Veggie fans, Here Are Top 20 Places In Mumbai For You’ll

Veggie fans, Here Are Top 20 Places In Mumbai For You’ll

Vegetables are great source of every healthy factor that is  required in ourbody, that’s why consuming vegetables is necessary. Apart from that there are people who don’t consume meat and non-vegetarian products due to certain reason and that are why they consume only vegetarian products. People who are Brahmins are strictly opposing non-vegetarian products. For them even eating in a place where non-veg is served is difficult. And hence we have various pure veg joints and restaurants out there all over Mumbai. The specialty of Mumbai is that people respect each other’s choices and don’t judge any one and that’s why in Mumbai one willcomfort.,right from hotels and restaurants, to everything that is required.


Cafe Madras

A vegetarian will never go unsatisfied in Mumbai. And when you ask a vegetarian, the first thing  they want to eat is a dosa. So, what better place is than madras café for the best of south Indian food?Its serves the best of idli’s and dosa’s. Variety of dosa’s are served here.Madras café is the oldest café in town and classic as well. The idli’s are fluffy and the dosa’s are extremely soft,Just like it is in the villages of South India. Classy and authentic is the description for café madras. The walls are painted white and have an old vibe.The place was built during the British time and hence the walls are brick and stone made, which gives a very good interior to the café.


Shiv Sagar Veg Restaurant.

Shiv sagar is regular local restaurant in Juhu.It is one of the few restaurants in Juhu which is purely vegetarian.Earlierthere used to many vegetarian restarauntsbut they started adding non-vegetarian dishes along with veg. and hence only afew Restaurants are left in Juhu. .People make it a point to taste the pav bhaaji- missal pav and the special palak masala pav which is the best there and highly recommended by the customersas well. Moreover, it’s the bestselling dish out there.The use of cheese for the topping in pav bhaaji is wonderful; kids love it. The cost is average and the ambience is normal and suitable.


Swati Snacks

Gujrati’s are known to be hard core vegetarian. And they are the ones who could make out the best of dishes from vegetables even those which are least consumed. The snacks and food that they make are wonderful and out of world. Swati snacks are the one who serve the best of gujrati snacks like handvo and khichu. There is no vegetable that is not used to make a snack or a dish here in swati snacks. That’s why the customers are very found of this place. Especially the mothers buy snacks for their children because theyare not that fondof veggies and through these snacks, they get the vitamin from the veggies used in them.



There are many regions in India where people are purely vegetarian. India is diverse in its own ways. Half of the regions and states are hard core non-vegetarian while the other half is pure vegetarian. And Mumbai is a place where there is mixture of people and hence the city and its people satisfy each other’s need profusely. Mumbai is a place where you will find each and every state’s cuisines, be it north Indian or South Indian. One such part in India is Rajasthan and Rajasthani cuisine is exceptionally royal and classic. The ‘daal bhati churma’,the kachoris and even the sweets and desserts are commendable. In lower parel, rajdhani is the only place where we can find perfect Rajasthani food.


Bhagat Tarachand

It’s a renowned chain of vegetarian food. It’s been than 15 years this chain has started and has  expanded on its own and that too very swiftly making its own name in the industry. They have various outlets allover Mumbai, in the malls and the local areas. Bhagat Tarachand is a local name among  the residents of  Mumbai for enjoying delicious vegetarian food. The missal pav served here is the most famous. Its always in the top list of there customers list. The specialty of bhagat Tarachand is that they serve masala chaas in bottles, which is known as the kutchi bottles The special kutchipapad is one of the best starters one can ever taste.



Crystal is a place where you can visit and buy food even if you have just 100 rupees in your pocket. They serve everything from tiny snack to large full course meal and the quantity of there food will quench the hunger, even if it is just a snack or chat its satisfying. Crystal aims to serve the food in least price. The quality and maintenance of the place is commendable. The staff is cooperative and helpful. The ambiance is peaceful and the surroundings are clean and even, the food served is fresh. Even tough crystal is not a big restaurant but its services and price is satisfying for a common man.


Guru Kripa

When we talk of vegetarian food, street food, chaats and snacks are one of the perfect meals. Sindhis are the one to have unique kind of snacks and chat. Guru kripa in Sion is one of the biggest outlet of snacks, mostly sindhi snacks. The chole samosa with tamarind chutney will leave the taste one can never forget. Along with Sindhi snacks they have variety of other snack items; they have paneer chats that are very famous among the crowd. All over Sion guru kripa is very famous for its affordable and tasty food. The snacks are good in quantity that full our stomach and satisfy the hunger.


Little Italy

Who said that if you are vegetarian you can’t enjoy international cuisines? Well, Little Italy will make your conception wrong. Here in little Italy you will find each and every Italian cuisine without any non-vegetarian ingredient. From the delicious pastas to raviolis and even, the Italian deserts are made eggless and they taste wonders. Italian food lovers, the only place for you’ll is little Italy. The décor and the ambiance are very soothing and relaxing. All the designs and the frames hanging on the wall provide the international touch to it. The pizzas are exceptional and people love visiting little Italy for both its food and the interiors that are way much classy.


