Top 20 Restaurants At Sindhubhavan Marg Ahmedabad

top 20 restaurants at sindhubhavan marg ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the most populous cities of India, it is also known as the former capital of Gujarat. It is located near banks of river Sabarmati. People of Gujarat celebrate a range of festivals here. Nine Navratri is the most important festival here, celebrated with Garba dancing, folk dance of Gujarat. It has the unique taste of Gujarat, the most famous meal here is Gujarati Thali it includes roti (Chapati), rice, dal, with cooked vegetables and curry. The most famous dishes of Gujarat are Thepla, Dhokla, Khakra, and other delicious food. There are various restaurants that serve the Gujarati Thali and other favorite dishes of Gujarat.

1. 1944 The Hocco Kitchen

It serves Chinese, Continental, North Indain, and Sichuan cuisines with delicious desserts. It has an ample seating area and fancy dining place. It is a family restaurant with beautiful ambiance. Karari Rumali, Butter Kulcha, Balti Paneer, Ravioli are some of the favorite dishes here. 

1 1944 The Hocco Kitchen

2. Jajarmaan Restaurant

It is a Gujarati Restaurant that serves varieties of North Indian, Gujarati, Chinese, and Mexican food. It includes interior décor and a great and relaxed atmosphere for the visitors. It is a famous place in its area that has a beautiful dining habitat and fabulous staff and services. 

2 Jajarmaan Restaurant

3. The Red Bistro

It serves Multi-cuisine, Italian, Continental, North Indian, and Pure vegetarian food. It has a casual dining type with live music experience and fantastic environment. It has courteous staff that provides quick services to its customers. Takeaways and home delivery are also the suitable options for having the taste here. Dal Makhni, Naan, and Tikka are the famous dishes.

3 The Red Bistro

4. @Mango

It offers Indian, Continental, Italian, and Thai cuisines. It’s a casual and fine dining place. The staff here is polite and congenial. It contains fabulous environment and facilitates with candle light dinner and live music performances. It is family restaurant, excellent place for kids. Ravioli Butter Masala, Penne Pasta, Chinese Hot Pot are the popular dishes here.

4 @Mango

5. Sante Spa Cuisine

It is one of the best places in Ahmedabad to dine in. It serves fresh and healthy food in many varieties such as Arabian, Continental, Shakes, and Beverages. Its favorite dishes are Salted Caramel Mud Cake, Sushi, Dumplings, and many more dishes. This place is better known for comfortable seating area with splendid ambiance, and it includes its nice and friendly staff.

5 Sante Spa Cuisine

6. VarieTea Lounge & Terrace

It serves Italian and fast food with delicious beverages. Its mouth-watering dishes are Pesto Pasta, Butter Garlic Fries, Cheese Fondue, Tex Mex Nacho and many others. It includes indoor seating area as well as rooftop dining place, fascinates with soft and live music background.

6 VarieTea Lounge Terrace

7. Bawarchee

It is famous for serving Chinese and Indian cuisines. The road to success of this restaurant is its creative cooks and chefs with fabulous staff management and services. It has a casual and beautiful dining area for customers to dine in and it provides home delivery to its customers.

7 Bawarchee

8. Havmor Restaurant

It caters to Italian, Chinese, and Fast food. It also serves Jain friendly food for Jain people. It serves delicious food with fantastic ambiance and cozy environment. It has great services and customer-friendly staff. They provide home delivery and takeaways are available for customers.

8 Havmor Restaurant

9. Birmies

It serves North Indian, Sichuan, Mexican, Chinese, and fast food. Pizza is the most delicious and favorite food here. It contains superb background and has colorful lighting environment with superb ambiance and open indoor seating area. It is a fantastic place for hanging out with friends and throwing parties.

9 Birmies

10. Juggernaut

It caters to Italian, Mexican, North Indian, and fast food. This place is better known for its fancy view and amazing crowd, it includes lighting and party theme. Its popular dishes are Alfredo Pasta, Pizza, Shakes, Mocktails, and drinks. It also has a rooftop place to dine in. 

10 Juggernaut

11. Café De Italiano

It is fabulous café with excellent atmosphere that serves Italian, Sichuan, and Fast food with many delicious Shakes and Beverages. Farmhouse Pizza, Pink Pasta, Monster Shake, Alfredo Pasta, Waffles, and Peri Fries are the popular dishes here. It has a cozy place with superb ambiance for dine in.

11 Café De Italiano

12. Sizzante Sizzlers

It caters to Seafood, Chinese, Italian, Continental, and Sizzlers. It serves delicious desserts and fast food. It is a fine dining place that has an air-conditioned area and live entertainment place. It provides Vegetarian and Non vegetarian food. It has an open air environment with outdoor seating.

12 Sizzante Sizzlers

13. Hobnob Bistro

It is fast food café that serves North Indian food. This place is better known for family crowd and its customizable food facility. It fascinates people with its excellent and fabulous music background that serves fresh and excellent food quality.

13 Hobnob Bistro

14. Orange Restaurant & Café

It is an excellent café that serves Continental and North Indian food with many other delicious Beverages. It has a spectacular environment to dine, and it has the fresh food quality. The staff is friendly and polite with customers. They provide home deliveries and takeaways to its customers. 

14 Orange Restaurant Café

15. Udaan Restaurant Café

It caters to North Indian and Fast food. It is a famous place among the Student and young crowd. This place is extremely suitable for birthday celebrations and large group parties. It has WiFi facility and cozy dining area. It provides fresh and customizable food for its customers.

15 Udaan Restaurant Café

16. Imly Restaurant & Party lawn

It has a great environment to dig in, and it serves fresh food quality to its customers. It is famous for serving fast food and beverages. It has really good atmosphere for dining. The staff is polite and responsible and services are quick. It provides takeaways and home deliveries.

16 Imly Restaurant Party lawn

17. The House of Makeba

It serves Mexican, Italian, North Indian cuisines with Shakes and Beverages. It serves exquisite and healthy salad. Its favorite dishes are Rasmalai, Pizza, Sushi and Shakes. It has delightful environment and super cool atmosphere. It serves a wide variety of Pizza and courteous service. It includes Outdoor seating area. 

17 The House of Makeba

18. Mauve

It is a modern Indian restaurant that serves North Indian, Continental, Asian, Sushi, and Fast food cuisines with delicious desserts and beverages. It has a beautiful and modern ambiance that attracts the customers here the most with its unique dining type. The food quality and presentation is fresh and creative.

18 Mauve

19. Gazeebo Café

It provides sandwiches and fast food to its customers. It is a fantastic place to dine in including its splendid ambiance and environment. It serves superb food quality and delicious food. They provide home delivery and takeaways. The staff here is professional and responsible, chefs are creative and relaxed.

19 Gazeebo Café

20. Vintage Vibes

It serves Italian, Continental, Asian, and North Indian cuisines. It is famous for serving large portions of food and fresh quality food within fair and affordable price. It has a comforting atmosphere and a great place to hanging-out with family and friends.

20 Vintage Vibes