Top 20 Places To Have Pasta In India


Pasta is one of the most eaten foods around the world. Originated from Italy, it has won the hearts of many people. The Italian cuisine is one of the well liked cuisines and the various dishes from this cuisine include pizza, pasta, espresso and the famed dessert gelato. What more is required than these few dishes to fall in love with this style of cooking.

1.Fusili Reasons, Chennai

A small, quaint place that is located on a street and is hard to find. They offer delightful and tasty Italian food and healthy drinks that go with it. This place gets crowded quickly and we have to wait for some time till we get to order. The service is prompt and impeccable. They have different kinds of pasta at incredibly cheap rates that make you want to keep ordering. This place is Eco-friendly as they use only Areca (betel nut) leaf plates and glass bottles. Their creamy pesto pasta and garlic bread with beet mayo are a must have.


2.Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bangalore

This restaurant has a branch both in Hyderabad as well as Bangalore. The ambiance of this place is pleasant and friendly. The interiors are perfect, having a lot of space for privacy and some quietness. A good place to have personal conversations. One must have the various pasta on the menu, as each and every one of it is tasty and stomach filling. A budget lunch and dinner is possible at this restaurant.

flying-spagethi3.Ci Gusta!, Hyderabad

The desserts and the authentic Italian food of this restaurant are out of the world. A perfect seating arrangement which is not too congested and spacious enough to move around is provided. All the Italian dishes here are good, and it would be hard to pick any one of them. This restaurant is famous for the Italian dessert called gelato, which is popular for everyone who comes to this restaurant.

ci-gusta4.Quattro Ristorante, Mumbai

A restaurant which offers both Italian and Mexican dishes. The dim lighting compliments the aesthetic environment of the restaurant which is the best setting for lunch or dinner. This restaurant is one of the best places in Mumbai that serves only vegetarian food and also Jain food. This restaurant has a menu which catches the eye of the customer with the variety of dishes and drinks they offer.

quattro-ristorante.5.Spaghetti Kitchen, Chennai

The ambiance that this restaurant provides compliments the food that is served. The contemporary decor matched well with the artworks and paintings of various Italian foods. The food has its way of attracting people to come into the restaurant and buy the food. The pasta is a must have in this restaurant, otherwise, why would they call themselves Spaghetti Kitchen. A must visit place if you’re a hardcore Italian food lover.

spagethi-kitchen6.Chianti Italian Restaurant, Bangalore

This restaurant offers authentic and scrumptious Italian food with a wide variety of wine from which we can choose. With a cozy ambiance and lovely staff, this place attracts people day in day out. This restaurant is recommended by many Italian food lovers and is a must visit if you like Italian food. They offer a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes that are mouth watering. The impeccable service helps you in digging yourself into the food. The must try food can be easily had by asking the staff, who explains every dish.chianti

7.Tonino, New Delhi

A restaurant located in Delhi which is known for its Italian food and the elegant ambiance. The staff is courteous and welcoming with prompt service. The Sunday Brunch is a buffet with an option of drinks, which provides a variety of delicious food to tempt us. The Tortellini De Ricotto is a must have here.

tonino8.Quesso Bar Ristorante, Mumbai

A chic and elegant restaurant located in Mumbai, serves scrumptious dishes of Mexico, Italy, and Thailand. Overlooking the crowd of Mumbai, the view at night is beautiful. They offer pasta which is delightful, and flavourful and leaves us craving for more. The pasta is best accompanied with the wine they offer. This restaurant also has quite a menu for the vegetarians. The dessert Death by Chocolate is a must order if you come here.

quesso-bar9.Stone Water Grill, Pune

One of the best restaurants in Pune that is highly recommended by everyone for their food and the ambiance provided. The surroundings and decor of this place is extravagant and intimidating. They have both Italian and European cuisine which tingles the taste buds. They offer a huge variety of drinks that go well with the food provided. Their pasta assortments will make you wants to order and eat more. This restaurant is known for its go-to weekend lounge.

stone-water10.Diggin, New Delhi

A cafe located in New Delhi, which specialises in Italian and Continental cuisines. The ambiance in this cafe has both a fairy tale feel and homely vibe to it. The crowd is insane in this place, and people are kept waiting for a table. It has an outdoor seating which is perfect for having a pleasant talk time with friends and family. This place is frequented mainly by college students as a hangout spot. The recommended dishes of this restaurant are Chicken and Jalapeno Pizza, Lamb Lasagna and Crisp Zucchini Fries.


