Top 20 Places To Have Food In Shimla

Top 20 Places To Have Food In Shimla

Shimla is known as a beautiful city in India. Shimla is the capital state of Himachal Pradesh.  Shimla is famous for the handicraft shops along Mall Road. Lakkar Bazaar is a market that is more specialized in crafts and toys. It is one of the most popular hill resorts where people go on a vacation and enjoy this city. Shimla is one tourist destination that has every feature Whether it is the atmosphere, hills, cuisine, etc. Shimla has the best dishes with unusual places to enjoy these authentic foods.

1. Himachali Rasoi

Himachali Rasoi was started by a young couple to make the old traditional cuisine famous in the minds of every generation. This place has made a special place in the hearts of people because it serves the traditional cuisines kaddu ka khatta, sepu vadi, etc. at its best. It offers Himachali vegetarian authentic dishes. Himachali Rasoi has its location mainly in Shimla’s Middle Bazar.


2. 45 The Central

Shimla is not only a tourist spot but also the Mall is the place where families’ tourists visit this place for shopping, for food, etc. 45 The Central is said to be a combination of both a dining restaurant and also a café. Designing by a Delhi architect is the best outlet, and plans are perfect. The central portion to focus on is the menu, which includes Indian, Asian, Continental dishes. A place which has its specialties like cappuccino, juice section, soups, main course, etc. The area has its location at Mall Road, Shimla.


3. The Oberoi Cecil

Some places are historical in nature; Oberoi Cecil also has this historical importance. This place exists since the times of the British and is one of the popular hotels in Shimla. Tourists who are in search of such luxury restaurants to enjoy their dining are mainly attracted to this place. This hotel has a huge ballroom which serves a wide variety of food. There is also a private dining room for two people to enjoy their dinner. It has various types of dishes as a part of their menu that includes international cuisines, Indian dishes as well as the local Himachali dishes. This luxury hotel has its location at the end of Mall Road.


4. Honey Hut

Honey Hut is something different from the same hotels and restaurants. It is mainly prepared by professionals and environmentalists to protect our nature. Honey Hut in Shimla is the best place to have food and other items. It is a small café in the popular road that is the Mall road. They have a variety of stuff in their menu which has the huge element of honey.  People here enjoy items like chocolates, pies, etc. They even have a range of soaps and dry fruits which involve honey.


5. Hide Out Cafe

The Hide Out Cafe also has its outlet located at the famous Mall road. It is a very popular place in Shimla to have food. This cafe has a new opening but has become popular over a period due to its fantastic menu. The most loved dish by people is fried rice and Manchurian balls. During rains, sweet corn soup is the most attractive dish. Hideout health shake is something which people never miss when visiting this place.


6. Cafe Simla Times

Cafe Simla times were previously known as Fiesta food court; now the name changed to cafe Simla times because of the prominent newspaper when Shimla was Simla. This cafe has its location on the streets of the one and only Mall road. It is a very popular place to have food such as Italian and continental food. It also bakes its bread. Chicken and olive pizza is a very delicious dish enjoyed by tourists and other people. Tiramisu is a delightful dessert available there.


7. Wake And Bake Cafe

Wake and Bake Cafe is known for its attractive features that are a picturesque view, a warm and cozy cafe, and also affordable prices. This restaurant near Mall Road offers a variety of food items for people to enjoy their meal. It has different cuisines like Chinese, Tibetan, Mexican, etc. Chicken Fruit Salad is one of the famous dishes of this cafe. People also love chocolate and Oreo shakes.


8. Sher E Punjab

Shimla is a cool place where warmth is the essential element for everyone. North Indian dishes provide this fantastic feature. Sher E Punjab is the best restaurant to have food. North Indian dishes are the core element of this hotel. They offer the best recipe which gives tourists as well as the local people a great amount of satisfaction. Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer is the fantastic dish of this place. There are long waiting lines, just to enjoy this taste people expect longer durations. It has a location at mall road near the Woodland showroom.


9. Ashiana And Goofa

When there is a need for food the Himachali cuisine, there is no place that can provide the fantastic dish like Ashiana and goofa restaurant. It is a place which has not changed its menu for years. Ashiana and goofa dishes are very popular among the locals, and their popularity also includes attracting the majority of the tourists. It also includes serving the best of their dishes, who come hunting for late lunch. This place along with the traditional dishes is also well known for its fantastic view of mountains. It is located at Lower Bazaar, Shimla.


