Top 20 Places Where You Can Eat With Your Dog In India

Top 20 Places Where You Can Eat With Your Dog In India

Dogs are pets which are loved by humans. It is not only an animal which is at home but is treated as the family member by people. Sometimes people only enjoy the company of them. In that case, there are situations where people want to have a meal with them or enjoy with them but at many places, they are not allowed. This becomes a very sad situation for the owners of the dogs as they do not get a chance to spend time eating with their pet friends.

1. Mutt Hutt

Mutt Hutt is a cafe which is opened up by two sisters in Mumbai for especially dog owners who can enjoy their time, have food and enjoy company of each other.  Mutt Hutt has a motto which they follow that is, even humans are allowed. It is that café which arranges various camps and dates with your pet dogs which includes games, photos etc.


2. Canine Crossing

Canine Crossing in Gurgaon is a perfect cafe where dogs and their owners can have the best time. It also includes a very big space for dogs to roam around freely and enjoy with their companions. It includes various training facilities for the dogs.  The location of the cafe is around 9 km away from Badshapur crossing, Bhelpa farms.


3. Gostana Cafe

Gostana café is a type of place where every human who loves their four-legged pet will enjoy. It mainly has the feature of giving that comfort level to the pets and their owners. It is a destination behind linking road which gives yummy tummy filling food which people enjoy with their dogs on the table or the floor. It has the location at Pali Naka, Bandra west.


4. Sunny’s Restaurant

Sunny’s Restaurant is a place in Bangalore with the best atmosphere for the lovers of pets. It mainly includes various features that are, best service is provided, and food has good taste and more importantly the care taken for pet lovers. People there can spend some leisure time have their food enjoy with their pet friends and spend awesome time. Outside area is for available for the dogs to enjoy.


5. Bagel Shop

Bagel Shop is that cafe in Mumbai which is loved by people who in turn love their four-legged creature. It basically makes the place more loved by people due to the time they spend with the dogs. The open area makes atmosphere healthy around dogs and French breakfast is loved by people in that restaurant.


6. Wholly Crepes

Wholly Crepes is a cafe which is located at Pune near Modern Colony. It is a cafe which serves Persian dish and makes the customers happy. Not only that it makes the dog owners enjoy there with a coffee and their favourite four-legged pet.


7. Crimson Chakra

Crimson Chakra is a restaurant which is located at Chennai who serves the best south Indian dishes with a lot of new invention in the dishes. It provides customers a variety of barbecue dishes along with that exclusive space for their dogs. In this restaurant, they have to book prior so as to enjoy a meal with their pet friend.


8. Prem’s Restaurant

Prem’s Restaurant is located in Pune city. It is that restaurant which is fully open so as to enjoy the lovely atmosphere. It is a typical kind of restaurant where food provided is good and services are also amazing. It is a place where you can take your dogs but no dog meal or water is provided. It is located near Koregaon Park.


9. Rasta Cafe

Rasta Cafe is a perfect location if people are heading with their best friends. It is open for 24 hours. The place is near Bangalore-Mysore highway where people can have a drive with their pets. Open space is available for enjoying with pets playing with them which make both owner as well as the pet happy.


10. Toit Restaurant

Toit Restaurant is a place in Bangalore which again provides people a place where they can eat with their pet dogs.  It has created a place outside where people can enjoy and have the food. People need to call and book the seat as there are very few restaurants which allow dogs.


11. Hula’s Modern Tiki

Hula’s Modern Tiki is wonderful place for lunch and having different sandwiches. You can go there with your dog and can eat very comfortably. Pork sandwich can be tried by people in this restaurant. It has its location in Phoenix, Mumbai.


12. Spoonful Of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar is a place in Bangalore where mouth watering deserts are available. This place always makes sure that customers are provided with delicious desert items. It is a small place but the pet dogs are allowed to accompany their masters. It has its location in Indiranagar, Bangalore.


13. Skim Joint

Skim is a joint which has its location at Bandra, Mumbai. It is a place which is tiny and not that easily found a place. They provide nice burgers and should be visited at least once. It mainly has a place to chill with your pet dog but they need a prior booking or reservation.


14. Moshe’s Deserts

Moshe’s is also place located in Mumbai that is Cuff Parade. It mainly believes in the concept of why to leave behind the pet. For every customer, if they are given a chance of having a pet around they are more than happy. It allows the pets to be present in the outside area.


15. Leaping Windows

Leaping Windows is a place located in Andheri, Mumbai. This place also makes sure that people relax read some comic books with their best pet around wagging their tail happily. Pets here are allowed outside the dining area. People love this place as it provides good food as well as their pet around.


16. Throttle Shrottle

Throttle Shrottle is a perfect place where dog lovers must visit. It is a place where trained people prepare food even for dogs whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. If people want to enjoy the meal with their dogs it is a right place. It has its location at Gurgaon.


17. Urban Solace

Urban Solace is a place located at Ulsoor in Bangalore. This place is fantastic to have breakfasts. If a weekend for customers start with an amazing breakfast and that too with their pet dog is the best deal.


18. Bite Me Cupcakes

Bite Me Cupcake is a place for sweet dishes located in Bangalore in Indiranagar. It makes sure that every customer is served with delicious cupcakes and they are loved by everyone. They make sure people who come with their four-legged pet enjoy some pup cakes. This is a destination which makes people come there and enjoy with their pets.


19. The Waterhouse Deli

The Waterhouse Deli is a fantastic place to eat with a special feature of welcoming along with you the four-legged pet. It provides healthy continental cuisine and also they have the motto of not wasting any food. The terrace tables are especially for dogs located in Thane, Mumbai.


20. Revival Restaurant

Revival Restaurant is a place located at Chowpatty Sea face, Mumbai. It is considered to be a pet-friendly restaurant. They mainly provide with various types of thali and also some snacks for the four-legged pet. Pet must be on a leash here. People enjoy coming with their pet dogs in this restaurant.