Top 20 Healthier Food Of All Time




Beetroot is the fruit which is very healthy and tasty. The fruit is red in colour. The Beetroot is good for the body, it helps our body to increase the blood. The Beetroot is very essential for the people who are suffering from any blood disease; it helps to purify the blood cells and strengthen them.



Almond is a type of dry fruit. And almost all the dry fruits are a good source of energy. The Almond helps a human to increase the memory power. Every day one or two Almonds are good and it sharpens the mind. The Almond is also used for the halwa and served hot in the winters.



Broccoli is a green vegetable which is very good to eat in any season. By the help of Broccoli, the eye sight can also be improved. It can be used in the salad, vegetables, etc. The Broccoli is one of the tastier vegetables in the world. The person who regularly consumes it, is the person healthy and fit.



Carrot is the most helpful eatable which increases the eye sight of a person. The Carrot contains many vitamins and minerals which are very necessary for the body. Carrot is seasonal, it only comes in winters. The juice of carrot is also very beneficial. The Achar of Carrot is also made to make it tasty and tempting.


Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is another healthy nature’s veggie which is very good for the health. The Sweet Potato is naturally sweet. It is very good to eat them in the breakfast. It is full of starch. The Sweet Potatoes are very good for the human body since it gives the vitamin C. It also includes potassium and magnesium which is a good source of energy.



Tomato is again a fruit which is eaten as the salad. There are two types of Tomato, one is green which is sour in taste, and the other one is pure red which is somewhat sweet in the taste. The fruit is used in almost every vegetable. The Tomatoes are very good for the skin. The fruit is consumed for better health care.


Black Beans

Black Beans are the healthiest food of all time. It is soaked in the night and in morning it is consumed as a nutritious diet. They are made masaledar with the onion and tomatoes. The black beans consists of many minerals and vitamins. It is also mixed with the vegetable to make it more nutritious. Mostly it is consumed in the morning as a breakfast because it gives the energy to the body.



Cantaloupe is the type of melon which is very good for the health. It helps to control the obesity. The fruit also helps to remove the dehydration from the body. It should not be eaten in the breakfast because in morning the body is not ready to digest it. The fruit also reduces the risk of diabetes.


Water Melon

Water Melon helps to increase the water in every part of the body. The sweet and healthy fruit is available seasonably. It is available in two types and served with chat masala. The Watermelon is mostly liked by all including the children and adult. The Watermelon is the fruit which is sweet also consumed by the diabetic patients because the water inside it balance the sweetness.


Grape Fruit

Grape Fruit is again a fruit which is seasonable. The fruit is of two types, one is green and the another one is black. The Grape Fruit is also very rich in the minerals, proteins and vitamins. The person who consumes Grape Fruit daily or frequently is the person who will not face diabetes in his entire life. The fruit has many benefits. It also helps to maintain the blood pressure of the human body.



Egg is the super nutritious food which is generally taken in the breakfast. The egg is available in two types. The one is White Egg and the other one is Brown. The Brown Egg is more nutritious.  Body builders eat many eggs in a day. The egg contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Phosphorus, etc. The Egg is the good source of Vitamin A, B, C and Calcium. The Egg helps to maintain your cholesterol level. Eggs helps to reduce the risk of the heart disease and also help your bone and muscles to be strong.




Banana is the well-known fruit which is also taken in the breakfast usually. The fruit’s texture is thick. The Banana helps to control the blood pressure. The fruit also helps to reduce the problem of asthma. It keeps us healthy and fit.



Coconut keeps the body well nourished. The Coconut is consumed in any form. It can be eaten or the Coconut Milk can be drunk. The Coconut is very famous in South India and it is produced there in large amount and exported all over the country. The Coconut also helps in the growth of hair.



Walnuts are known as Akhrot. The Walnuts is the type of dry fruit which has hard cover. Many doctors suggests Walnut to the cancer and heart patients. It is given to the children also for the growth and development of their body and mind simultaneously. It also helps to control the weight as well.


Bell Papers

Bell Papers are said to be the world’s healthiest food of all time. It is the versatile veggie which can be eaten in many types; like in the form of salad, vegetable, etc. It has many health benefits. It is available in many different colours like green, yellow, and red. The taste of different coloured Bell Papers differs. The vegetable contains nutritious value and vitamins which are very good for the human body.



Cucumber is the salad which is very popular. It helps in good digestion. It help you to clean your stomach easily. It should be taken regularly with the meals twice so that the digestion problem removes. The cucumber is available easily in almost every season. The salad is tasty as well as healthy.


Brown Rice

The Brown Rice is the type of crop which is grown everywhere but it is not that mush common like the White Rice. The Brown Rice is comparatively more good than white rice. It contains lesser cholesterol and the sugar lever is also less in the Brown Rice. The Brown Rice is tasty as well as healthy.



A bowl of Oats keep you always healthy. The Oats help you to reduce the weight. It increases your stamina, and also boosts your immune system.



We all know that Milk is the healthiest drink. It contains all the minerals and vitamins. It also contains the proteins and calcium. The milk is made tasty by adding some flavours into it. The kids are supposed to drink milk because it strengthen their bones with time. It is fully healthiest drink.



Yoghurt is made up of Milk which is also healthy. It is the refreshing vegetable which is served as a side dish with any type of meal. The Yoghurt is also known as curd. In South India many dishes are made up of the Yoghurt. It is the main ingredient there.