20 Lip Smacking Dishes One Should Try At Varanasi

lip smacking dishes in varanasi

Varanasi has been one of my favourite destinations where you can’t leave the city without  savouring its delicious varieties of food. Simple, sober food with Banarasi tadka make each food item here just phenomenal. Believe me, this city has something for everybody. It creates magic with its ancient history, its music and  most importantly  its food. Varanasi is said to be older that history itself. It has seen the revolution of food and even has given birth to many lip smacking dishes that you can only find in Varanasi. Some of these foods might be available in your cities but trust me, “Banaras ka swad he nirala hai”. The aroma of its rustic and flavourful food will surely win your hearts.

So let’s check out 20 Lip Smacking Dishes One Should Try At Varanasi:

1. Lassi

Lassi, being a traditional drink, is a must try for every milk lover. Banarasi Lassi is way different from Punjabi Lassi. Its thickness is  appreciably the differentiating factor. It is a love handle for every Banarasiya. It’s flavours has been winning hearts of millions since ages who ever tried lassi. Its sweet taste, thick consistency will fill your stomach but you will still   crave for more.  This energy drink perfectly rejuvenates the body especially during the scorching summer.

Two special Lassi points are the prides of Varanasi. Both are equally creating wonders with their quality of Lassi. One is Pehlwaan ki Lassi located in Lanka where as the other one is Blue Lassi Shop located in Bengali Tola. Pehlwaan ki Lassi is located in Lanka city of Varanasi and it is famous for its Lassi which is equivalent to a whole meal. Blue Lassi shop has more than 70 flavours of unusual flavours of toothsome and inviting Lassi. Located in Bengali Tola, you will be at wit’s end to find it but it’s totally worth it.


2. Tamatar Chat

Ever felt lack of spice in your life ?Try tamatar chat of Kashi Chat Bhandar and you will be free of your worries. Yes this mouth-watering tamatar chat is a perfect blend of spices and tomato and is a must try in Varanasi. Though it is very spicy, a kulfi after the chat  relinquishes the fire. Be proud of your red faces as soon as you take a spoon in because you cannot resist the flavour.


3. Kulhad Chai

Mostly preferred tea in Varanasi is in an  earthen pot called Kulhad. A lot of people swear by its flavour to be the best than any other pots. “Ek Kulhad wali Chai” before and after any work is the secret of every Banarasi chai lover. Tea not only refreshes one’s mind from all hectic work of the day but also  gives power up start to the day.

Kashi Café located in Assi Ghat justifies the reason behind the love for Kulhad wali Chai. Wonder how milk, tea leaves and sugar can take away all the stress with a sip? This desi beverage is considered to be a classic must try drink soon after entering Kashi.


4. Banarasi Paan

“Khaike Paan Banaras Wala” As famous as the song, the Banarasi paan has received its worldwide recognition. So what does make it so special? Pan today has become much more than any mere mouth freshener. The art of preparing paan by cutting betel nuts adding catechu, gulkand, dry dates, coconut and wrapping it into betel leaves make it Banarasi Pan. It helps in digestion too.

There are a couple of fantastic shops throughout the city selling banarasi paan but the famous one is Ramchandra Chaurasia Tambul Bhandar at Chowk. Another famous shop is Keshav Paan Bhandar at Ravidas Gate, Lanka which is frequented visited by the paan lovers.


5. Malaiyo

Here comes the famous fizzy seasonal Banarasi sweet- Malaiyo. This famous sweet is a flavoured milk foam/froth or dew served in an earthen bowl and garnished with dry fruits. You can find the best malaiyo in Chowk area. Thathery Bazar and Maidaginalso serve one of the best ‘malaiyo’ in Varanasi. Malaiyo tastes sweet and is so delicate that it melts in mouth. Hundreds visit Varanasi every winter to taste Malaiyo.


6. Baati Chokha

Baati Chokha is an important family dish in UP & Bihar. A traditionally made dish with love of sattu or baked channa, chokha (traditionally made smoked eggplant and boiled potato) and pickles. Batti Chokha Restaurant located in Teliyabagh is also famous for its thali. Batti Chokha is easily available at local vendors near Lanka.


7. Puri And Aloo Rassa

Most  sought for breakfast of the city. Delicious aloo rassa with puri or Kachori at Kachori gali will  crave you to eat more and more. Though this is a common dish in every kitchen but you find the best taste in Varanasi. Shop Madhur Milan near Dashashwmedh Ghat is famous for its Puri and Aloo Rassa Sabzi and is must try early meal for every visitor.


8. Thandai

Thandai of Varanasi will make  your day. Served cold,this soft milk drink is  popular during times of festival Holi and Maha Shivratri. This drink is served with dry fruits, seasonal fruits and extracts of rose and hibiscus.  It is served in kulhad which is only seen in Banaras. One can find the best thandai in Chowk Area. You can add some bhang too.


9. Launglata

Launglata is a very fond  sweet in Varanasi. This mouth-watering sweet is very appetizing because of its clove flavour. This sweet is available at all sweet shops.


10. Lal Peda

Sankat Mochan is perfect place for you if your love peda. Lal Peda is traditional Banaras notability. Prepared with a lot of passion, faith and prowess, this sweet is served after dipping it in ghee and garnished with semolina and pistachios. This is a must try.


11. Chola Samosa

Chola Samosa is an everyday appetizer in Banaras. Both chola and samosa is served together in a bowl. Don’t forget to try chola samosa of Limbdi Corner, IIT BHU without hurting your pockets.


12. Lemon Tea

A lip smacking libation is Lemon Tea. Lemon Tea at Assi Ghat sold by vendors on the Ghats is must try. It refreshes one’s senses. How wonderful the combination goes of cool and breezy atmosphere at the Ghat and of lemon tea. Just wipes out all the pressure and stress of the entire day.


13. Bhang

Ok! Everyone knows this. This Baba Ji ka prashad has its own significance and essence when served in Banaras. Chowk area is the best place to try bhang with sweet and thandai.


14. Bread  Makkhan

As stated in the name, this bread is made local and served with a thick layer of makhan (butter) with little salt and pepper over the white butter. Best place to have this local everyday dish is at Laxmi Chai Waale.


15. Apple Pie

From the first bite of Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe’s apple pie this is much more than heavenly pleasure. This freshly baked apple pie has distinct tastes of apple, cinnamon and butter. Best way to eat is with ice cream.


16. Chicken

The bestselling and cheapest non-veg dishes you can try in the city is at Sha Chicken Restaurant, Chowk Area. Every non-veg lover must visit this place. You can smell the aroma from the street and the serving is delicious. Chicken  prepared is  very  tender and has perfect blend of spices. This places is frequently visited by students to satisfy their chicken binge.


17. Breads

Brown Bread Bakery Varanasi serves fresh warm breads made with no artificial but organic grains. Located near Golden Temple on Dashashwmedh Road, breads are a must try here. This  roof top restaurant gives perfect view of Holy Ganges. Of course you won’t say no, would you?


18. Bonda

Bonda is a crunchy Aloo Pakori served with chilli. This is the morning snack taken with tea. This snack is available at all local vendors.


19. Malpua

This sweet is made fresh and melts in mouth. The best Malpua in the city is available at Ksheer Sagar, Mahmoorganj. It is a traditional sweet and is a must in every festival.


20. Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi Falooda is one of the most requested dishes in Kashi Chat Bhandar filled with thunder of spices. It is served freezing and is sweet in every scoop. Try not to gulp a large scope as it will numb your senses.