Top 20 Places To Find The Best South Indian Food In Delhi

Top 20 Places To Find The Best South Indian Food In Delhi
Top 20 Places To Find The Best South Indian Food In Delhi

1.Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan is a southern restaurant situated in the bustling streets of C.P. Though it may take a while, once you are in this place its finger licking food makes you feel the wait was worth it. Its Appam with the side dish, snacks like murukku, ghee roast dosa, the thali, filter coffee and the buttermilk are to die for. It’s a simple place with quick service. It gives you a flavour of Tamil Nadu with a minimal cost for 2 of Rs 600.


2.Andhra Bhavan

It is a government canteen placed on Feroz Shah Road. It is a very economical place with the cost of two of Rs 200 and speedy service. It has minimum items on its menu, but the Thali (available both in veg and nonveg) makes up for it. It provides food in unlimited quantity. It provides quality of food with ethnic taste. It is more suited for nonveg customers, but even the vegetarians must visit this place once.



If you want ethnic South Indian food with great ambiance too; Naivedhyam is just the place for you. With Thanjavur, style murals and black bamboo effect furniture will take you to roots of South India. It is located in Hauz Khaz village. It has good food with cooperative staff who are always well dressed. They also provide complimentary rasam,butter milk etc.


4.Carnatic Cafe

This place takes a few minutes to find in New Friends Colony. It is a simple place which has corn mannequins to give it a Carnatic feel. Its Dosa includes sambar and three lip smacking chutneys. The sambar gives an ethnic taste which is not adjusted to our north Indian taste. Its combat, ghee roast masala dosa, and malle shwaram are a must try.


5.Karnataka Food Centre

It is one of the few places which provide South Indian food in RK Puram. It provides average quality food with low prices.


6.Lakshmi Coffee House

It is one of the oldest places which serve South Indian food in Noida. It got renovated recently . It is a small outlet which provides good basic south Indian food like sambar, idli, dosa, etc. However, after renovation the quality of the sambar has reduced a bit. It is also easy for the pocket with just Rs 300 being the cost for two.


7.Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna has a chain of restaurants across Delhi. It is a well-established brand with a good ambiance. Its food has been adjusted according to the North Indian flavours. If you are looking for quality food with good taste and you are not worried about the authenticity of the food, this is the place for you.

sagar ratna 6

8.Madhuban-Sattvic South Indian

This place is a hidden jewel of Gurgaon. It is a medium- sized shop which provides sattvic south Indian food. Its signature dish is the Madhuban’s Andhra Thali. Also, the dishes to look out for are its aloo bonda, dal vada, Podi Idli.


9.The Toddy Shop

The Toddy Shop is another jewel found in a hidden space of Hauz Khas Village. It serves authentic Kerala food and curries and makes sure to use ethnic Kerala spices. It provides exotic delicacies of Kerala that cannot be found anywhere else in Delhi. It is a little heavy on the pocket for the cost of two of Rs 1200.


10.Flavours Of Chennai

It is located in Malviya Nagar and provides the best South Indian food in Saket. According to me it’s the Sarvana Bhavan of Saket. Must try food items include mini idlis, podi dosa and thali. It provides simple flavoured food which will remind you of the food prepared in South Indian homes.



It is a fine dining restaurant situated in Saket with a cost for two of Rs 4000. It serves ethnic South Indian food within an authentic environment. The menu is quite exquisite which provides exotic dishes of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh itself. It is one of the best South Indian places in Delhi and is a must visit restaurant.

dakshin 13

12.Coffee Home

Adjacent to the Delhi Tourism office and across the street from Hanuman Mandir stands Coffee Home, shaped with a triangular top like a hut’s. There are two seating areas- the large canteen like area inside and the outdoor seating area at the back. My favourite one is the latter, though you cannot always get a seat there. And there is a reason to that besides the popularity of the place. No one asks you to vacate your seats after you’re done sitting a long time. In fact, the majority of the people you see at Coffee Home are the kind who comes here for long hours, either to while away time or to use the place as a getaway from the mundane; they are reading or studying or even discussing business and completing their office jobs. It provides average food with basic dishes and minimal prices.


13.Simply South

It is located in Jagat Farms of Noida. It is a simple place which provides quality food with good seating capacity. It serves a variety of food and also provides different combos.



This is a place in Hauz Khas village which provides average food with minimal prices. It is a very popular place which provides speedy delivery and adequate service. The must try dishes are
Dahi Vada, Paper Masala Dosa, Medhu Vada, Rawa Masala Dosa, Rice Idly.


15.Tirupati Vrindavan

It is a place situated near M- Block Market at Greater Kailash. It is a authentic South Indian restaurant which is very pocket-friendly and the quality of the food is excellent. The decor was simply done with comfortable seating arrangements, and also you get a nice view of the market if you seat near the window. The service was seamless; servers were attentive and courteous as well. The must try dishes include Aloo Bonda, Dahi vada, Mysore Dosa, Idli fry, and Rawa dosa.


16.Mathew’s Cafe

It is situated in RK Puram and has a cost of Rs200 for two. It is a small outlet which provides almost all South Indian food. It has no proper seating place. Don’t go expecting a restaurant, just enjoy the food and Mathew’s won’t disappoint. It is recommended for a takeaway.



Samridhi is in-house canteen in Kerala house Jantar Mantar. This canteen is open to outsiders as well. They are open for lunch 1 pm to 3 pm & dinner time starting 7 pm onwards. It is very reasonably priced and allows you to try ample of dishes at a minimum range. Its most famous dish is the Thali; also available with fish fry.

samriddhi restaurant

18.Coast Cafe

It is a trendy joint in Hauz Khas village with a cost of Rs 1500 for two. It is a hip place with an amazing quality of food which provides Malayali food with continental dishes as well. The must try dishes are Malabari Prawn curry, appams, mutton sukha, Malabari Parotta, Kerala Grilled Chicken.



It is located in Saket with a cost of Rs 1000 for two. They have good quality food with an amazing taste which will take your mouth on a whole new ride. It provides ethnic Kerala food and is one of the best South Indian Places of Delhi.


20.Kerala Food Channel

It is situated in DDA Flats, Ground Floor, Near Bus Stand, Kalkaji, New Delhi. It is a small joint where you can eat some amazing Malabar food like Malabar parottas, appam, idiyappam, egg and chicken roast. The Cost for two here would be a minimum of Rs 300.