Top 20 Restaurants in Balewadi, Pune

Top 20 Restaurants in Balewadi, Pune

Balewadi High Street – The hip line of restaurants. Here is almost like a ramp show where you get to pick the fanciest restaurants.

1. Incognito Restaurant Café

The classic interiors and cosy vibes are very inviting and you would immediately give in. The staff is trained, they also entertain their guests. Food is great. Great ambience and amazing taste.

incognito-restaurant incognito-restaurant-1

2. The Urban Foundry

This place with a great vibe has a rustic décor and superb ambience. It’s very lively and cosy. You can choose to sit inside or outside. It attracts the youth of the city more because of its desi food items and loud music. Talking about the food, they have really different food items rather than the usual, which is in my opinion the best thing about the place. Their famous bacon Vada Pao is one of the most wanted.

the-urban-foundry the-urban-foundry-1

3 Garden

The place has a soothing texture because of the white interior. It’s rejuvenating and keeps you at peace. The quality of the food is good with its classy names and services. The place is completely opposite from what the name suggests. The service is impeccable, and the wide range adds to their stars.

playboy playboy-1

4 La Pizzeria

If you have a sweet tooth then this is the place for you. They have a variety of great desserts. You can customize your coffee and desserts and print your face too. As the same suggests, their pizza is really good with authentic sauces and toppings. Being a vegetarian restaurant, it has a lot of great food especially in their dessert zone.

la-pizzeria la-pizzeria-1

5 Flying Duck Co.

A cool chilled out place to visit with your family and friends. Their décor is good and soothing with lively music. The place is really spacious. The service is quick and courteous. Food is phenomenal with amazing flavors and a variety of dishes. This counts in one of the best places in Pune.

flying-duck flying-duck-1

6 Tertulia Bistro

A perfect place to chill out after a hard day at work. The suave ambience and good music playing at the back adds up to your mood. The staff is very helpful and prompt. The colorful seating arrangements are really an eye catcher. The food here is prodigious and they have a really long list of starters. They have good options of finger food and fast food.


7 Nawab Asia

For soup lovers, it’s a paradise. A good place with cheerful vibes and lovely setting. The quality and quantity of food is good. The staff is very well mannered and cooperative. The right place to have north Indian food in Pune. It is one of the finest restaurants with authentic Indian food.

nawab-asia nawab-asia-1

8 Deewan Khana

A treat for authentic Maharashtrian food lovers. The soft light and keen interiors make it a pleasant and comfortable place for the night. The food is good, and the service is quick and friendly. The price is reasonable.

deewan-khanna deewan-khanna-1

9 Simply Barbeque

Excellent place for a barbeque food night. It offers delicious food with fine quantity & quality. A decent place with lively environment and cheerful crowd. The place is huge and spacious.  You can go there to chill out, for a meeting, for dates and also for partying. Overall, a good and happening place.

simply-barbeque simply-barbeque-1

10 Fat Cook

The ambience is nice. The place is serene and peaceful. The service is poised and courteous, and the food is delicious. Although they don’t have a lot of variety, the place has a good number of dishes and they all taste real nice. The quantity of food is scrumptious and fairly priced. A good place to chill out with family and friends.

fat-look fat-look-1

11 Two Sticks

A really nice place for authentic Chinese food lovers. The place located in is a bit odd, but as you enter the restaurant all your doubts will vanish within a second. The ambience is great. The staff is cordial and well mannered. The quantity of food is more than sufficient, and the taste of food is amazing.

two-sticks two-sticks-1

12 Five Fat Monks

The place has a good interior décor and filled with cheerfulness. The ambience is chilled and the rustic look makes the place appear good. Their variety in sea food is an eye catcher in the menu. A place with a decent setting. Looking for somewhere to hangout but in peace? This is the place for you then.

five-fat-moks five-fat-monks-1

13 Gong

Located in the most happening place, this restaurant has a nice décor. The staff is well mannered and the food is great. Their special cuisines are authentic Asian dishes which are really interesting. They are known for their sushi and dim sum. It is rich and classy at the same time.

gong gong-1

14. Rihana’s Biryani

Located in sips and bites, it adds a good vibrance to the place. Servings are done on banana leaves which are the most attractive design of the place. Their quantity is good and has a variety of options. It is available is quarter, half, full plates, and also in kilos.

rihana rihana-1

15. Arthur’s Theme

The cool and royal interior of the place has a very calm ambience. The European theme is very charming, especially the names of the dishes, which includes Heidi and Alexander – The Great. The staff is helpful and will really guide you through. The steaks are really juicy and have a lot of flavours. A must visit in Pune.

arthur arthurs-theme

16 Mavala Durbar

This Maharashtrian classic restaurant will leave you content. They don’t have a very fancy menu but the taste of food is great. It is a must visit if you are an ardent fan of Kolhapuri and Maharashtrian spicy food. Service is prompt and they are very helpful.

mavala-durbar mavala-durbar-1

17 The J

The simple food is made with a twist here. The flavours are amazing especially their french fries. They have great variety of sauces and their interesting flavours catch your attention immediately. Quality and quantity of is very good.

the-j the-j-1

18 Dorje and The Bell

A nice and cosy place for monsoon. The slurpiness of ramen noodles, egg, chicken, and veggies would take you down after hard day at work. The warmth that accompanies a ramen soup is what would get you kicking always. You will love the ambience and you would definitely return for more the next time.

dorje-and-the-bell dorje-and-the-bell-1

19 Apache High Street

If you are looking for a rocking weekend, then this place will be perfect to enhance your evening. The rock and metal music attract the youth immediately. The DJ actually has a great taste of music. The service is really good and awesome The food is delicious. You will have a great night and would go again for more.

apache apache-1

20. Rustom Battliwala

Good interior, fantastic ambience, and good service. Known for its fast food services, this place will come into your notice for its taste. The smell that lingers around the place will attract you and you will definitely not regret it. The price is reasonable and the place has a lot of crowd.

rustom rustom-1