Top 20 Places To Have Biryani At Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar as a city is a blend of religious sentiments and modern development. The spiritual footprints are spread all across the city and the commercial hubs can be seen supporting the financial framework of the city. Located at the heart of New Bhubaneswar, Saheed Nagar is one such commercial hub. This place is famous for numerous stores related to IT, fashion, furniture, etc. It also has various malls that add up to the importance of this place. Added to that, this place is also famous for the restaurants that serve mouth-watering food. The restaurants pay a lot of attention to giving a satisfying experience to their customers without being heavy on their pockets. Here we have the top 20 places to have Biryani at Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

1.Wtf ( We The Foodies )

WTF ( We the Foodies) is a restaurant in the BMC Bhawani Mall, Saheed Nagar. This is one of the best places to hang out with friends and family. The restaurant has a very intriguing ambiance as it plays with light and dark spaces along with cozy seating arrangements. It also has a small space for parties and functions and consuming alcohol. The Biryani offered at this place remains the main attraction. At a reasonable price, you can have a handful amount of flavorful rice along with tender chicken pieces.

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2.Alina Hub

Alina Hub is a small restaurant located at Saheed Nagar is famous for the spicy food it offers. One of the main attractions of this place is the Mutton Biryani which tastes immensely good. Mutton Poda is another dish that is highly recommended to have along with Biryani. The fast service of the staff members makes it an ideal place for having your meal without waiting too long.

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Alina Hub

3.Royal Hotel

This is a small restaurant famous for being an expert in the art of making good quality Mutton Biryani. The aromatic rice and well-cooked Mutton offer an appealing taste. Along with that, it also serves Tandoor dishes that form a good combination with Biryani. All of it is offered to the customer at a very reasonable price.

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Royal Hotel

4.Biryani Cafe

Biryani Cafe brings an end to the search for appetizing Chicken Biryani. This place offers the best Chicken Biryani at Saheed Nagar at an affordable price. The quality and quantity of Biryani at this place remain unmatched. Chicken Masala is a dish that is often paired up with Biryani as it enhances the spiciness of the food, making it a delightful experience.

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5.Signature Biryani

Signature Biryani offers good quality Chicken Biryani at a very reasonable price. The amount of chicken pieces served at this place is higher than in other places. The Mocktails offered are equally good and compliments the Biryani. This place is a must-try for people who love having Biryani with a many chicken pieces in it.

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6.Delicious Delight

Delicious Delight is an ideal place to have Biryani with friends and family. This restaurant has both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements, both being equally good. The place is well-maintained by the proactive staff. The Chicken Biryani is a must-have at this place and is often coupled with Murg Masallam which heightens the taste of the former.

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7.Tawa Tandoor

Tawa Tandoor is a restaurant that is very spacious in terms of its accommodation, along with a decent ambiance. This place might be a bit expensive for some people, but the taste that they offer is worth it. The Chicken Biryani is delicious as the rice is flavourful and the Chicken is perfectly cooked. Chicken Hyderabadi can be a good option to go with along with Biryani.

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8.Aangan Restaurant

Aagan Restaurant is a two-storeyed restaurant that has held on to its quality of food making for ages. This restaurant can be expensive as the quality and taste of the food are exceptional. Chicken Biriyani tastes fantastic, and one serving is enough for two. The starter offered here is a good side dish to pair up with Biryani.

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9.Chancellor Premium

Chancellor Premium is very easy-to-spot as it is located at a prime spot at Saheed Nagar. The critical factor of this restaurant is its fast service and variety of dishes available. Even with all the variety, the Biryani they offer moves a notch higher of customer preference. They provide a good quantity of Biryani at a very reasonable rate.

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10.Hotel Charlie

Hotel Charlie is a small place that believes in offering a good quantity of food at a very reasonable price. The Chicken Biryani at this place is truly full-filling as they provide a whole plate of Biryani Rice along with 3 delicious Chicken Pieces. Along with that, they also offer Raita and Chicken gravy that goes very well with the Biryani.

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11.Dada Biryani

Dada Biryani is immensely famous for its Mutton Biryani. This Cuttack-based food chain opened its new branch at Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar. It also serves the same soul-satisfying taste as Mutton Biyani. The price range can be expensive for some people, but keeping in mind the taste, it’s worth a try. Chicken Biryani at this place is equally good.

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This is a fancy restaurant located at Esplanade Mall, Saheed Nagar. This place is famous for its sumptuous dishes and its exotic presentation. They also make sure to preserve the taste of authentic Biryani and serve it to the customers. It’s an expensive restaurant, but the taste of the food is no match. They specialize in tandoor and kebab items which can be an excellent addition to Biryani.

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13.Biryani Box

The name of the food chain speaks for itself as they make Biryani that tastes exceptionally good, and the taste is consistent as well. They offer types of serving sizes- small, medium, and large. Be it Veg Biryani or Non-veg Biryani, all of them are a treat to your taste buds.

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14.Tangerine 9

Tangerine 9 is another restaurant that pays a lot of focus to the quantity and quality of food. Chicken Biryani is their unique item, and the Chicken in it tastes the best. The ambiance is also an add-on, as they have a space for an open mic as well. So if you are looking for good Biryani and some good music, then this is the place you must visit.

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15.Green Chilly

Green Chilly is a roadside outlet that serves all sorts of fast food items along with Biryani, and Tandoor items. This outlet is so famous that it has numerous outlets across the city and has become a food chain. Biryani at this place is extremely tasty, and people love to have Kebabs along with it. The quantity of rice is fulfilling, along with juicy Chicken pieces.

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16.Bapu Restaurant

Bapu restaurant is again an easy-to-locate restaurant, and serves good quality food in an average price range. They have various platters on the menu at affordable prices. If you want to have some Biryani along with various other non-veg dishes, then this place is a must-visit. This restaurant has a soothing ambiance, and the staff group is friendly.

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17.Lucky Dum Biryani

Lucky Dum Biryani offers delicious Biryani at a very reasonable price range. The staff members are very prompt to the customer’s needs and provide food within a few minutes. Added to that, they also provide extra Biryani Rice without any additional charges. The Raita tastes good and goes well with Biryani.

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18.Milanese Express Fusion Food

Milanese Express Fusion Food is a cafe cum restaurant with Ambiance closely resembling contemporary settings. This place is an ideal place to spend quality time with oneself and a small group. The staff group is extremely friendly, and they make sure that the place remains hygienic. The Chicken Biryani is flavourful and fulfilling. The Veg Biryani is filled with perfectly cooked and seasoned vegetables that make it equally good.

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19.Hotel Sriyaram

If a person is looking for Veg Biryani that tastes as good as Non-veg Biryani, the Hotel Sriyaram brings an end to the search. The Veg Biryani is immensely flavourful, and the vegetables are cooked perfectly. The taste is further enhanced with Paneer gravy and Raita. They also provided extra Biryani rice with minimal charges.

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20.Mungeri Dhaba

Mungeri Dhaba brings the taste of Kolkata to Bhubaneswar. This place offers Biryani made in Bengali style, and the taste is unmatched. Although the place is a bit expensive, the quality of the Biryani is excellent. Tandoori Chicken tastes equally good and can be paired with Biryani. They have four types of Biryani – Veg, Egg, Chicken, and Mutton. All of them are cooked more or less the same way, giving them a consistent flavor across the various types.

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