Top 20 Places In Kerala If You Wanna Go Veggie


All the foodies out there! Time to satisfy you hunger hormones and your taste buds as well…!Below are the places that are dope in terms of food so take a look at the top 20 vegetarian friendly places in Kerala…I’m sure these places won’t disappoint you in any ways.


Garden Grill

This place is amazing and so are the ambience and the staff. The service is on time and so is the buffet .It ensures that your stomach is full, so your hunger hormones craving for flavors of this place won’t disappoint you in any ways. It’s a perfect place to hangout no matter if it is with friends or family. Desert is also on point overall a good place. Something that should be mandatory to taste is their pizza it is simply awesome. Talking about good food how can we not mention Ala carte here that’s pretty good followed by curries and falafel they have both Indian and international dishes as well.

Address: Punnen Road near Hilton Garden in Trivandrum, India.


2.Mothers veg plaza

This place is outstanding and has a huge variety in food ambience which is beautiful. Service is on time and so is food, specially the saddhya meal from rice to sambar followed by kadhi to rassam ending with laasi everything is just perfect and is worth a try and as it is difficult to find a good vegetarian restaurant in place like Kerala. This place is an exception and here you’ll find the best malyali meal it is an authentic meal with 4 variations in pickles and Raitas, Avial and some other vegetables, brown and white rice including Sambhar followed by Rasam, Papadam, buttermilk, banana and also 5 different Payasams.

Address: located in bakery Junction near Russian Culture in Trivandrum, India.



This is place is quite a traditional place where you’ll find good food and ambience that is based on train theme and its pretty good service and staff is really polite. Food arrives on time and the food here is like North Kerala Malabar style and the best one are vegetable biriyani here you also have non-veg food, but veg is really good. This place has parking space as well it’s basically good in terms of all food, ambience and service as well. Must try! It’s worth a step in.

Address: Located at Press Road Santhi Nagar near Naaz Tower, A-7 in Trivandrum, India.


4.Ramees Restaurant

This restaurant serves non-veg as well, but the vegetarian food is beyond explanation there are seriously no words to describe the authentic food here especially the paneer butter masala each bite of it was like heaven on earth this place is worth a visit and every part of the food is amazing and is a beautiful experience to vegetarians out there to visit this place. You won’t be disappointed at all. Besides food service and ambience is also on point it’s a 10 on 10 for this place.

Address: Located Opposite to Forest Office in T.V. Plaza near LIC Building in Chinnakada in Kollam, India.



This place is just perfect for all you foodies out there. Do visit ones. This place is just perfect for you guys they have end number of variety in food from top to bottom, do taste the biryani and brownies. Those sizzling brownies are like heaven on earth. Ambience is pretty good and food is enjoyable. Staff is really kind and helpful. Worth a visit and a really flavoursome experience and all the spice lovers, this place is meant for you the food is not way to spicy, it’s spicy in a good way.

Address: Near Beach Road on Top of Crown Bakery in Kollam, India.


6.Rainbow Rasoi

As the name says rainbow, so are the dishes all different and each colour i.e. each dish has its own authentic flavor. This place is worth a visit and especially for foodies this place is highly recommended and the best part is, it is pocket friendly as well as tasty and veg thali is just for Rs.99 and something you can’t miss is button mushroom cheese starter it is just out of this world and ambience is excellent as well. There are really rare places where everything is good and staff is also really polite this place is one of those rare places it’s worth a visit and once you start eating something you can’t stop it at just one bite.

Address: Located near Bellard Road that is Opposite to Railway Station in Kannur, India.


7.Cabane Bamboo

This place has amazing Chinese and Indian food, as well as it is vegetarian friendly. Chinese here is something out of the box it has a really amazing taste and presentation, also north Indian cuisine over here will steal our heart. Noodles here are something one must try and also chicken semi gravy, butter naan and fried rice is mouthwatering.

Address: Located in Payyambalam near Govt. Guest house in Kannur, India.


8.Surya Residency Restaurant

Here you’ll find Indian and Asian food and this place is also vegetarian friendly. There is a cuisine that is typically Malabar paneer and mushroom starters are worth a bite and the highlight is the Schezwan rice, specially recommended for all the spice lovers. Do try this! Better than these are soups and cream of mushroom is something that is beyond appreciation phulka and veg kadai as well as the Kerala paratha were all yummy options were limited but all of them tasted really well and everything is up to mark. This place is worth a step in.

Address: Located in Nadal in Kannur, India.


9.Wheat House

Food here is authentic and the highlight of this place is the Chico shake followed by konthai meal and the most famous biryani that is highly recommended. Besides good food this place also has spacious seating arrangements and parking area. What can be better than a place with good food and equally good facilities and that too pocket friendly! Also, gobi fry and parotta, Meals including Karimeen were superb and worth every bite. Ambience and service was also pretty good.

