Top 20 Tikki Stuffing Must Have


Food is one of the elements which play a primary role in our life. Everyone loves having mouth watering street food which brings to the item Tikki which has various ingredients stuffed in it. This food is available in the world, and people love eating them. Tikki is used to be one of the favorite street food items, and during rainy seasons people are in love with these street food items.  Tikki is that item which is available in every street food place. This item mainly tastes more delicious during rains as people love eating hot tikis with chutney or yogurt.

1. Stuffed Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is something which is enjoyed a lot by everyone. The crispness of potato and the flavors in it makes it the best chat to be eaten anytime anywhere. Stuffed Aloo Tikki is a dish which includes little potato patties which have a stuffing of with spicy dal mixture and are fried in a pan till they are very crisp and brown. This aloo tiki is simple to prepare, and they are made quickly using little ingredients and are delicious to eat.Tamarind chutney with this Tikki which enhances its taste.


2. Tikki Stuffing With Paneer

Paneer is something which is a boon to vegetarians. It is one product which is loved by everyone. Paneer Tikki is also such item which is always there for a simple meal. This tiki with paneer stuffing mainly includes crumbled paneer and all the spices, chat masala. Cooking it for two minutes, the filling becomes ready.This tiki is served with chutney or yogurt or tomato sauce.


3. Tikki Stuffing With Chana Dal

Chana dal is highly nutritious, delicious in taste, can be digested quickly. Chana Dal Tikki has high nutrition quality. Chana dal is that ingredient which adds mesmerizing flavor to food. In this first chana dal is soaked then transferred to a cooker for 2 minutes. Next step, cooked chana dal is separated. The filling includes cooked chana dal, masala powder, etc. The filling is wrapped inside the Pattie and fried till it is crispy and ready to serve.


4. Tikki Stuffing With Moongdal

Moong dal is a complete package of nutrients and low carbohydrates Moongdal tiki also has an excellent source of protein. The first step is to boil moong dal in around three cups of water. After that with the cooked moong dal ginger, chilies, salt it is fried for two minutes. Then mashed potatoes are taken with a dent in center moong dal stuffing is put and the filling is enclosed. It is then shallow fried which makes it crispy. Tamarind chutney or yogurt over it makes it delicious.


5. Tikki Stuffing With Cheese

Cheese is one item which every age group prefers eating. Cheese especially is loved by children and teens. Cheese is a combination of fat, cream, and salt which is loved by every tongue. Tikki with cheese stuffing makes their street food dish mesmerizing and tasty. This cheese tiki is made by stuffing the grated cheese inside and then frying it. Tomato sauce along with cheese crispy stuffing makes it delicious.


6. Tikki Stuffing With Corn

Corn is the ingredient which has multiple features and benefits. Corn has various health benefits such as controlling heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Tikki stuffing with corn has its amazing quality. Once we eat this Tikki the crispy and soft taste from potatoes and the sweetness which comes from corn is just out of the world. This tiki stuffing along with corn can include cheese and green chilies which add to the taste.


7. Tikki Stuffing With Peas

Peas also come with numerous benefits like high energy, healthy immune system, weight management, etc.  Another variation in this Tikki stuffing is the pea filling.  This dish is also known as ALOO MATAR TIKKI. Pea is an ingredient which is put in every other dish so as to add up flavor and taste to the dish. Stuffing with spicy pea filling makes it soft and crunchy from inside to taste. In this, the potato has a filling of this pea stuffing with ginger, chilies, etc. The dish can be served with chutney so as to enjoy the taste.


8. Tikki Stuffing With Spinach

Spinach which is a leafy vegetable has a variety of benefits. Spinach is not only good for skin and hair but also good for bones.  Tikki stuffing with spinach has the primary motto of providing one’s health with lots of vitamins and minerals. In this tiki stuffing, one must boil the potato, and the tiki includes adding spinach leaves with turmeric, chili powder, and salt, etc. Once the mixture is ready, it is fried and served with tomato sauce.


9. Tikki Stuffing With Vegetables

Vegetables form an important part of any person’s life. Tikki stuffing with vegetables is the most nutritional dish. This tiki stuffing includes various vegetables like carrot, peas, potato, onion, corn, etc. Vegetables are combined and mixed with different masala and then stuffed to make this Tikki. This dish is also known as SABZ TIKKI. Tikki stuffing with vegetables provides not only health benefits but also excellent taste.


10. Tikki Stuffing With Mutton Keema

This tikki is a bit different from other stuffing as in this Aloo tiki is stuffed with spicy minced meat. Here mutton is something which becomes an excellent dish for non-vegetarians. Mutton is a dish which is relished by non-vegetarians. In this stuffing, minced mutton is cooked with onion, salt, ginger paste, etc. After this, the filling is covered and fried. Sprinkling chat masala over it makes the Tikki more interesting over it.


