Top 20 Punjabi Street Food Places In Punjab


Punjabi food is mouthwatering! If you ever visit Punjab, these are the places you need to step in.They have a number of dishes representing their culture and the flavors of their culture. Well that comes first to every mind by listening of Punjabi food,Butter chicken boneless and obviously Lassi. So here are some places where you’ll find all of these or may be more of these food items.


This place is one of the best hotels you can have a look at. It represents Punjabi culture and heritage in all ways.As the name says,Haveli, it actually looks like an Emperor’s palace and the staff here is dressed up in proper Punjabi dresses and not just the ambience staff and service but also the foodies excellent.

It serves authentic Punjabi food and everything in that is superb especially the kheer and nothing in this world can beat the taste of their aalogobiparatha. This place is the best place as well as highly recommended place for Punjabi food lovers to step in.

Address: Grand Trunk Road near Khajurla in Jalandhar 144001 in India.


2.BABA’s veg and non-veg

This is the second best restaurant of the 93 restaurants in Jalandhar. If you are in Jalandhar and have not yet visited this place then you need to or else you’ll miss something really great.

This place is quite and beautiful, nice and clean and the ambience is also decent here that you’ll find the best butter chicken you would have ever tasted mutter paneer, kali mirch chicken and mushrooms here are simply cynical there are really rare restaurants where you can find both veg and non-veg really delicious mostly either of them not both this restaurants is one of those rare restaurants where you find both the dishes excellent no matter if veg or non-veg.

Address: 399-L Model Town Near Pizza Hut Delivery in Jalandhar 144001 in India.


3.Rangal Punjab

This place is really easy to locate, as it somewhere around a highway and near haveli the food is bang on, service is excellent as well.The best part is parking space is easy to find.Besides all this the highlight of this place are skits and performances that happen during evening this place is jolly and flavoursome at the same time and what can be more amazing than a place with authentic ambience and yummy local food. It portray the era of 90’s in Punjab and that experience is beyond explanation.

Food here is really flavorsome all Punjabi dishes are found here and these people have those flavorful recipes I guess they make the food taste enchanting this place is worth a visit.
Address:Near Haveli main highway in Jalandhar in India.


4.Chatter Box

This place is quite casual in ambience but the food here is really tasty and fancy. There are rarely any places where you find food both tasty and fancy chatter box is one of those. Do try their Chinese platters they are worth a try and the non veg here is amazing this place also serves Mexican food that is also up to the mark the restaurant is small not big and fancy but the food is really enjoyable and worth a try place is pocket friendly and the chef over there are amazing kudos to the people working there they did a really great job.

Address: 507 Gurudwara Road around New Jawahar Nagar near Shangrila Hotel in Jalandhar 144001 in India.


5.The Brew Master

This place is worth a visit ambience is quite beautiful simple and decent staff is really polite and food is excellent here is awesome and so are snacks one must visit if they are searching for a peaceful place this is perfect for them. You must try Amber if you are looking for a good drink here you have a great variety in food as well they serve Indian, Italian, continental and Chinese as well talking about good food how can we miss prawns and chicken at this place it’s incredibly amazing recommended to non-veg lovers this can surely be your cup of tea to hangout.

Address: 3rd Floor and Terrace in Chun Mun Mall near New Jawahar Nagar in Jalandhar, India


6.The Great Kebab Factory

Hands down because this is the place where one can find the best kebabs in the town food here is also on point but kebab are something that one cannot ignore talking about highly recommended for kebab lovers and here is the best part it has discount on non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays and galoti kebabs are something that one can die for its fantastic and besides that pure coriander chass/lassi was worth a sip and the fish tikka as well place is quite impressive and undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Punjab.

Address: Near bmcchowk in Jalandhar, India


7.Vimps Bar And Restaurant

This is a vegetarian friendly restaurant if you are in search of all in one kind off restaurant with good food in all categories this is surely something you’ll like it’s one of the best restaurants in Jalandhar this place is pretty good in terms of ambience and have cuisine in Indian, Chinese, fast food as well and as mentioned its vegetarian friendly. So if your looking for a restaurant to get a treat for your friends this is the right place it’s pocket friendly as well. Salami and burgers are highly recommended for non-vegetarians.

Address:Civil Lines near G T Road Near Leofort Hote


8.Central Green

This is family place and there are rides for kids as well this place have superb service and excellent food ambience is quite good and overall it’s on point talking about food from Chinese to Indian including south Indian food you’ll find everything and everything worth a bite want to refresh your taste buds? Visit this place…pav bhaji, cheese tikka, paneer tikka, pasta, pizza everything is just a proper definition of perfect. Foodies will surely love this place and their variety this place is a perfect place for street food variety.

Address: Circular Road at Madan Flour in Mills Compound.

pav bhaji

9.Sagar Ratna

This is a nice place with quite a good ambience must try the special coffee and the south Indian cuisine here is wonderful and it’s a vegetarian friendly place upma, idlli and uttapa here are on point and not just this the sambar and chutneys are also well prepared overall a good place if you want to try street food and not just south Indian there are Punjabi food also available here like paneer chilly,parathas and obviously lassi.

