Top 20 Indian Restaurants In Bangalore



Serves one of the best Indian food that is available in the city, Samarkand is a worthwhile place to visit and will never leave you disappointed. The ambiance of the place will make you fall in love with the restaurant and keep you coming back for more, few of the exquisite dishes available are the Malai tikka and also the biryani available will leave you stuffed and heart content.



Another old and well-renowned restaurant in the heart of the city is Nagarjuna, it is most famous for its Sholay kababs and the mutton biryani served there, Nagarjuna has been existing for ages now and has been catering to all sections of society in the city of Bangalore. It has also been the most frequented places to visit by most families and the customers that visit there never stop at just visiting the restaurant once but come in over and over again.


3.Meghana’s Biryani

This place is located right opposite Nagarjuna and you could say that there has been some intense competition that has been going on ever since the place has opened its doors. Meghana’s biryani is one of the easily accessible foods and it isn’t that expensive to afford for many such customers that visit the place, the biryani served here has the biryani masala on top of bed of rice.



Another place famous for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is a chain of hotels located all over the city, and it has been gaining recognition from all backgrounds that exists in Bangalore. The most amazing meal available is the vegetarian meals that is a variety of different vegetables served with rice and bread and it never disappoints anyone, there is also a wide range of non-vegetarian dishes available at the restaurant.



Nandhana is also one of the very famous places and a chain of hotels that are located all over the city. Nandhana serves some of the best Indian delicacies that are available in Bangalore, the most well-renowned dish available is the Chicken curry rice, bhindi fry and also the meals available are good at the place. Therefore Nandhana is one of the most amazing places that serves tasty Indian food.



Another very famous chain of restaurants and hotels that is gaining recognition all over the city and also expanding to other cities is the Empire. The hotels serve some of the tastiest Indian dishes like the grilled chicken, ghee rice and also the butter chicken. The place has a variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from too. Therefore the simplicity of the place yet the tasty food keeps you coming back for more.



Imperial is another age-old and famous restaurant in Bangalore that caters to all backgrounds of the society. Imperial serves some of the best Kerala parotas and it has existed for you to access for a very long time, the best part is the food is tasty yet worth its price, and that has what kept the masses coming again and again to witness the spectacular food served at this place.



This place is a newly opened place around Kamanahalli, a small locality in the city of Bangalore and it serves some of the most well-prepared Punjabi food that Bangalore has to offer. The place is well known for its Biryanis and their various kinds of Kebabs that the restaurant has to offer to its custom which makes on the best places that serve Indian food.


9.Hyderabadi Biryani House

The best place to have biryani in Bangalore is the Hyderabadi biryani House that serves some of the best biryani that is available in Bangalore. Hyderabadi biryani has been existing in Bangalore ever since, but the taste and the uniqueness sets this place apart from the other places that serve Biryani around the city. Therefore this is another place that is well renowned and also frequently visited by many around the city.


10.Oye Amritsar

This place is food heaven for vegan’s as their menu is strictly vegetarian and strictly Punjabi, so their food consists of rich healthy Vegetables that are Tossed around with authentic Punjabi flavors and also The customers that visit are mainly vegetarians and they like their food to be treated with a whole lot of love and they are pretty sure that the chef Invests that much love and care with the food that makes it so much more tasty.



Another well renowned and very famous restaurant that exists In Bangalore is tandoor. The place serves some of amazing Indian food and the management is pretty flawless at this restaurant, especially the food served here is flawless. The onion salads that come along with the appetisers are to really relish because of the sweet tangy flavors that the chef plays a touch on, the Biryanis the vegetable dishes and the non vegetarian dishes are all a hit at this restaurant and are highly recommend.



Another restaurant that has started to make a name for itself. The restaurant serves some of the most delicious kebabs and also rolls that one would love to eat on the go, they also have a large variety of dishes to choose from. The most highly recommend, and the most preferred cuisine that one would stick with is Indian cuisine because of the fact that the restaurant is known for serving some of the best Indian delicacies that the city has to offer.



Another place to go for spicy Andhra Cuisine is Bheemas, located on Church Street. The restaurant has a lot to offer and people won’t mind waiting for an hour just to grab a table. The restaurant serves some of Bangalore’s most amazing vegetarian meals and also Andhra delicacies that would be available right in Bangalore. Therefore this is another must visit place in the city of Bangalore.


14.Punjab Rasoi

Another famous Punjabi joint located in the locality of Indranagar would be this small humble place. Famous for its huge portions and also heart whelming cooking and tasty Punjabi dishes, the restaurant never fails to disappoint and has a very homely feeling to its ambience. It has often been frequented by the north Indians section of people that exist within Bangalore mainly because of the reason that they serve authentic Punjabi and North Indian cuisine.



Richie’s is also one of the age-old restaurant’s located around Bangalore that is famous for its Biryanis and also the curries that are served. Richie’s has been around for quite sometime and also convinced people in the society about the amazing food they serve and people have reciprocated the same feeling about the food they serve.



This is another famous restaurant that serves all kinds of Indian classics mainly south Indian and in particular the coastal food of Kerala which consists of a lot of protein mainly fish, eggs, beef and many Vegetables and also coconut is used in most of their dishes. Therefore this place also makes it on the most amazing places to be around at Bangalore.


17.Punjab Grill

One of a well refined restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine located in Kormangala, Punjab grill has earned a reputed name of its own and stands out from the other restaurants. The kakori kebab and also the butter chicken, paneer butter masala and the Biryanis are worth a try as it will leave you coming back for more, therefore this is another highly recommend place to go to.



This is another restaurant that is well known for the quality of food served, they have various option buffets to choose from on the menu. Some of the delicacies served at the place would be the mutton chops, the various naans and kulchas and many of the gravy dishes. Therefore making it a stand out restaurant amongst the others.


19.Chulha Chauki Ka Dhaba

The ambience at the restaurant stands out as it has the feel of eating in a dhaba that is found on the highways of Punjab, the food served also has the feel of being in a dhaba as it is more concerned about having the feel of a dhaba; however the food cooked at the place is outstanding. Some of their delicacies would be the Malai paneer, kadai mushroom and also the chicken Malai have a unique taste to them. The lassi served here would also quench a thirst and leave it fulfilled.



This is a homely restaurant that serves some of the amazing Indian meals using very simple ingredients and also it has been around for a long time. The best dish’s available at the place would be the carrier meals, Guntur chicken, baby corn Manchurian and a few other delicacies are the highlights of this place.