10. Gupta Jee Vaishnav Bhojnalaya

The Gupta jee Vsishnav Bhojnalaya is one of the top and famous places to have food. This restaurant is an area which is known to have the best lunch and dinner. It includes main dishes like vegetarian food and north Indian dishes. People describe this place as providing mouth-watering food. It has its location near Gaiety Theater, Shimla.

Gupta-Jee-Vaishnav Bhojnalaya

11. Baljees Restaurant

Baljees is known as a treat in Shimla, food which is superb in taste. This cafe is known for snack items. It includes mainly Indian dishes like samosas, paneer pakoras French fries, etc. Gulab Jamuns is the specialty of baljees. Due to the ever-growing winter atmosphere there it is said, baljees gulab jamun is a must.


12. Devicos Restaurant

The Devicos restaurant is a fantastic place to eat at Mall road of Shimla. It is that place that mainly focuses on the best quality food in Shimla. It also has a primary element that is appreciated by people that are hospitality. Local people and tourists enjoy the food available here. It has a cafe, fast food center, and restaurant divided into nonveg and veg with the best cooks.


13. Kewal Ka Dhaba

The Verma tea stall which is known as Kewal ka Dhaba is a tea stall from the times of the British. It has its location at Thandi Sadak, Chawda Maidan, Shimla. It has its major customers in the form of university students. The college students mainly enjoy the bun and tea. According to some of the sources,  the fifth generation is running this business. At that time British were so impressed, the shack building into a permanent tea shop. Butter bun and tea are lovely dishes for people.


14. Indian Coffee House

If you want to experience the actual Shimla then visiting the Indian Coffee House is a must. The best time to visit this coffee house is mainly during mornings and evenings. Not only coffee but also the incredible snack item makes the place attractive. People visiting that area experience the traditionally oriented culture. Filter coffee and dosa taste delicious at  Mall Road, Shimla.


15. Cafe Sol Restaurant

Shimla is said to be a cold region. Hence there are many types of cuisines that are available. If someone ought to have international cuisines, then Shimla provides you that cuisine too. The Cafe Sol restaurant has its location in Hotel Combermere. It mainly includes items like bakery, pizzas, burgers, etc. Some other cuisines like Thai and Italian cuisine are also available here.


16. Seventh Heaven Restaurant

Shimla is a place which is known for delicious food. Seventh Heaven restaurant is a fantastic place located on the 7th floor of Hotel Combermere at Mall Road. People enjoy here tasty dinners with a clean serenity. It includes various items like vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes etc. The main specialty of this restaurant is Continental Cuisine and Mughlai Chinese. Tourists and local people enjoy the outdoor bonfire on the terrace and as well as the indoor seating of the hotel.


17. Aunty Ka Dhaba

Aunty ka Dhaba is famous for various items like Chinese and Tibetan cuisines. Aunty ka Dhaba is that place which should be visited by everyone. The restaurant was launched by a Chinese lady in 1975 who has the primary focus on qualities like price etc. The area is, where the main crowd is the young generation. It includes noodles, dumplings, etc. these are some of the food items popular. Manchurians, chop suey are also some of the favorite items of Shimla.


18. Sita Ram And Son

Sita Ram and Son are one of the best locations in Shimla. The favorite thing here is the chana bhatura stall in Shimla. It has one of the main features that it is more than sixty years of old and is so popular that even film stars have enjoyed this dish. It has its location at Lakkar Bazaar where fried chana bhatura with special lassi is popular among the people.


19. Tibetan Food Stall

Tibetan food stall is also one that place where people enjoy this lovely food. It has its location at the lower bazaar where every type of individuals come mainly tourists, locals, etc. The main dish here is momos which are popular, both which are fried and steamed along with various chutney and sauces. The location is nearby the hotel of Sher E Punjab.


20. Embassy Restaurant And Cafe

Embassy restaurants and cafe are very famous in Shimla. The food items mainly included are Chinese, Indian, Continental, etc. Cakes and Biryani are also special food items. Ice-creams are very popular among the local crowd and tourists. The location of this place is mainly at the Mall, Shimla.