Top 20 Restaurant-Style Dhabas In Hooghly


Are you thinking about dining outside on the weekend? Well, you might think of dining at a restaurant, but let me tell you there are better places to chill and hang out which you might not know. Fresh air+ light music+ dim lights+ good food= perfect vibe to refresh your mood. Unlike the same old air-conditioned restaurants, here’s a list of the top 20 restaurant-style dhabas in Hooghly where you can spend quality time.

1.Express Dhaba

This is one of the best restaurant-style dhabas that you have come across. It is located at Bighati more, Delhi Road, and has outdoor and indoor dining facilities. It provides you undoubtedly the best food and also a perfect ambiance to dine in. Its signature dish – Malai Chicken (starter), is a must-try.

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2.Kitchen Sutra

This dhaba is located at Chinsurah, Delhi Road, and provides the tastiest food ever. Its theme is the reason for its romantic ambiance, which is quite different. This dhaba has gained popularity mainly due to the unique and spicy taste of the starters. The uniqueness of the taste makes it even better than restaurants.

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3.Intercity Dhaba

This is a roadside dhaba located at Chandannagar, Delhi Road, with delicious dishes and refined décor. What’s unique about this is its interior is designed like an Intercity Train. It picturizes the iconic train scene of Simran-Raj from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and the climax scene of the Bengali movie Praktan.

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4.Biker’s Theque

Located at Bhadreswar, Delhi Road, this is the best place to chill or catch up with buddies. It provides nicely cooked food, bass-boosted music, and a perfect ambiance. The light set-up of this dhaba gives it a nightclub outlook. Besides serving good food, it is also a hookah bar and provides refreshing fabulous mocktails.

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Located at Rani Ghat, Chandannagar, this floating restaurant is the perfect choice for a dinner date. This restaurant cum dhaba provides delicious dishes from starters to the main courses. This place has both indoor, and outdoor facilities. Coffee, starters, cool breeze blowing across the river Ganges and the romantic golden lighting!

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6.Highway Masala

One of the cheapest yet tasty restaurants is Highway Masala. This dhaba is located at Bhadreswar, Delhi Road. It looks beautiful at night because of its round ball lights decoration. The interior is decorated with tiny cute plant saplings inside small cups hang on the wall. The best dishes are – Fried Chilli Fish, Murgh Masallam, and Handi Mutton.

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7.Highway 99 Dhaba

This is a newly launched roadside dhaba located at Bhadreswar, Delhi Road. It provides nicely cooked food and chilled mocktails. Virgin Mohito is highly recommended among desserts. Apart from this, it has a separate tea stall named Chai Wai. Also, you can get chips and packed snacks from there.

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8.Addabaz Dhaba

This dhaba is located at Baidyabati Delhi road. This dhaba provides take-away, dine-in as well as home delivery facilities. It has a very colouful and vibrant outlook because of the colorful flowering plants and the kind of lights used for décor. It has a separate cocktail and mocktail stall for refreshments.

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9.Kitchen Jai Ho!

This dhaba is situated at Rishra, Delhi Road. The address is P8P8+2Q2, Ghoramara, Dakshin Rajyadharpur, Rishra. The prices are reasonable, and affordable for everyone. The quantity of food is more than sufficient and the quality is also a class apart. The veg items, mainly Babycorn and Paneer, are also very well-served.

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10.Shivam Hotel And Restaurant

This dhaba has two branches at Bhadreswar and Chandannagar, Delhi Road. This place is best known for its take-away system. Shivam’s Biryani is a must-try for everyone. This place also has a dine-in facility. It provides Bengali cuisine food in a typical desi taste. If you visit Shivam hotel, you should try out Fish in Bengali-Style.

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11.NH2 Dhaba

This dhaba is located at Seorapuli, Delhi Road. This is a roadside dhaba with take-away and dine-in facilities. It opened recently on December 2022. It is an excellent place to hang out with friends and family. It provides nice food, aesthetic ambiance and no-contact delivery to all the customers.

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12.Love’s Night Dhaba

This drive-through dhaba is at Chandannagar, Delhi Road. The staff here have very well conduct. The prices are very affordable, and the quality of the food is fantastic. The best thing about this place is its service is speedy. If you have had a long journey via Delhi Road, you can stop here for lunch or dinner.

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13.Kebab Village

This dhaba is located at Bighati More, Delhi Road. As known by its name, this place specialises in Kebabs and starter dishes. Even the fish and prawn starters are finger-licking good. This dhaba invokes a very nostalgic vibe as it has a set-up of primitive mud houses, the Kuccha houses of villages.

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14.Heritage Dhaba

This dhaba is at Noapara, Delhi Road. This dhaba was a double-decker bus earlier. Later, this bus was converted into a dhaba. It also has a romantic tea stall named “Ek cup chai- Tumi ar Aami”, which means “a cup of tea- you and me”. Apart from that, it has vast ground which provides sufficient space to contain all by-passers.

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15.Ludhiana Dhaba

The address of this dhaba is NH2, Old Delhi Road, Dankuni. This dhaba has the best Punjabi food on the highway and pure desi Punjabi style. It provides mouth-watering spicy food at a very cheap rate. The staff’s behavior is perfect, and the service is rapid, and you can customize the taste of your food if you want to, by telling the teams.

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16.Azad Hind Dhaba

This is a North Indian-style dhaba at Gurap, Hooghly. Placed beside Bharat Petrol Pump, the place provides an ample amount of space for parking. Tandoori and Dal Makhani are a must-try once you visit Azad Hind Dhaba. The staffs here have very polite behavior and are prompt to the customers’ needs.

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17.Rooftop Café And Resto

This brand new Roadside dhaba recently opened at Bighati More, Delhi Road. Unlike other Delhi Road dhabas, this dhaba is air-conditioned and has a rooftop dine-in facility. According to customer reviews, this restaurant is gaining popularity due to its ambiance. It can also accommodate wheelchairs for sick or older adults.

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18.Rabi Fast Food Centre

This place is at Barabazar, Chandannagar. The signature dishes are Fish Fry, Fish Kabiraji, and Chicken Pakora. The quality of food is top-class. Once you taste these dishes from Rabi Fast Food Centre, you will never have dishes from anywhere else. It serves, really tasty, mouth-watering fast foods on your budget.

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19.Sai Baba Hotel

This dhaba lies at Rishra, Delhi Road. It is a perfect place to stop during a long-distance journey. Local drivers often prefer this place to stop for lunch, or snacks, or tea, and that’s why it attracts hundreds of by-passers every day.

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20.Food Mart

This dhaba is at Chandannagar Station Road. Although the accommodation space is small, the food is very delicious. Chicken Chatpata is a very tasty signature dish of this dhaba. What’s unique about this dish is while cooking this, a fire is set on the kadhai, and the chicken is tossed on that fire. Do not miss it if you ever visit this place!

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