Address: 363 Sagar Ratna near Police Line Road Opposite to Gymkhana club.


10.Shree Narayan Das Ji Bare Wale

Samosa, gulab jamun, pakora and aalu tikki are the four words that come to mind as soon as you hear the name of Shreenarayan Das ji bare wale. This restaurant also sells sweets for all occasions and the taste is always fresh the recipe and the aura reminds of ages ago this place and its food is quite refreshing worth a step in and don’t forget to try the kachori it is a proper Punjabi street food restaurant.

Address: Located near MilapChowk, Phagwara Gate in Char Bagh

moong wade

11.Chick Chick

This restaurant is there in Punjab for like; since the evolution of man kind it has been there and has done a great job you’ll find the best chicken over here so anyone out there craving for non-veg take a trip to this place it won’t disappoint you. Not just the food but also the soups at this place are commendable and tandoori chicken and fish are something one would regret missing a bite.

Address:Chick Chick near Bhagwan Mahavir Marg near Football Chowk in Adarsh Nagar




This restaurant is recommended for people who want to eat food that is oily plus healthy and also is of an excellent taste if you are a kind of person who likes oily and want to stay healthy this place is meant for you. All the sewaiya kheer fans out there visit this place at least once in your lifetime kheer here is amazing and who won’t like good food at best price and this restaurant is for people in search of veggie.

Address: SCO-1 in Crystal plaza near Garha road that is next to PIMS

oats kheer


Aarkay Vaishno Dhaba

So this is one of the most famous dhaba’s in jalandhar so if you are craving for some purely Punjabi food make a walk in this place you won’t be disappointed this place will surely impress you from dal makhani till lassi/chass everything is on point this place screems best Punjabi food available here besides this, there are hardly any restaurants that serves food that reminds you of grandma this place is one of those. Worth a visit.

Address: Nakodar Road near NariNiketan in Jalandhar



This place is amazing and deserves to be in limelight where here you find better Chinese than anywhere else it is a decent restaurant with tasty food at reasonable rate it is a pocket friendly place.this place is worth a try and ambience is also amazing. In proper terms it is a Chinese food haunt in Punjab. Service is excellent and there is also a DJ playing not so noisy decent music they have that Asian flavor and authenticity in their food flavors.

Address: Located near GT Road near Jalandhar, India



A nice clean healthy restaurant with amazing food and enchanting ambience as the name says radheradhe there are statues of radha and kirshna at the entrance and their bhajans are played in the restaurant it is a really clean and peaceful place worth a visit and the best part is that there is parking available food here is excellent and hygienic and they also serve sweets and pastry. this place serves only veggie. Best part of all this is the snacks counter outside even that counter have a variety of food.

Address: Shri  Radhe Shyam Base near Monika tower


16.Nik Bakers

So this place is 10 on 10 in all ways it has good seating arrangement nice ambience food is pretty good and cakes are incredible according to me it should be mandatory for people to try it once in their lifetime its amazing so all the cake lovers this place is for you. It is Worth a visit and the pastries are delicious everything out there is amazing do try it once if your in Punjab and searching for some sweet dishes.

Address: Building 579 B in Model Town in Jalandhar in Punjab, India


17.Sunny Side Up Bistro

This place is good ambience is decent and food is amazing the highlight of this place are the cocktails highly recommended are war sari. Salad is average but rest everything is on point including the pastries they are even better are the starters they taste great. Service is also good it takes a while but its worth waiting the food is delicious. Platters for Chinese specially are amazing others are also great. This place is incredible even if your not in a mood to have food one or two bites and you won’t be able to stop yourself.

Address: Near New Jawahar Nagar Road in Jalandhar in Punjab, India


18.Baba chicken Jalandhar

Kebabs are the highlight of this place followed by cheese chilly and fried fish and it seems like the chef was specialised in chicken as the roasted and afghani chicken both mere flavoursome. All the non-veg lovers out there this place is worth a visit. Kali mirchi chicken tikka and lemon chicken are worth waiting for and are just out of this universe it’s incredible. Want to satisfy your hunger hormones do visit this place service is also good staff is really polite.

Address: 399-L in Model Town near Pizza Hut in Jalandhar in Punjab, India


19.Lovely Bake Studio

All the baked biscuit lovers this place is heaven on earth for you guys, here you’ll find the best backed biscuits in Punjab besides this the place is neat and tidy also you can first taste the cookies and cake and then buy them, isn’t this cool? This bakery is highly recommended for cookies and cake lovers do visit once.

Address: Nakodar Road opposite to Lovely Sweets in Jalandhar, India



This place is great and have end number of beverages as this place is bar as well as a restaurant worth a visit and has a really great ambience. Amazing atmosphere and great hospitality and also they have amazing collection of hard drinks. Worth a visit to chill and hangout.

Address: Sco-49 Ahuja Tower near Puda Complex that is Opposite DC Office in Jalandhar, India