20 Reasons Why Indians Love Food

20 Reasons Why Indians Love Food

Food, glorious food! “Love is food”, they say, whether you’re a sneaky snack lover or a heavy foodie, all of us need food, and let’s face it, it’s a necessity. But why do we search ways to create mouth-watering delights?



Anyone who can cook in India knows about spices! There are myriad spices and cooking techniques which tend to create heavenly delicacies. An Indian cook is too creative with colours that they have grown to be very comfortable with.



Recipes are passed on, generation after generation; they are improvised and adapted based on personal choice of taste and availability of ingredients. If one practices a single recipe for a couple of years, they are going to get it right and maybe can even make it better than it was.



The huge diversity got to be one of the logics debating about ‘love of food in India’. India has different cultures united as a whole, along with this there’s variety in the climate, languages and styles and what not, the list will go on and on with awesome results.




For the last couple of centuries, our cuisine has been affected a lot by various different factors. May it be the British rule or the Mughals or the Chinese! All have contributed to our appetite. And what we have is a mixture of heavenly delicacies.



We, Indians prepare food keeping healthiness in our minds. The spices that are used are mostly good for all and tasty too. The other ingredients are also used with a balance and overall are healthy enough, such as coconut, beans, rice and many nutritious vegetables, and as they say, healthy food tastes better than junk when it’s prepared by an artist.


Food Is Fast And Easy!

No matter where you are in India, chances are same and if you are hungry, you will get food quite easily and sometimes at cheaper costs.
Speaking of fast food, it’s always best and easiest way to get your craving food.


Cook In Your Own Way

There are thousands of ways to make food. There are always perks of knowing how to cook! In India, with the diversity of spices and ingredients, one can make their desired food, with proper arrangements provided.



Food Completes Occasions

Weddings, birth or thread ceremonies, major and minor festivals whatever be the occasion, good food is always there and maybe is the best way to complement. Honestly speaking, a thanksgiving is not really thanksgiving without food!



You eat with our eyes and noses before you can eat with your mouths, and Indian food is both fragrant and colourful, which makes it more attractive. There are chilli powders according to the need of heat or colour. So, you need more reasons just follow the lines.


It’s Enjoyed Beyond The Closed Doors

We all know that food tastes better in outdoors. The weather definitely plays a part in it, though. Eating outdoors is social, cheerful and is a sort of celebration. Eating and having a good time together is something really good for mental health. People roam in the country to taste the various regional cuisines and that is a lifetime experience for a foodie.


Cheap And Affordable

Even roadside stalls provide dishes that can make you lick your fingers and nothing is needed to say about the shops and the restaurants. Even the food provided in a mediocre shop does not compromise with taste as this country is for foodies.



Hygiene And Cleanliness

Hygiene is one of the most concern able topics regarding food. Fortunately in India, on an average, mostly all the proper restaurants and fast food stalls maintain cleanliness and thus are able to attract the proper amount of clients. Clean food and environment make it tastier and healthier of course.



We are always subjected to the familiar sight of television and advertisement, which makes us more conscious about food and nutrition. Channels provide top recipes from all around the globe so anyone can be a cook from scratch.



Khattimeethi Elation

The spice and the heat of Indian food are known and are mostly talked about but what is missing here is its smart use of sourness combined with the sweetness. Curd, a staple in many of the regions especially the south. The Mangalore or Konkan coast not only boasts in the use of yoghurt, lemon juice or vinegar but also tamarind, mango (often as dried mango). Kokum, Coorg vinegar everything adds to the tanginess served with the usual sweet flavour.



Indian food provides a unique experience that many people would remember for their entire lives if they don’t eat Indian food on a regular basis.



Special Signature Of Spices And Not Just Spicy

Indian cuisine is praised by the west not only for its heat alone but also its combination of spices and not just chilli powder. The whole set of spices used to matter and for which you get the best food.


Food Makes Us Feel Good

There is a satisfying feeling about having a full belly, and in addition, certain foods comfort us. In the winter, food can make us feel warm and comfortable, and in the summer it can make us feel cool and refreshed.


Indian Food Tastes Good

Indian food is loved because it is delicious, and we all are thankful for that. Certainly, there are some foods that taste better than others and people have different opinions on what tastes good and what doesn’t, but everyone enjoys eating certain foods.


Food Can Be Addictive

Unfortunately, some food can also make us feel good in an addictive way. This is especially true with processed foods, particularly those high in refined fat and sugar. They have a way of unnaturally getting you addicted to their taste, and anything which is addictive will make us feel good about it. The key is you should not be too much addicted with anything.




Most Indian dishes are not simple like the sandwiches or hamburgers are; rather they are a combination of somewhat difficult methods and some of which even needs lots of experience to achieve perfection that marks the critical beauty of the dishes concerned. But with this perfection, one can achieve the most delicious food ever.

ComplexWith its huge diversity in its cultures and habits, India is the best place for foodies. People here cook more and they love to feed more. Indians are huge food lovers. I know you know this and all these lines are just a reminder or simply an applause for you.