Top 20 Places For Ice Cream Dates In Rajendra Nagar, Ghaziabad

Top 20 Places For Ice Cream Dates In Rajendra Nagar, Ghaziabad

Rajendra Nagar is a well-populated colony in Ghaziabad where you can find various places to hang out with friends and family. Rajendra Nagar has many places, especially for ice creams, for you to have a good scoop and enjoy your time and be comfortable. Here are the Top 20 places you can visit for pleasant ice cream dates in Rajendra Nagar, Ghaziabad.

1.Giani Ice Cream

It is a modern ice cream place known for the best ice creams in Rajendra Nagar. They even serve frozen desserts, kulfis, and sundaes. You can even try out new flavors and taste them for free before the purchase. You get mouth-watering shakes like the famous cookie shake and ice cream cakes. The best part about visiting this place is you get ice creams, shakes, desserts, faludas, and kulfis at highly affordable and reasonable prices.


2.Natural Ice Cream

This place is located in sector 5 of Rajendra Nagar and is full of happy customers. This place is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for ice cream dates and hangout sessions. The serving quality is very hygienic and delivers the required orders at affordable prices.


3.Crush Ice Cream

It is a well-reputed ice cream place to hang out. It lies near the Major Mohit Sharma metro station, which makes it easier for people to have a quick dessert snack while or after traveling. They have an all-over rating of 4.0/5. It has an aesthetic seating arrangement for public view and comfort.


4.Delibite Ice Cream Parlor

This is located in Shyam Park of Rajendra Nagar. This is a highly prevalent ice cream place that provides its customers with takeaway or delivery services as well. It has an overall rating of 4.3/5. Although the ambiance might not provide you with a full aesthetically pleasing view, it can be a suitable place for a quick ice cream date and a hangout place for people to visit.


5.Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop

This is an ice cream parlour originating from a highly famous ice cream brand Baskin Robbins. It is also located in Rajendra Nagar and has an overall price of Rs. 350 for two. Although it does not have seating arrangements for a long hangout session, it provides its customers with good quality ice creams to enjoy and visit again.


6.Krishan Chaman Enterprises

This is a well-known ice cream place in Rajendra Nagar and has good outdoor seating. It provides its customers with various methods for easy payment and quick transactions. Cash, cards, and e-wallet facilities are also provided. Customers have reviewed this to be also a good place for kids. You can get good ice creams and drinks at prices easily under budget.


7.The Belgian Waffle Co.

This place is famously known for waffles, but their waffles are often layered and coated with different flavors of ice cream and satisfy your ice cream and dessert cravings both at the same time. It has an aesthetic seating arrangement and an air-conditioned room for dates and spending time.


8.La Deliche

This place has a beautiful ambiance and is considered one of the most aesthetic restaurants to visit in Ghaziabad. It is in Rajendra Nagar and is good for lunch and desserts that include waffles, ice cream, shakes, and many more options you can choose from.


9.Nazeer Foods

A place you can visit for dinners, snacks, lunch, and meals. It does not have a wide variety of ice cream flavors. However, it does provide some common ice creams. If you do not have a complex taste in ice cream and like to keep it simple, this place is the perfect one for you.


10.Jack N Grill

Although the place does not serve ice creams separately, they include ice creams with their cold coffees and shakes that are both delicious and give you double the satisfaction of a drink and ice cream. It also has outdoor seating for you to enjoy comfortably.


11.Talk N Town

This place also does not serve separate ice creams, but they do include them with their shakes and drinks at affordable prices. The location already has a lot of local ice cream stalls nearby through which you can purchase any flavor and spend time in a good and aesthetic seating arrangement in Talk N Town.


12.The Yellow Bowl

This is a cute café and hangout place that is also nearby many local ice cream seller stalls and it provides its customers with seating arrangements so you can enjoy your orders and desserts in peace.



This is also a date and hangout place in sector 5 of Rajendra Nagar and serves ice creams, desserts, shakes, and drinks at affordable prices. Many high-school students are seen to be visiting this place.


14.Panchayat Café

This place is known for top-quality food and desserts, ice cream shakes, and drinks at low prices. It provides customers with comfortable seating and has an average-rated ambiance.


15.Chai Jor Garam

This place is located in sector 5 of Rajendra Nagar. It offers customers a beautiful ambiance and relaxing seating arrangements. It offers a special dessert called brownie ice cream which is a famous best seller.


16.Vegaan Café

This café is considered highly suitable for good quality vegan food items and highly loved shakes. They provide desserts and ice cream shakes and are given top ratings from customers. It has indoor seating arrangements along with it.


17.Puff Brew Chew

This café in Rajendra Nagar is famously known for its entertainment and food services. They provide customers with karaoke singers, entertainment, and comfortable seating to enjoy their time to the fullest. It serves ice cream toppings along with shakes and cakes, including brownies.



This place is located near the Major Mohit Sharma metro station and serves good quality ice creams, sundaes, kulfis, pastries, and many more frozen desserts with good-spaced seating arrangements.


19.Indian Coffee Café

This is a place that gives you all the restaurant vibes from the arrangements. They serve ice creams along with coffees (cold coffees) and deserts and are on a currently developing status.


20.Cloud 9 Café

This café is one of the most beautiful ones in Ghaziabad near Rajendra Nagar. It provides you with indoor as well as outdoor seating, and even floor seating to give you a comfortable, homely feeling. It is considered one of the best places for ice cream dates and hangouts.