Top 20 Types Of Golgappa Water Must Taste

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Indian food is famous across countries. The spices that are used in Indian food are unique, and every tourist in the country is anxious about the taste of its food. Not everyone can handle the spices/ masala in the food. Sweet, salty, tangy, spicy, soft, and crispy- that symbolize Indian food. The street food is also pretty famous.  Different stalls of various types of chaats, bhel, pakoras with different flavors, and chutneys are seen all across the streets. Walking down the streets, you can see crowds attach to the stalls and enjoying items from various street foods.

From all its different food items, PaniPuri is the most common and most loved street food of India.  PaniPuri is a crispy puffed ball filled with mashed potato and flavored tangy or sweet water. When you put it inside your mouth, the ball just burst to give you a lip-smacking taste. It is also called GolGappa (East India), PaniPuri (West & South India) or Puchka (North India). Be it called whatever the taste of this water ball is so yummy that one can hardly resist.

The specialty of PaniPuri is its different flavored water which adds taste to it. Below are 20 types of water eaten with PaniPuri

1. Imli Pani

The sour and sweet taste of tamarind is quite famous among girls.  Tamarind has a lot of tartaric acid, sugar, and vitamin B which is unusual for fruit calcium. Imlipani is most famous in Pani Puri. The sour and sweet taste of imli mixed with black salt, red chili, and water is a great flavor to Pani Puri. Also, it is one of the hot flavored water in Pani Puri.imli-panipuri

2. Hing Imli Pani

Hing is quite famous in Indian vegetarian cooking. It has a fetid smell and a smooth flavor. It is also useful for indigestion and other stomach problems. The hingwala pani is made by mixing hing (Asafoetida), imli (tamarind), kala namak (Black salt), chaat masala, and salt to taste and then adding the required amount of water to it. The smooth flavor of hing is an added charm in paniPuri.


3. Pudina Pani

The smell of mint is very refreshing. The herb also has many benefits which include relief from a headache, depression, nausea, indigestion, and much more. Hence it can be said that the mint water Pani Puri is not only tasty but also healthy.  Make a paste of fresh mint leaves, green chilies, black salt, chaat masala, and salt to taste, and then add water to it to make this pani. The fresh mint water in the Pani Puri gives a refreshing taste to Pani Puri.


4. Jeera Pani

India has a lot of spices grown across which adds aroma in the cuisines, Jeera being one of them. The seed also has the benefit of treatment of Anaemia, aids respiratory system, help sleeping better and lot more. Jeera Pani is a mixture of paste of roasted cumin seed, black salt. Chaat masala, lemon, and water.


5. Lahsun Pani

Garlic is a popular ingredient in cooking because of its strong scent and delicious taste. One of the best benefits of garlic is that regular consumption lowers cholesterol levels. Lahsunpani for paniPuri is a mixture of the paste of ginger, chili powder, black salt, salt to taste mixed with water. The delicious taste of lahsun is a fantastic combo to paniPuri.


6. Adrak Pani

Ginger pani is made with a paste of ginger, black salt, pinch of hing, salt to taste and water. Aromatic, vigorous and spicy, ginger adds the particular flavor to any delicacy. Along with its zing, it also has medicinal benefits like stroke and heart diseases, malabsorption, compromised immunity, bacterial infection, pain, and diabetes. The adrakpani in paniPuri gives a burst of spicy taste.


7. Gud Imli Ka Pani

The gud imli pani gives a sweet and tangy taste that adds a great flavor to the taste. It is a mixture of gud/jaggery with tamarind, chaat masala, black salt. Jaggery is the extracting juice of sugarcane. Its sweetness is very mild.


8. Kacha Aam Pani

This water made is with boiled fresh mangoes, then they are mashed and mixed to make a paste with mint leaves, ginger, green chilies, and sugar. The paste is a mixture of chilled water, asafetida, cumin powder, Pani Puri masala and chaat masala. Raw mango is anyways tasty, the kacchaaampani in Pani Puri is an excellent combination.


9. Orange Juice Pani

Now Pani Puri is so amazingly delicious, and then it tastes great when you add the pani of orange juice. The orange juice pani is a mixture of orange juice roasted cumin powder, Panipuri masala, chopped pudina, lemon juice and amchur powder. Now you can make an idea how awesome it is going to taste.


10. Black Grape Pani

It is another flavor that is relatively rare but tastes great. The black grape pani is made by grinding mint leaves, coriander leaves, and green chilies and making a smooth paste of them. It is then mixed with black grape juice, and then tamarind pulp, black salt, red chili powder, lemon juice and salt is added to it. It is best to have when chilled.


11. Guava Pani

From so many different types of flavored water, guava pani is also one that is one great combination for Pani Puri.  The sweet guava juice mixed with ground mint leaves, green chilies, ginger, and cumin seeds is a great taste for Pani Puri. The taste gets enriched if it is chill. The sweet and spicy Pani puri just bursts the taste of its flavors making you more and more love this food.


12. Chaas Pani

To make this pani, you need curd, water, fresh mint, green chilies, and coriander leaves. The curd and water are chummed to form buttermilk. A paste of coriander leaves, mint leaves, and green chilies is made and mixed with the buttermilk. The creamy buttermilk with hints of coriander and mint leaves is something that you will love to eat in your panipuri.


13. Sol Kadi Pani

If paniPuri is your favorite street food, then you will surely be amazed at so many varieties of flavored water. Each one is amazingly tasty in its style. The Sol Kadipani is one that you must try once at least. The preparation of Sol Kadipani is made by boiling water and kokum and then straining and making a paste of it. Coconut, cloves, and green chilies are ground and put in a muslin cloth and strained to take out its juice. It is then mixed with kokum paste.


14. Amchur Pani

This is quite a simple one, and you can easily make it at home too. Amchur is mixed with black pepper. Cumin powder, jaggery, and salt and then is diluted with the required amount of water. There is also another made from amchur which is mixed with rawa to give a sweet and tangy taste.


15. Ajwain Pani

The best thing about the flavored water of panipuri is that each one has some medicinal benefits. If one helps in indigestion, then the other helps in insomnia. The ajwain pani also have some benefits of their own. This flavored water not only gives you a delicious taste but also cleans your stomach. The pani has a unique flavor which is made by grinding ajwain seeds, black pepper, and saunf seeds and salt.


16. Dhaniya Aur Pudina Ka Paani

The essence of coriander and mint leaves are very refreshing. It also tastes great when made chutney of it or flavored to any food item. The dhaniyand pudinapani is quite popular. It is a paste of dhaniya leaves, pudina leaves, green chilies, black salt, sugar, and lemon.


17. Meetha Pani

Not everyone likes their panipuri to be spicy; few enjoy the sweet taste of it. To make the meetha pani we need to mix deep tamarind and date chutney, green chilies, lemon juice, and salt to taste. It tastes better when served cold.


18. Kewra Pani

Kewra is an extract refined from the flower of the pandanus plant which is used to add flavors to food. Kewra pani is made by mixing black salt, chaat masala, lemon juice, chaat masala, and kewra essence.


19. Limca Pudina Pani

What can be more relishing than having a crunchy panipuri with chilled limca pudina pani? Doesn’t the name itself make you crave for it? Straightforward and easy to make, this flavored pani is a refreshing treat to your stomach.  Grated pudina leaves along with some chaat masala, black salt, and grated green chilies mixed with limca pani is one that just multiplies the taste of paniPuri.



Pani in PaniPuri is unusual, but it does exist. Of course, you won’t find it in the street stalls, but panipuri is seen served in many restaurants. It is more of a shot with some spice and tanginess.