The Friends Union Joshi Club

It is as old as our independent India. It was founded by some  freedom fighter along with his friends for their memories. It is located in a building which 100 years old, but it is still very strong and the interiors are very good. It was created by the Britishers and it gives the antique  look to the building as well as the place. Its like a canteen but it is spacious at the same time. It serves best of vegetarian meal, along with the meals that were made during the independent era. The place is very cozy and welcoming. It’s the best hangout place for the friends; In fact it is meant and made for a group of  friends.


90 Feet Above

It’s the only roof top hotel in Borivali and hence attracts a large number of customers. The ambiance is the best part of the place and even food comes after that. They serve all kinds of dishes. Although the management is disappointing during the weekends due to immense rush and crowd, it’s covered up with the delicious food served by them. The  experience is just overwhelming due to the open sky and the peaceful aura away from the noise and chaos of world. The lights add to the beauty and the interior, the walls and plain white couch with the classy tables are a treat to the eyes. The tables are neatly organized with all the pleasantries which leave no room for the customers to complaint.


Bhagwati Veg Restaurant

They serve the best of south Indian, North Indian, Chinese and fast food, not to mention pure veg. which its name already indicates. The place is most famous for the pavbhaji, which is said to be the freshest pavbhaji in Mumbai. it’s perfect in taste  and not like other places where the bhaji has extra oil and masala which can make us ill next day. In bhagwati you don’t have to worry at all about your health. The food in bhagwati is an exception. It is located in the busy streets of Kandivali and hence its always crowded no matter what the time is.


Mumbai 90

It takes you to the era of 80’s and 90’s when the old songs are played in the background. The place is beautifully designed in  retro style and the interiors are also matched with it. Although the place is dedicated to the 90’s but the food is not of the 90’s. All kind of food is served there, stating from the very Indian daal makhani to the tacos which  are all fabulous just like the ambiance. The most amazing part of the place is the juices and shakes served here; people die to taste it. Its on the top list every time. Specially the ferrero rocher milkshake, its just the best thing one can ever taste.



Famous for its risotto and cheese velvet cake, Quattro is a all day vegetarian outlet in lower parel. Its sells the best of veg pizzas which are never to be missed. The place has a simple yet elegant ambiance but that doesn’t let the attraction fade because of the food they serve. The food is mouth melting, specially the cheese cake. It’s one of the few restaurants where the Italian food is exceptionally delicious. As if the chefs are from Italy itself, each dish present in the menu will attract the customer and make them confuse for what to order and what not.


Greens Restaurant

It’s a decade old restaurant in malad, but its running very smoothly and is successful at the same time. It is one of the most loved places there in malad. Serving the best of Indian vegetarian food when it was started, it went global with the coming time. Now serving Chinese and Mexican cuisines along with Indian cuisines, they have never disappointed their customers. Even today they serve the best quality food along with commendable service and staff.


Warehouse Kitchen

It’s a two storey building occupied for the restaurant. The place is always lighted up. The place not only looks welcoming and attractive from outside but also from i interior and ambiance. Its a great place to hangout with friends. It has a special hukkah facility in the roof top, with the gig performance. People who visit in groups enjoy the surrounding. The food is great, the sandwiches have special varieties. Along with north Indian cuisines, Mexican and continental is also served but not to forget everything served here is pure veg.


Tea Villa Cafe

The name already indicates that its specialty is its tea. The place is very peaceful and gives comfort, and tea makes an amazing combination with it. Its extremely crowded place but its not that loud, hence it gives peace and privacy at the same time. Along with its famous tea they serve great veg cuisines-Italian, Chinese, fast foods, and desserts. The place is built like a cafe and less of a restaurant  but the food and service is good. The place is a bit small but its spacious and cozy.


Jain Subkucch Food Plaza

It’s a normal restaurant; the place is beautifully decorated and the service is good. They serve each and every type of food along with the Gujrati desserts and the sudh kachhi food. As the Jain people are pure veg and very strict when it comes to their food, here in Jain subkucch plaza the Jain food is served with all the caution and perfectly checked. They never let their customers make any complain. The gobi ka paratha,  the dahi kachori and specially the lassi is the favourite of all customers. The place serves you with tasty and delicious food in an affordable price.


Landmark Restaurant Veg Diet

The ambiance is good and the service is quick, the food is also good. But some of the dishes are priced high than they should be; but then the service is worth the money. The food is of good quality and even the quantity is apt. It serves all the Indian cuisines that are well known and famous, along with the street food and Chinese foods. The place is good for casual dining and it’s one of the few places in malad where veg food is served in good quality. Although people complaint sometimes but the staff always gives good service and covers up. Its worth one time visit.


The American Joint

The American joint is a typical dining eatery whipping up burgers, pastas and waffles. All the delicious American food is served and it tastes wonders. The San Francisco garlic fries and parmesan galore, is just great. The garlic breads along with cheese and mac and cheese, are all mouthwatering. Its one of best place in Mumbai which serves all the American dishes and they are exceptional. It feels like they are brought directly from America to the restaurant. It’s a must visit place and the impression will last forever and you will have the urge to visit the place again.


Govinda’s Restaurant

Govinda’s is located in Juhu near Iskon temple and its pure veg place. They serve breakfast to dinner, everything under one roof. The place has a great ambiance. It’s like a film set; the white curtains with the ancient furniture’s attracts people specially the tourist who visit iskon temple. There are different types of tables and the place looks like an old villa. But its good and peaceful there, the main course is great and they have a lot of Jain options too. So it’s a thumbs up to visit the place. It’s loved by everyone who visits them.