the yeast to settle. After the yeast has settled, the dough rises. After that, the dough is put directly on the flame of the bonfire. The bread is partially cooked, and then also steamed to cook it completely. You can eat this bread with ghee or butter. The bread goes amazingly well with mutton or dal as well. You can also eat the bread plain.



Pahadi chaa Gosht (The Lamb Curry)

This dish is also a Pahadi delicacy. The dish Pahadi chaa Gosht is made with lamb meat. The lamb meat is first marinated and then cooked in gravy. The gravy is made with gram flour, yogurt and all the spices. The spices include cardamom, red chili powder, asafetida, ginger, garlic paste and bay leaves as well. The dish is very well garnished with coriander leaves. You can also add lemon slices to enhance the look and taste of the dish.


3 Pahari Sour Dish (Khatta)

The name of the dish explains its taste. Pahadi Sour dish or khatta, is sour in taste. Its flavour is similar to that of meetha achar. This is a very famous sour dish of the Pahadi cuisine. This dish is nothing but a sour gravy dish. It is made with amchur (mango powder) and deep fried besan boondis. You can add raw mango slices to the khatta just to enhance its taste.


4 Anardana Chicken

There are a number of chicken dishes. From various cities, you can have various ways of cooking chicken. The Pahadi cuisine is incomplete without this chicken dish. Anardana Chicken is not a very common dish, unlike Tandoori Chicken. The dish is very heavy as it is loaded with both, ghee and butter. The dish is also full of spices. The specialty of this dish is the bronze color that enhances the beauty of the food. It comes from hours of marinating the chicken with the ground dry pomegranate seeds (anardana) and chilies as well. The chicken is very well garnished with pomegranate seeds. if you want to taste Pahadi cuisine and you are a chicken lover also then you must try this dish first.


5 Tudkiya Bhath

Tudkiya Bhath is a very special dish of Pahadi cuisine. You can say that it is a Pahadi biryani. It is made from rice cooked with lentils. You can also add potatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and yogurt in the dish to enhance its taste. The special spices you can add to the dish are the bay leaf, cardamom, red chili powder, cinnamon, etc. The dish is always served with mash daal. You can also have it with other gravy dishes.


6 Akotri

Everything is incomplete without dessert. Yes, in Pahadi cuisine you can have an amazing sweet dish, Akotri. This is a festive dish of Pahadi areas. This dish is similar to a cake. It is made with wheat mixed with buckwheat. The dish is made on every special occasion. No such occasion is celebrated without this cake.


7 Kullu Trout

This is a Pahadi delicacy, or rather you can say, it is a fish delicacy with a Pahadi touch. The dish is made with marinated fish. The marinated trout is shallow fried in mustard oil. You can use any oil as per your choice. It is also not too full of spices, making it less spicy. The dish is very famous in the Kullu region. It simply enhances the taste of trout.


8 Luchi Poti

The specialty of this dish is that it is made with the intestines of lamb. It is an amazing Pahadi dish.


9 Meetha Bhath

The name of the dish is suggestive of the taste itself. Meetha Bhath is simply sweet rice full of dry fruits. This dessert is flavored with saffron along with fennel seeds. You can garnish the sweet dish with roasted dry fruits. For giving the Pahadi dessert a special touch, add chopped fruits in the rice.


10 Dham

All the festivals of Pahadi regions are incomplete without the special dish “dham.” The dish is very famous in these regions and is usually made by the Brahmins of the region. The dish is made by cooking rajma (red kidney beans) along with moong dal (green lentils), rice and curd. The dish is very well served with mash dal. You can also have it with Boor ki Kari or a sweet and sour sauce. The sweet and sour sauce is made from tamarind and gur (jaggery). The special part of the dish is that it is served on leaves.


11 Mittha

The name of the dish is self-explanatory. Mittha is a local dessert of Pahadi cuisine (the specialty of Himachal Pradesh). The process of making the dish is very easy; it is made with sweetened rice and sweetened milk. You can add dry fruits also.


 12 Babru

A kachori with tamarind chutney is all you need to have. Babru is a very popular kachori of the Pahadi cuisine. The recipe for the dish is very easy, as it is made by stuffing the soaked and ground kala chana dal (black gram dal) paste in the kneaded wheat dough. After the balls are ready, they are deep fried and served with tamarind chutney.


13 Pahadi Chana Madra

Madra is a very famous dish of Pahadi cuisine. The dish is made with kabuli chana. You can also make it with other kala chana, but the taste of Madra made with kabuli chana is yummiest of all. The gravy is made with yogurt and chickpea flour; it is full of onion, garlic, ginger and spices as well.


14 Auraiya Kaddoo

The dish is also known as kaddooo ka khatta. The name of the dish is self-explanatory. It is enough to tell you that the dish is sour in taste. A kaddu dish, which is tangy in taste, is all you need to have. The recipe for the dish is very easy. It is made with boiled and mashed pumpkin cooked in madra gravy. The gravy is full of mango powder and other spices. The sour taste of the dish is simply yummy.


15 Mash Dal

Kali dal also known as Mash Dal is made with split black lentils. The process of making this Pahadi dish is very easy. What you need to do is soak the dal in warm water for two to three hours, and after that, pressure cook the dal along with finely chopped onion, ginger garlic paste, and all the spices.


16 Patande

The names of Pahadi dishes may seem funny, but they taste out of the world. A very popular breakfast dish of Pahadi cuisine is Patande. They are also known as Indian pancakes. The dish looks similar to a dosa. The process of making the dish is also the same.


17 Bhey

This is a unique dish of the Pahadi cuisine. It is made from lotus stems. The dish is scrumptious in taste. To make this yummy dish you need to chop the stems in thin slices and boil them. After boiling them, deep fry the stem slices with onion paste, tomato paste, and ginger garlic paste.


18 Bhang ki chutney

Bhang is very famous in all over India. In most of the parts of India, bhang with milk or chaach is usually made on the occasion of Mahashivratri. However, in the Pahadi cuisine, Bhang chutney is made every other day. The sour chutney is made with bhang seeds. The seeds are first roasted, and then the chutney is made. You can also add cumin seeds in the chutney. The addition of cumin seeds simply enhances the taste of chutney.


19 Jhangore ki Kheer

A sweet dish prepared with jhangora is all you need. This Pahadi dessert is very yummy in taste.


20 Khatta Jimikand

Khatta Jimikand is a sour and tangy dish made with jimikand. This dish is very famous for its scrumptious taste.