Top 20 Sweets To Gift Your Loved Ones This Diwali!



Kaju Katli

If you love sweets, you can’t deny your love for this one. Gift it to your loved ones and bring a smile to their faces.



Rosogolla is a sweet dish that tests your resistance. Gift this to your loved ones, and they won’t be able to have just one!


Orange Barfi

Keep this on the top of your list, if you want to try something new! This sweet dish from “the Orange City” can lure the taste buds for a while.


Sohan Papdi

We keep this under the “light sweet” category! No matter how many sweets you already had, one can always have an appetite for this one!


Gajar Ka Halwa

Make them feel special by gifting homemade “gajar ka halwa” in deshi ghee.



Spread happiness in boxes filled with Gulabjamun.



Purukiya is also known as Gujiya and is mostly famous in Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. This stuffed Sweet is decent option this year as a gift.


Badam Halwa

Another homemade recipe for your loved ones. Make slices out of it to give a sweet dish look or gift whole. Either way, its almond at its best and desi ghee will just make you want to put on some more weight.



Also famous as Indian Pancakes are the easiest sweet dish ever made. For all those who don’t have much time but want to make something on their own, this dish is a win-win situation for you folks!


Chikki Bar

This dish is mostly famous in Children. So if you are going to visit kids, this has to be on your list of sweets you carry.



If the family you are visiting are full of people of different ages and you don’t know who loves what, Peda can be the safe zone for you. It won’t fail to impress anyone in the family.


Rice Payasam

Payasam or Kheer garnished with Cashew nut is a good option. Heat the milk till it thickens a bit. It will add wonders to your kheer, and they are going to declare you the Chef of the town!


Beetroot Halwa

This one is for the Health conscious folks. It will bring a smile to their faces, and probably tears in their eyes.



The Sweetened milk keeps it juicy and you have the way to your loved one’s heart.


Chocolate Burfi

Gift this one to chocolate lovers!  There can be no better thin than mixing Chocolate and Sweet Dish into one.



Milk cakes are known for their slight sour taste. Gift this mouth-watering dessert to your friends and family.


Homemade Chocolates

This can bring a new level of creativity and fun. Chocolates are up for every festival. Making them on your own can be a change this Diwali. It just takes your little time, but results are worth your efforts.



This Rajasthani dessert made of Paneer is not a bad idea! Bring it on, and you will never find your friends and family disappointed.


Chenna Poda

Chenna Poda is roasted cheese desert which is often called “Taste of Odisha”. The Cake like look makes it more attractive. So you can’t keep your hands off them. How about trying it for a gift this Diwali?



The last Sweet dish on our list is Jalebi.  The reason for this is you might not even be able to deliver it without getting your hands dirty. Hopefully, you don’t end up with an empty box when you reach the destination!There you go! With this, we have finished the top trending Sweets for making your Diwali special.  Don’t forget to gift wrap the sweets before you leave.  Enjoy yourself, celebrate the victory of Light over Darkness, gift your best wishes with one of the above sweets to friends and family and make sure you don’t burn yourself with crackers!Have a prosperous and Happy Diwali