11.Napoli Italian Bistro, Bangalore

This Italian restaurant offers healthy Italian food and salads. The pasta they offer is sensational and is best accompanied with wine. This place is located in a highly popular area, making this restaurant crowded almost every day. Seating is available after prior booking. The service is prompt, and the staffs are helpful when it comes to ordering the dishes. The must have dishes here are Lasagne, Spinach and Cottage Cheese Ravioli and Chicken Casanova.


12.Little Italy Restaurant, Chennai

This Italian restaurant is incredibly popular with branches across India and few branches in other countries too. This restaurant is one of the most frequented Italian restaurants as they serve highly authentic Italian food accompanied with a wine of choice, which will leave us craving for more and more. This restaurant is a heaven to all vegetarians because it is a purely vegetarian restaurant. They offer three different types of lunch buffets. One for the weekdays, one on Saturday and a Sunday brunch on a Sunday. All the Italian food lovers will find this place to be a delight.


13.Dario’s, Pune

This famous Italian restaurant in Pune offers authentic Italian food. This restaurant also has a branch in Chennai which also is quite well known. The restaurant has a romantic ambiance and an enjoyable environment for friends and family and is perfect for couples who want to spend time for a romantic date. This place is ideal for those who prefer vegan and vegetarian food as they have quite an amazing menu for them. The recommended pasta here is Pane Aglio Burro Formaggio, and the must eat dessert here is Chocolate Crepe. The ideal part about this restaurant is that they offer breakfast options also.

darios14.Mia Cucina, Mumbai

In Mumbai, this restaurant offers an extensive range of Italian dishes which is drool worthy. The dim light and the vintage setting make the perfect ambiance.

mia-cucina15.Olive Bar Kitchen, New Delhi

Located in New Delhi, this high-end restaurant offers Italian, Mediterranean and European cuisine. This restaurant serves amazing pasta with a wine of your choice. The ambiance in this place leaves a strong impression in your mind and you feel like coming back again. The Sunday brunch here is an absolute delight as they offer an array of different pasta, pizza, and salads along with Mediterranean dishes which will fill you’re curbing appetite.


16.Pasta Street, Bangalore

This restaurant is a two-storey building which is quite small and gets filled rapidly despite the outdoor seating. The interiors of this place are elegant and chic at the same time. The staff is caring and courteous with impeccable service. The recommended pasta here is the Rocket Fuel pasta which is known for its spiciness and the warm salad which is available as vegetarian or non-vegetarian.


17.Olive Bistro, Hyderabad

This restaurant located in the high-end area of Hyderabad offers out of the world pasta along with dishes of different cuisines. The Sunday brunch here are much recommended as it has a overlooks, a killer view of what the locals call “The Secret Lake” and cobblestone alleys lined with flowers which give you a glimpse of Greek decor. A must visit restaurant if you are craving some pasta and healthy food at the same time.

olive-bistro18.Greens Olives, Pune

Located in Pune, this restaurant offers Italian cuisine and North Indian cuisine too. They offer insanely scrumptious meals that fill your appetite. The ambiance in this restaurant is calm and soothing with a very courteous staff and prompt service. The recommended pasta dish here is the lasagna; you cannot miss out on one of the best dishes in this restaurant along with Minestrone Soup, Lebanese platter and four seasons pizza. They offer a five-course Italian buffet available during the weekdays.


19.Pasta Bar Veneto, Chennai

A chain restaurant present in two locations in Chennai, Hyderabad and Pondicherry. They offer Italian dishes as well as continental food, but they are well known for their Italian food. They offer different types of pasta dishes with the pasta of our choice. The quantity and the quality of the food go hand in hand, which makes it a delight to have. The ravioli and lasagna are quite delicious and are worth having along with the other dishes. Their dessert and beverage menu is worth mentioning.


20.Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh

Located in Chandigarh, Virgin Courtyard is one of the best restaurants that serve mouth-watering authentic Italian food. From the starters to the desserts, every dish in this place is served and styled with elegance. The restaurant has a Greek setting and a rustic feel that sets a perfect ambiance for a brunch or dinner and with extravagant outdoor seating ideal for couples. The service is impeccable, with really courteous staff. The chef’s signature pasta is a dish that cannot be forgotten.