Top 20 Ways To Use Rajma

top 20 ways to use rajma 2

Rajma also called as kidney beans. Rajma is very rich regarding bringing down cholesterol, also helps in reducing sugar levels, and has high fiber content. It mainly is the principal source regarding increasing minerals in our body. Kidney beans also have the main feature of lowering heart attacks. Kidney beans (Rajma) play a significant role regarding health. It includes serving with various combinations with rice, salad, curry, etc.  Dry rajma is provided in the container and is available in every store.

1. Rajma Curry/Masala

Rajma masala recipe is the typical dish which is loved by everyone. Serving with rice, roti, chapatti, etc. makes it an awesome meal. Rajma is mainly the red kidney beans. Rajma masala is something which is very familiar with North Indians. Rajma curry or masala known as tomato onion gravy enjoyed with rice etc.


2. Rajma And Capsicum Salad

Salads are something which is essential from the health perspective. These Rajma or kidney beans are included in salads to make it more healthy. Rajma along with capsicum and other spices is a very protein rich dish. This salad is having two primary ingredients full of proteins and minerals help in having not only healthy hair but also bones etc.


3. Rajma Wraps And Rolls

People typically enjoy wraps and rolls. Rajma filling along with some cheese, corn, onions and other spices seems to be a fantastic dish which can be enjoyed by individuals. Such tasty wraps not only provide enjoyment while eating but also includes various health benefits.


4. Rajma Curry With Pasta

Pasta is a dish which is enjoyed by teenagers and children. Curried beans is a very vitamin-rich recipe. Mayonnaise with rajma curry brings the best taste to the excellent pasta. The creamy layered pasta along with Rajma tastes perfect when it is served chilled. Boiled rajma along with garlic and other toppings makes the dish a big hit.


5. Rajma With Corn Pizza

Rajma is the best ingredient as it adapts to every single dish prepared. It includes various combinations of red kidney beans, corn, capsicum, etc. Pizza is among the famous dishes which are enjoyed even by the adults. This dish can be called as the Mexican Rajma Corn Pizza because the ingredients used are a part of Mexican food item.


6. Rajma In Tomato Soup With Cheese Balls

A red kidney bean that is rajma is the most major component in a Mexican dish. The combinations of rajma, capsicum, and garlic are the items which are included in this dish of tomato soup with cheese balls. The cheese balls which are added acts as the best part of the meal. Rajma thus in this soup not only tasty but also healthy.


7. Tava Rice With Rajma

Tava rice is the dish which has two of the best elements that are Rajma or red kidney beans and rice. Tava Rice is something which looks beautiful and is tasty to eat and is loved by children. Tava Rice is usually prepared by using boiled rajma and cooked along with chili powder, spring onions, etc. It is a dish which requires 10 to 15 minutes for preparation.


8. Rajma And Cheese Tacos

Tacos having the combo of rajma and cheese itself sound tasty. Kids enjoy this which stuffing of a vital ingredient rajma with onion, paneer, another masala, etc.  Cheese relished by everyone. Hence this rajma and cheese tacos must be served immediately so that one doesn’t miss its taste.


9. Rajma In Paneer Sandwich

Whenever hungry grab a sandwich is the concept followed by everyone. It normally includes vegetables, paneer, and also rajma; now the sandwich is not only tasty but way too healthy also. This sandwich helps to get better bones for growing children and adults too.


10. Rajma In Parathas

Parathas a yummy dish if it’s with cheese then the Tiffin or breakfast is excellent. In this cheese parathas, there is a stuffing of boiled and mashed rajma along with garlic, onions, tomatoes, curd, etc. This stuffing of rajma and cheese enjoyed by everyone.


11. Rajma In Kebabs And Tikkis

Kebabs and tikki that too with rajma filling sounds interesting. It is known as Rajma Galouti Kebab in which instead of meat protein rich rajma filled. Rajma kebabs or tikkis along with potatoes and masala just add to the flavor to ravishing kebabs. Vitamin and protein rich rajma give this dish a healthy touch to the dish.


12. Rajma Dip With Mayonnaise

Rajma is that ingredient which can be modified and used in every dish. This dip is a very different recipe which includes cooked rajma, spices, and oil. Milk and corn flour are used to make the thick paste. This dip is made to serve with sandwiches or burgers making it a vitamin rich dip.


13. Spicy Refried Rajma

Rajma here presented along with another different version of Mexican taste. It is a dish which includes boiled rajma, chilies, onions etc. In this spicy rajma onions and everything is fried and then rajma is added and then mixed well. It takes around 20 minutes to make this dish which enjoyed when served hot.


14. Rajma In Burger Stuffing

There are various types of stuffing for a burger, for example, we have three bean burger. It includes not only rajma but also chawli and Kabuli Chana. Paneer along with other stuffing adds to the taste of this burger. This burger stands out from other burgers as it has the rajma filling which is protein rich.


15. Rajma In Cutlets Or Patties

Red kidney beans is usually used in every dish to make it healthy, but it also makes it tasty. This yummy cutlet includes rajma, potatoes, and other spices etc. It is fantastic to taste and is very nutritious. Usually these cutlets are served with chutney or sauce for enhancing its taste.


16. Rajma In Chaat

Rajma is a primary ingredient which is used by people to make rajma chawal. Rajma chaat is something different from typical rajma dishes. Chaat is a popular item or street food loved by individuals. Using rajma makes the dish more interesting. Chaat includes rajma, onions, and tomatoes with the various chaat masala. Preparing this recipe at home is very easy.


17. Potato Baskets With Rajma

Potato baskets is loved by everyone. Snack item with cheesy potato baskets always recommended. Potato baskets include rajma filling and other ingredients etc. It is a very healthy dish and also tasty as the topping includes cheese. This basket seems to be full of nutrients that are proteins and vitamins.


18. Rajma Pakoda

Pakoda a dish which really very tasty but is very oily now comes with health benefits. Pakodas which have a rajma stuffing is definitely a protein rich pakoda. This pakodas are commonly prepared using rajma, onions; tomatoes mixed well and then heated in a pan. It is then fried till it becomes brown and enjoyed with chutney.


19. Rajma Dhokla

Rajma is a very unusual ingredient which is present in every dish. It provides various health benefits to everyone. Here, Dhokla has also a stuffing of rajma which tastes amazing. Along with rajma different ingredients like spinach makes the dish extremely enjoyable to eat. Rajma Dhokla has a rich source of calcium and minerals in it.


20. Salad With Rajma, Carrot, And Cucumber

Rajma is a very nutritious ingredient as it is helpful in keeping diabetes low, reducing heat problems, etc. A mixture which includes carrot, cucumber, and rajma is super protein dish and also tummy filling. Rajma here is boiled and then carrot cucumber along with mint is prepared. This salad is appropriate for everyone who is looking for taste as well as health.