Top 20 Places To Have Food In Mussoorie

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Food is one of the important element which we want everywhere. We have here listed 20 places to have food when you are in Mussoorie. The listed food joints may help you to find best places to eat with your choice.

1. Kalsang Friends Corner

This café located on the main market of the Mussoorie, which is known as Mall Road. You can take a benefit of delicious food from this Food Corner with shopping. They have an enormous 10-page menu which includes Chinese, Tibetan, and Thai specialties. What thing will attract you towards this Food corner is a plate of steamed chicken momos. They have beautiful interiors too which represents the Tibetan culture.


2. Cafe By The Way

You can find this incredible cafe on mall road. They have maintained their interiors in an artistic way; Big leather couches, wooden furniture, and unique sitting stools. Their menu contains a delicious range of coffee and shakes with reasonable prices. After a cup of coffee along with a slice of sandwich, you can order their cake variety as a dessert. You will spend a worth time with your loved ones at cold temperature of Mussoorie.


3. Casa Mia Bakery

This cafe is located on the Mall Road, Mussoorie. There is no chance to miss to eat from this bakery when you are walking out over mall road. Their all desserts, snacks, and drinks shine from the glass of the shop and attract customers towards them. Their prices are less than the most bakeries and quality is more than most bakeries. You will spend fabulous time at this bakery with your loved ones.


4. Char Dukan, Lal Tibba

You can analyze from its name that, Char Dukan is a chain of four food corners at Lal Tibba and located a few kilometers ahead from landour. It is few kilometers away from the busy roads and crowd of tourists. This place contains a beautiful view of Mussoorie Mountains, but you may need a skilled and old experienced driver who can drop you there. You can try their omelettes, pancakes, waffles, French fries, and coffee.


5. Emily’s, Rokeby Manor

This beautiful restaurant located on the beautiful side of Landour. They have always impressed tourists by their interior decoration. Their wallpapers, wooden furniture, and floral bricks give a very artistic look. They offer an enormous menu including continental and Indian food. Apart from Continental and Indian food, they offer something more special that is Emily’s bakes their own bread.


6. Chick Chocolate, Mall Road

This beautiful cafe is located on the Mall Road. This cafe contains a separate section of home-made chocolates which you can taste or buy. They have beautiful interiors. What you need to taste is their kit kat shake, pizza, waffles, chocolate shakes, nachos, and more. And I know you will think about some gift pack which you want to take back to your friends, relatives, or neighbours. You can take a pack of sticky jaw toffees from here.


7. Tavern

This bar cum restaurant is located on the Mall Road. This is place is preferable for those who want some food with music in the hills. Their pizzas and red wine sizzlers are must try. Most of the evening they have some live performances just to entertain their customers.


8. Lovely Omelette Centre

When you will stroll down on the Mall Road, you will find an Omelette center which will automatically bound you with an aroma of freshly made eggs omelettes. It is the only place to get delicious omelettes in the entire beautiful hill station. This omelette center has never ending orders; you may need to wait for some time to have your order. They have many varieties in omelettes like masala, cheese, chocolate, and more.


9. Nostradamus Writers Bar, Fortune The Savoy

This restro bar has a peaceful atmosphere. It is the best place for those who need to relaxe in peace with a cup of tea. This place is a writer’s delight. You can get a beautiful collection of books there that you can read and enjoy with your favourite drink. This cafe is a part of the “Fortune the Savoy,” which is an elegant historic hotel in the style of English interiors.


10. Little Llama Cafe

The place is paradise for those who want quiet and peace to chill and relax in the hills. The continental and contemporary food options include burgers, juicy pizzas, berry shakes, and much more. What you must order is their spicy fry that is just fabulous. You can find this place near Picture Palace, Kulri.


11. Cafe Ivy

The place with peace located in Landour Cantt. This cafe is started by three friends in the beautiful hills. This cafe’s interiors give satisfaction, relax, and peace. The recycled wood, fireplace, and cultural styles bulbs give a beautiful interior to tourists. You just need to try their variety of pizzas, pasta, burgers, and a cup of coffee. You will have worth time spent with your loved ones there.


12. Doma’s Inn

If you are looking for Tibetan Food in the Mussoorie, then Doma’s Inn is a perfect place to eat Tibetan food. This cafe cum cottage is located in the Landour Cantt. This cafe has also featured in many movies which you can see there. The posters of each movie has been hanged on the walls of the cafe. Their Chinese food is just incredible. You just need to try their cheese momos.


13. Ready To Eat Mom’s Kitchen

This is a perfect place to have homemade food while shopping at the hills. The food corner is located on the Mall Road. If you are having a long vacation in the mountain hills of Mussoorie, then you will never miss your home when you eat food from this corner. The taste of their food is just home food. You can order their Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Pakode, and Sandwiches.


14. Urban Turban

Best Punjabi restaurant located on the Mall road. If you are a Punjabi and need some Punjabi tadka in the hills on Mussoorie, then this place is worth to go. They have two floors in their restaurant. You can enjoy your food with loud music on 1st floor and peace on the 2nd floor. They have veg and non-veg food option on their menu.


15. Imperial Square

This restaurant is a part of a hotel. Imperial Square satisfies tourist with their price and menu. Their menu contains a huge list of sizzlers, platters, and sandwiches. You can even have a great breakfast there. View from this restaurant is exceptional. Located on the Library Chowk, Mussoorie.


16. Neelam

One another place for Punjabi’s is here. Since 1949, Neelam Restaurant is running. They specialize in the dishes made with paneer and chicken. The staff of this restaurant is very pleasing. The place to have perfect and spicy food. Located on the Kurli Bazaar.


17. Tip Top Tea Shop

It is a famous place to have the snack. Best egg dishes are served here. You just need to order their snack with a cup of tea. Located on the Char Dukan, Mussoorie. It is a place to have worth time with a cup of tea and some snack with your loved ones.


18. Anil’s Cafe

The oldest shop located on the Char Dukan. If you are living in Mussourie, then you can have regular Paranthas there. It is a place where tourist can stop and enjoy their pizzas variety. Order their garlic and herb pizza and noodles with some extra cheese.


19. A Prakash & Co.

Located at the Sister Bazaar, it was popular among people all over the Mussoorie. The place is serving best peanut jam and a variety of cheese. The shop started in 1920, and is serving these varieties from 1950. You can get their products in all over the Mussoorie and Landour.


20. Landour Bakehouse

This is a place to have an enormous variety of desserts. If you are a dessert lover, then this is a perfect place to have. It is an English style bakery which will make you forget that you are in a hill station. Located at the Sister’s Bazaar. The interiors and quality of food are worth with each penny which you have spent there.