Address: Located in Kannur in India.


10.Cita Pani Restaurant

An Indian Chinese restaurant at reasonable rate and food is flavoursome. Taste this place is worth a visit after all what can be better than a place with good food that has awesome taste and is pocket friendly as well. Garlic chilly and Kerala parothas are really famous and highly recommended. Ambience is quite ok but food is really good.

Address: Located near SN Park Road in Kannur, India.


11.Baker Boys

This place is specialised in making Chinese cuisine, but is an amazing place for people interested in eating Chinese cuisine in Indian way. Cakes and cookies are the highlight of this place it has end number of snacks and sweets are available here best one are chips and local halwa this place is vegetarian friendly and also have an end number of variety in pastries and all are flavoursome and delicious.

Address: Located in Kumar Tower near Bellard Road in Kannur, India.


12.The Juice Snack

This is one of the highest rated vegetarian restaurant and is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kerala this place is worth a visit and as the name says, juice and snack, this place has both, that too end number of varieties that can confuse you from where to start and what to order from the salad followed by tandoori paneer till the fresh juices everything was just on point. Hands down to the pizza at this place it is amazing and it’s worth every bite.

Address:  Located near Tibetan Market near North Cliff in Varkala, India.



Varkala Marine Palace

Here you’ll find Indian, seafood, Mediterranean, and also Asian, Italian. It is vegetarian friendly as well. This place has a huge variety and a really great ambience it is worth a step in food is flavoursome and reasonable and also the food is fresh to eat and the place also neat and it has really amazing momos are the highlight in veg and non-veg is perfect in all ways specially fish and shrimp so this place is basically perfect for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians out there.

Address: Located in Papanasham Beach that is the Main Beach in Varkala marine place, India.


14.Little Tibet

Italian over here is beyond explanation and so is Indian. Chinese is simply mouthwatering. It is vegetarian friendly place as well ambience is on point and so is their service, worth a visit. Momos are the highlight this place and once you visit this place you’ll surely won’t be able to step in any other restaurants no matter if you are a vegetarian or non-veggies this place top both the categories.

Address: Located in Papanasam Beach that is the middle main beach near Helipad in Varkala, India.



Green Pepper

This place is the perfect definition of perfection. Service bang-on, food bang-on, ambience is beautiful as well. Rates at this place is pocket friendly hands down to the curries all of them taste amazing. This place is meant for foodies and by foodies I mean all the foodies no matter vegetarian or non-veggies this place is for both from the paneer curry to the chicken curry everything is on point. Worth a visit and it worth every bite and cent you pay.

Address: Located in South Cliff near varkala in Varkala.p.o in Varkala, India.


16.Palm Tree Heritage

This place is amazing and the view from the hotel is of a sea sight and the ambience is perfect. Food here is just fantastic and so is the service right from the starters to the main courses everything is awesome. When it comes to non-veg, fish and fish curry is famous and in veg there are limited options but not less and all of them taste delicious.

Address: Located in Odayam Beach that is in Trivandrum in Varkala, India.


17.Sea Sun Café

Perfect place to hangout, amazing view of sunset and a perfect place to chill! You can have samosa and pizza they taste really great and will surely kick your taste buds, better than them is the veg burger nothing can be better than eating hot food in clod breezes and it is pocket friendly as well. Great place to visit and chill with friends and family.

Address: Located in Papanasam Beach that is near Hindustan Beach Retreat in Varkala, India.


18.Café Arabica

This is a café and a restaurant; as well it has Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Indian as well. Not just this, it is also vegetarian friendly. Presentation of food is really fancy and food is not just fancy but is tasty as well as pocket friendly. Their coffee is the highlight and so are veggie burrito, Greek rap and juices this place will steal your heart.

Address: Located in Thiruvambadi Beach in Varkala, India.


19.The Big Apple

This place is really beautiful and the ambience is quite good. The unique thing about this place is not its food but the staff they are really kind and funny as well and food is also great it’s full of flavors and have enough flavors to satisfy your taste buds.

Address: It’s located in North Cliff Varkala Beach in Kerala that is in Varkala, India.


20.Mamma Champos

This restaurant have Indian, Chinese, Italian and Tibetan as well as is vegetarian friendly restaurant this place tops the rainbow list. It has everything perfect, from the staff to the food as well as the ambience and the food here is a bit rusty and is amazing to taste tandoori is properly fried up and so are veg starters. This is worth a visit place! Pizza is everything you need to polish your taste buds and satisfy your hunger.

Address: Located in Papanasam Beach Road that is in Varkala, India.