Top 20 Things To Try At Bardhaman, Kolakata

Top 20 Things to Try at Bardhaman Kolakata
Top 20 Things to Try at Bardhaman Kolakata

Bardhaman is a small town in West Bengal. It is one of the most important towns in Kolkata. It is a hub of art, culture, and tradition. There are few eminent universities here which make it essential from that point of view as well. Bardhaman has developed itself a lot in recent years. There is nothing that you would not find here. From burgers, pizzas to theme restaurants, this place has to offer a lot. This place is a beautiful mix of traditional and western food dishes.

1. Lyangcha

Lyangcha and Shaktigarh are like bread and butter. They go hand in hand. Succulent pieces of khoya and chenna dipped in sugar syrup often flavored with rose water. It is very close to gulab jamun but is slightly different. They even lyangcha to various parts of the world. This has to be one of the landmark inventions in human history.fried-long-sweet-lyancha-shaktigarh-dipped-sugar-syrup-lengcha-fried-long-sweet-lyancha-shaktigarh-dipped-sugar-syrup-124760431

2. Mihidana

Pearls made out of besan or refined flour cooked in sugar syrup with an aroma of desi ghee. It is very delicious and has to be one of the popular desserts in this part of Bengal. Baked mihi dana has evolved from this dish only but the originality and texture of mihi dana are unparalleled.Mihidana_bardwan-1

3. Sitabhog

Another trademark dish is mistaken as pulav but a fantastic dessert served with tiny gulab jamuns. It is very popular and has slowly traveled through the whole of Bengal and is now cooked all over.Sitabhog

4. Kachoris

It is one of those dishes which you will find common in every part of Bengal. It is very easy to eat and you can finish it off quickly and go to work. It is cheap as well, roughly 20 to 30 rupees plate which makes it affordable for different sections of the

5. Jhal-muri

Similar to kachuris, this street food is prevalent in every nook and corner of Bengal. Puffed rice tossed in mustard oil, seasoned with lots of spices, green chilies, coconut, coriander and bhujiya.jhal-muri-827292_1920-59925892d088c00013bea436

6. Cheap and Best’s Biryani

It is one of the famous restaurants in Bardhaman. They sell aloo, egg, chicken and mutton biryani but the most recommended of all is the chicken biryani. Juicy chicken at an affordable price with reasonable quantities of rice and salad. It is one of the must-try dishes in×799

7. Cheap and Best Chicken Chap

That leg piece is so juicy and tender. It pulls out from the bone with a bit of stroke. The gravy is rich and flavorful. It s very oily, but you can ignore it, keeping in mind the taste it offers.Chicken_ChaapChaanpMarinated_chicken_legs_slow_cooked_in_Kolkata_style_original

8. Second wife’s Tandoori Chicken

As the name suggests, the food they prepare seems to be prepared by your wife only. The vibes are homely, so is the food that is light and easier on the palate. Smoky flavor, crispy edges, and mint chutney is like heaven on earth.unnamed

9. Second Wife’s Chicken Do Pyaza

It is a different preparation of chicken. Soft, tangy chicken cooked in wholesome gravy primarily made of onions. The sweetness provided by the onions is impeccable. There are other side dishes as well but surely this has to be the favorite.qppsvn2xckknywrsaqm9

10. Sana Biryani

When it comes to biryani in bardhaman, Sana biryani is better than most other biryani sellers. Biryani is very popular in Bengal. Spicy biryani masala, soft, and tender potato is the most striking feature of this biryani. It is an affordable and easily accessible place at the same time in Bardhaman.se2cdlpouz6qg6baducz

11. Ram Prosad Sharbat and Lassi

This is one of the oldest shops in Bardhaman selling top-quality lassis, and sharbat. It is thick and you can taste sweetened curd, not like any other lassi sellers who add too much water that hampers the authentic taste.Mohabbat-ka-Sharbat-2

12. Nakshatra

Buffet culture now has reached Bardhaman finally. They are one of the first franchises to try the buffet. Good quality buffet with proper hygiene and presentation. The majority of the dishes are delicious and worth trying. It is a new experience for the locals and they seem to be enjoying it.unnamed (1)

13. One-bite waffle

You read that right. You will find waffles too in Bardhaman. It is one of the exotic desserts. Crispy waffles with chocolate sauce or ice cream. It is one of those dishes that give you a feeling of richness.unnamed (2)

14. One-bite burger

The burgers at this shop are very nice. Crispy tikkis with lots of seasoning, spices, and wonderful coating of breadcrumbs. They serve fresh burgers and are second to none. It is pretty filling and a perfect option for a tea-time

15. One-bite pizza

This restaurant plays a very vital role in uplifting the food culture of Bardhaman. They are selling good quality continental dishes which are a completely new experience for the locals as well as for the people visiting Bardhaman.College-Cookbook-One-Bite-P

16. Tandoori chai

It is available in the Nurse Quarter area of Bardhaman. The smoky flavor of the burnt kulhad is an experience in itself. Chai with a smoky flavor is a deadly duo. It is a new concept, but this place has adapted to it as well, which shows the flexibility of this place.tandoori-chai

17. Fried Ice Cream

You can find fried ice cream in Boronilpur. A warm outer covering filled with rich creamy ice cream is the perfect dessert you can opt for. Ice cream is frozen at a very low temperature and then coated with slurry and bread crumbs and then fried.fried-ice-cream-9-973a631cbf484b2c909d440091921c76

18. Momos in Big bite

This place offers top-quality momos. A thin covering of refined flour with abundant stuffing which is both juicy and flavorful. They serve fresh momos with hot chutneys that will blow your mind. If you are accustomed to spicy food, you will gaga over these momos.n6sld7qeftpehx1t7jrv

19. Fuchka

Located in Rathtala, KanchanNagar, near Kangkaleswari temple, this place serves numerous varieties of fuchkas. Chocolate fuchkas, street style fuchkas, pizza fuchkas are some of them. This place offers a lot and one must surely try at this place.unnamed (3)

20. Channar jilipi

This jalebi is made out of chenna and dipped in sugar syrup. It is very similar to lyangcha but slightly crunchy on the outside. It isn’t easy to prepare and requires a lot of skills. It is not like regular jalebis but indeed a unique experience.unnamed (4)