Top 20 Places That Offer English Breakfast In Mumbai


Have you ever been in the mood to go out and sit under the light of the sun to grab a sumptuous English breakfast but could not do so because of the lack of knowledge? Don’t worry; we are here to guide you to the best English breakfast places of all times in Mumbai!


Eat Around The Corner, Bandra

This place is perfect for having a healthy breakfast on a sunny day. No customer steps out of the doors of Eat Around the Corner without a big smile on his or her face and a satisfaction of a scrumptious breakfast in his or her heart. Every Mumbaikar relies on this place when in the mood to have a ravishing early meal. Do try their healthy juices and desserts too.


The Bagel Shop, Pali Hill

Is there anything better than sitting under the open sky and munching on some bagels in the morning? We think not! The Bagel Shop is one of the oldest servers of Bagel in Bandra, and we must say this place has more than just Bagels to offer. It has an incredible English breakfast that Mumbaikars proudly boast of.


Jamjar Diner, Versova

Although this place has opened up not too long ago, it has rapidly made its way in the good books of food lovers. Jamjar Diner’s English breakfast is appealing not just to the eyes but the stomach too.


Pizza By The Bay, Churchgate

All you need after a tiring night is a peaceful embrace from the sea in the morning. Although this place is expensive, every penny of it is worth it if you’re spending it on its breakfast! Pizza by the Bay is one of the most peaceful spots for breakfast that Mumbai offers.


Bistro1, Lokhandwala

With an interior that pleases the eyes of the youth and free wifi to keep these growing minds elated, this place has become one of their favorite hangout spots. The soft pancakes and aromatic coffees that Bistro1 gifts its customers is the reason why many people keep coming back to it for more. They offer a delightful, top notch English breakfast.


Theobroma, Bandra

This Parsi Family’s patisserie that is a household name for every Mumbaikar has a stunning english breakfast that many do not know of. Do not underestimate the capability of theobroma to impress you with something that is not sweet. We promise you an ethereal breakfast here; after all, it is the “food of the gods”!


Suzette, Powai

To begin mornings with salads and crepes made by a bunch of professional French chefs is everybody’s sweet little paradise.
Suzette absolutely nails its menu with refreshing food and vibes.


The Pantry, Fort

With a decor that mollifies the soul and food that fills the stomach, The Pantry is one of the best places to have a lip smacking breakfast from. It specializes in its waffles and cakes, taking the customers to a sweet, warm ride in the cold winter mornings.


Cafe Basilico, Bandra

Although this cafe is known for its Italian delicacies, it has a spectacular English breakfast with a vast range of desserts one can choose from.
For an ideal morning meal under the shade of tall trees do visit this place!


The Good Vibes Cafe, Mulund

A not too big place located on the Mulund Goregaon link road that has now become one of the best cafes of Mulund has a mouth watering English breakfast that many people still remain unaware of. Do try their waffles when you visit this place!


Silver Beach Cafe, Juhu

A place that gathered love for its peaceful ambiance and flavor packed food is one of our personal favorite of all times. It has a phenomenal English Breakfast that wipes out all the laziness and promises us an active, mirthful day!


Nutcracker, Fort

Nutcracker is one of those first names that pops up in the heads of Mumbaikars when somebody asks them about best waffles and pancakes. Definitely, a place you should go to when you want to have the perfect English breakfast full of waffles, croissants, and flour cakes.


Brunch ‘N’ Munch, Malad

A small place with a huge number of mouth watering dishes to offer, this place is indeed dynamite! When in hurry, rush to Brunch ‘N’ Munch to grab a quick breakfast, its food will acknowledge your hunger like no other!


Potluck, Lokhandwala

Potluck is a small cafe with fresh colors that will brighten your mornings. It is a quiet place, away from the city’s conundrum that serves palatable food and exceptional coffee.


Grandmama’s Cafe, Bandra

This place that became a huge success in no time is the kitchen of one of the best English breakfasts in Mumbai. With interiors that make you feel like home and food that takes you to a trip to heaven in no time, Grandmama has established its name when it comes to scrambled eggs or pancakes.


Kala Ghoda Cafe, Fort

There’s no place in Mumbai that has perfected its waffles like Kala Ghoda Cafe has. All one needs on a Sunday is a mesmerizing affogato, which is traditionally a hot espresso paired with vanilla ice cream and waffles from Kala Ghoda Cafe to kick start the day.


Saltwater Cafe, Bandra

With a very classy and substantial breakfast menu, this place effortlessly wins our heart. A great ambiance and light music with a good variety of food to choose from is what makes saltwater cafe unbeatable at its game.
Saltwater Cafe has a breakfast buffet that it is widely known for.


The Irish House, Kurla

Apart from the splendid nightlife that this place is famous for, Irish house has a breakfast that will blow your minds. There’s a different kind of fun in having a breakfast in a bar on a Sunday morning, as if unleashing the quiet that always lives within the chaos of the walls.


Fat Man’s Cafe, Bandra

A cozy place with a fast service and incredible eggs, is all one look’s for to have a hearty breakfast. Fat Man’s cafe flawlessly gives one all of the above. This cafe has epitomized the art of making omelets and hash browns.


Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel

Is there anything better than starting your day by indulging yourself into a beautiful book and Cafe Zoe’s signature blueberry cheesecake? We don’t think so. This cafe is a spacious, comfy place to lose yourself and just be on any lazy morning.