11. Tikki Stuffing With Mushrooms And Cheese

Cheese is something which is loved by everyone. Mushrooms help in serving the best benefits like improved nutrition, increased vitamin, etc. This tiki stuffing with mushrooms and cheese is a fantastic combination.  Grating cheese mainly prepares this and mushrooms with garlic, chat masala, etc. Then this cheese-mushroom mixture is placed as a filling in potato and fried. The benefits of mushroom and amazing taste of cheese make it a fabulous dish.


12. Tikki Stuffing With Cheese And Paneer

Another special dish/Tikki is the Tikki stuffing with both yummy and delicious paneer and cheese. Paneer is the one unique item loved by everyone so is cheese. Tikki stuffing of combination of these two ingredients is lovable. The filling includes first making of the potato covering then grating cheese with paneer cubes also with chat masala etc. Potato then includes this stuffing and fried. This combination of milk products helps to have an excellent dish on the plate.


13. Tikki Stuffing With Spinach Cheese And Corn

This Spinach Cheese Corn Tikki is a recipe which is a shallow-fried dish. It is a beautiful combination of spinach which is not that loved by people and corn and cheese which is loved by every tongue. In this tiki the outer covering is made with the spinach leaves, boiled potatoes thus dough is prepared. The Tikki stuffing includes lovely cheese and corn mixture.  After that, the corn and cheese mixture is placed in the center of dough and then fried. This tikki is served with chili sauce and is loved by everyone.


14. Tikki Stuffing With Peas And Cheese Mixture

Pea is used in every food item so as to enhance the flavor or look for the particular dish. Cheese is soft layered milky food product which is used to bring delicious taste to the food products. In this tiki stuffing with peas (matar) is filed in the outer covering of potato and also cheese is grated throughout and then the mixture is made. This different combination of peas and cheese adds up to the wonderful flavor. Aloo Tikki with all time favorite cheese and crunchy soft pea is an excellent combination of stuffing to be eaten.


15. Tikki Stuffing With Peas Onion And Paneer

This Tiki is a fantastic combination of an outer covering of mashed potatoes and peas. The stuffing itself seems to be interesting because it includes onion and paneer. Onion which is the key ingredient in every dish adds up flavor to the dish. People love to have this Tikki stuffing because green peas and potatoes cover and stuffing of onion paneer is delicious to taste. In this first green peas and potato are mashed and kept aside. Then a mixture of paneer and onion along with other masala is made for the stuffing. Finally, Tikki is fried to be crisp and tasty. Hence, to have such a beautiful tiki with sauce is simply a treat every person can have.


16. Tikki Stuffing With Cabbage

Cabbage is that vegetable which helps in keeping a body healthy as well as the bones strong. It is rich in fiber and has lots of protein-rich nutrients. Aloo Tikki with stuffing like cabbage is a well known evening snack item. Tikki stuffing can be made by sliced cabbage, adding some spices and powdered peanuts. This tasty filling is not only delicious but a nutritious meal. Tikki stuffing with cabbage is a mixture of various nutrients and amazing taste.


17. Tikki Stuffing With Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a vegetable which is not only good for the heart but also brain health. This tiki stuffing with cauliflower will not only be tasty but also be very helpful in digestion. Tikki stuffing with cauliflower mainly includes chopping of cauliflower and mixing with all other ingredients. This stuffing then can be fried and served efficiently. This tiki is also known as ALOO GOBI TIKKI.


18. Tikki Stuffing With Oats And Potatoes

There are various types of tiki, but mostly they are not that healthy. As far as the new trend in which people are so cautious of their health, oats have become their main diet. This type of tiki stuffing with potatoes and oats is a rare combination. In such stuffing potatoes can be added along with other ingredients and the outer covering can be prepared with oats. In fact, the stuffing can also have a few oats. This tiki stuffing is mainly for health oriented people who can enjoy tiki with their health being not affected.


19. Tikki Stuffing With Fish And Potatoes

Tikki is an Indian appetizer which has various ways to be presented. This tiki stuffing is different because it is a combination of fish and potato. Fish is something which is enjoyed by non-vegetarians and potato is something which everyone loves eating. This tiki includes cooked fish along with aloo and other spices mixture. This mixture is fried and then served. In this tikki stuffing, the stuffing must be cooked both the side well so as to enjoy it’s amazing taste.


20. Tikki Stuffing With Dryfruits

Dry fruits play a vital role in our life. For example Almonds, Cashew nuts, etc. Talking about this stuffing, it is one of a filling. This tiki stuffing along with dry fruits seems to be tastier and healthier one. Tikki stuffing mainly includes dry fruits as its main ingredient. The potato along with other masala is an outer covering in which dry fruits are placed and then fried. Hence, a combination of both when fried will be mouth-watering.