Top 20 Shakes To Chill On Street In Banasthali(Rajasthan)

Top 20 Shakes To Chill On Street In Banasthali(Rajasthan)

The Asia’s largest girl residential University “Banasthali University” is serving girls since 1935. As there is development in the education system the facilities are also increasing day by day. Likewise, the home Universities are somewhat difficult because the student have to be far from their homes and has to live without comfort which was at their home. And the most important thing which they miss is the food and drinks of their homes, the well-known dialogue which they usually say that after every few days is “missing Mamma’s food”. So after eating the food of mess, weekends must be somewhat entertaining so in Banasthali the week day of the girls is on Tuesday and this is the day when all enjoys with friends and look for street food. As we see the weather of Rajasthan is famous for its hotness, so the people residing there have to take drinks and shakes regularly. So the girls of Banasthali also enjoy the shakes on the street in evenings. So the most famous Shakes of Banasthali are:

1.Mango Shake

“Mango” every one’s favourite. And it is so refreshing at the time when we come back from classes and have to chill with friends. It is thickened mango milkshake with dry fruits in it and the fresh cream levelled upon it. The element of an essence of mango memories the heart and no one can control tasting it once.


2.Chocolate Shake

Anything is good if it is made up of chocolate. The statement set completely on the Banasthali girls or to the girls all over the India. Because the chocolate evolves the feeling of love and happiness every time we consume. It includes chocolate Ice-cream, milk and chocolate powder. So on the campus of Banasthali is served the delicious Chocolate shakes with reasonable prices.

chocolate3.Oreo Shake

The newly generated shake in Banasthali recently going popular day by day is the Oreo Shake. The taste of little Dark Chocolate liked by the people generally prefers it and this is also an interesting element that the crushed biscuit tastes like that they are melting in the mouth slowly. The Oreo Shake includes 2-3 Oreo bar, milk and the chocolate flavoured ice-cream. Usually, this shake is preferred when you are hungry because it is very weighty and cannot be easily digested.


4.Badam Shake

Badam Shake refers to an almond flavoured milkshake which is generally preferred in winters to keep the body warm and active. In this there are nutrients extracted from the almond and the essence of almond is mixed in it. Ice cream is mixed in this which gives the creamy texture. It contains high nutrients and moisture.

badam5.Strawberry Shake

The color Pink attracts girls most. That is why this is the most consumed in the campus. It includes the crush of Strawberry; the strawberry flavoured ice cream and milk. It is the drink which is liked by the girls mostly in evenings. The texture of Strawberry shake is thick and gets your stomach filled anytime.


6.Kiwi Shake

The green coloured environment-friendly shake is thick and refreshing. The shake consists of nuts and kiwi crush. It also includes the kiwi flavoured ice-cream and creamy milk. The pore it includes gives the taste of sweet and salty. As the campus is concerned, there is greenery everywhere that is why the shake has its own memories.

kiwi7.Big Chill Shake

Big Chill is the finest and the thickest shake available in Banasthali. It includes crushed Kit Kat, brownie, Oreo biscuit and creamy milk. The shake is worth stealing your heart away. The mouth filled up with the ice cream and the velvety melted chocolate is worth of money.


8.Butterscotch Shake

The shake consists of Ice cream, milk and the essence. The taste of this shake is mesmerising in its own. It does not consist of the artificial flavor and is worth your money. The ice cream melts in the mouth and gives the feeling of Butter and Scotch and helps us to realise that we are not far from home.

butterscotch9.Vanilla Shake

Vanilla milkshake, the world’s favourite milkshake. It consists of the smooth and silky Vanilla flavoured ice cream, milk, Vanilla whipped top up. It looks like plain milk, but it tastes like out of the world and also gives the taste of oneness. The texture is light and creamy and is all time favourite drink.

vanilla10.Nuts Shake

Nuts Shake consists of all the dry fruits which are healthy to eat as we live far from home. The texture is so thick that one thinks if he/she should eat or drink that. So when you are too much hungry and have to drink something that fills your stomach without wasting money on the fast food, this is the best way to satisfy your hunger.

nuts11.Blueberry Shake

The purple colour shake which looks very attractive and appealing. The texture is very smooth and thick liked by everyone. The extracted pores from the blueberry feels like nuts and tastes like berry. The blueberry flavoured ice-cream, milk and the blueberry crushed is mixed in it. The Shake is refreshing and cools your heart and body as well. So drink Blueberry shake and chill with your friends on the streets.


12.Cold Coffee

The cold coffee also comes in the list of shake because it includes the ice cream, milk and coffee. The coffee flavoured shake liked by the people who love coffee and can’t live their life without it. Some students who are additive to this drink have fast metabolism and are almost active every time. So drink cold coffee and enjoy in the street light.


13.Roohafza Milk Shake

The milkshake is generally more consumed in the days of summer. The sweet and easy shake includes milk and the essence of Rooh Afza which taste like Rose and bit sweeter. It is better than artificial drinks because it does not contain the artificial flavor or artificial food colour.


14.Kesar Milk Shake

The Milkshake mostly preferred in winters because it keeps the body temperature high and it is also good for the skin. The yellow colour refreshing shake consists of ice cream, milk and leafs of kesar. The shake is light and does not have the artificial food colours because it has its own strong colour.

kesar-milk15.Kesar Badam Shake

The Kesar badam milkshake consists of Milk, Kesar and Badam. The crushed badam and the leaves of kesar are mixed with the milk which gets its flavor. No artificial flavor or food colour is mixed in it. The texture of the shake is very light and easy to take anytime. This shake also consists of nutrients and proteins in it.


16.Kesar Pista Milkshake

The Kesar Pista MilkShake consists of the Pista, Badam and Kesar. The three flavor dry fruit milk consists of all type of protein and nutrients which are essential for the body. Generally the shake is preferred in the winters to keep the body warm and active and in the campus of Banasthali the winters are at its peak in the month of January and February, so this shake is frequently consumed.

kesar-pista17.Pista Ice Cream Shake

Pista ice cream shake consist of the dry fruit Pista and the Pista flavoured ice cream with the creamy taste within. The texture of pista ice cream shake is not that much thick, but it satisfies the hunger anytime. It is also much preferred in winters because dry fruits keep the body warm and active at times.

pista18.Magical Milk Shake

The magical milkshake is the chocolatey blast which includes the dark chocolate with the dark chocolate ice cream, the thick and smoothie textured shake melt in the mouth and arises the feeling of love. It also gives the taste of coffee because the essence of coffee is added to it. So this is mouth blasting all time favourite shake.


19.Yoghurt Fruit Milk Shake

The yoghurt fruit milk tastes like sweet and sour. It includes the yoghurt which is sour and the crushed fresh fruits which are sweet. So it is the combination of both. Usually, it is preferred in day times after lunch because it is the full pack of digestion to one’s body. That is why this yoghurt fruit milkshake is loved by all 24/7.

yoghurt20.Mix Fruit Shake

The blast of crushed fruit with the mix fruit ice cream and the fresh milk poured into it. It gives the feeling of freshness to the body and every fruit describes its taste when its goes into the mouth. The creamy taste of milk and the taste of fruits which are crushed give the feeling of joy and happiness. All time lovable milkshake.