Top 20 Restaurants In Bishnupur, West Bengal

Top 20 Restaurants In Bishnupur West Bengal
Top 20 Restaurants In Bishnupur West Bengal

Bishnupur is a city in the state of West Bengal, India. It is the headquarters of the Bishnupur subdivision. It is famous for its terracotta temples built by Malla rulers, historic Radha Krishna temples built during1600-1800 BCE and the Baluchari sarees. The city has a total population of 75,000 as per the records of 2011. Bengali is the primary dialect of the region. The Bishnupur Mela is held every year in the last week of December in Raj Darbar. The city also has various restaurants serving authentic Bengali cuisine and many other cuisines so that you can cherish the food. Let’s look at some of them mentioned below.

1. Monalisa Restaurant

It is a small and straightforward restaurant serving veg thali at a cost of Rs.110. They also serve posto bora, which is a specialty of this place. It is a good option for lunch with family.

Location: Near Rabindra Statue, Bailapara, Bishnupur.


posto bora 1

2. Biryani House

It is a famous restaurant, which serves authentic, flavourful biryani to its guests. You can enjoy eating in an open area under fresh air. The hygiene is well-maintained, and the service is impressive.

Location: Chinnamasta Road, Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur

Biryani House

3. Maa Puspashree Hotel

This tiny and simple restaurant is situated in Dalmadal Para. They offer homemade preparations at a reasonable price. If you prefer food quality and taste over ambience, then this place is for you. The meals are healthy and hygienic.

Location: Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur.

Maa Puspashree Hotel

4. Sree Hotel

This outlet serves Indian cuisine in a small area with limited seats available. It is an ideal place to have meals for lunch. The thali served here is incredible in taste.

Location: Bishnupur College Road, Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur.

Sree Hotel

5. Heritage No.1

This is straightforward and non-fancy outlet in Bishnupr, offering delicious biryani. It is an excellent option to visit with family and friends to hang out and spend quality time. They have options for both lunch and dinner, accepting payments only through cash.

Location: Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur.

Heritage No.1

6. Pizza House

It is an excellent place for students and youngsters to visit, where they can relax and relieve their stress. The ambience is pretty and has party vibes. The service is fantastic and fast. The pizza and burger are delicious servings here.

Location: Bishnupur College Road, Station Area, Bishnupur.

Pizza House

7. Lassi Center And Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant located at a decent place with a pleasing environment, which makes it a perfect site to visit with loved ones. Their specialty is swerving various flavourful lassi like ice cream lassi and strawberry lassi that you must-try if in the city.

Location: Poka Bandh North, New Indira Market.

Lassi Center And Restaurant


Park Hotel And Restaurant

It is fast food restaurant, which serves high-quality food in enough quantity at a low price. The taste is satisfying and delightful. They serve the regional dishes of the state as well. They have the dine-in option available with payment only accepted through cash.

Location: Kabiraj Para, Bishnupur.

Park Hotel And Restaurant

9. Teasty

This outlet serves chaat items like Dahipuri, Panipuri, Roomali roti, etc. You must give this place a try if you are golgappe lover as they are delicious. It is a little site accepting payment only through cash.

Location: AhallaBai Road, Kabiraj Para, Bishnupur.


10. Springdale Restaurant

This outlet is famous for serving tasty food items with unique decorations and presentations. The food quality and quantity are excellent. It is a family restaurant with a pretty good ambience and food at a reasonable price.

Location: Kabiraj Para, Bishnupur.

Springdale Restaurant

11. Hello Biryani

As biryani is a famous recipe of West Bengal, this restaurant in Bishnupur provides you the same authentic recipe with the regional taste. The biryani is liked by people visiting here and is also filling. They also provide free home-delivery service.

Location: Rakshakali Temple, Kabiraj Para.


12. Quality Food Tour

This restaurant provides their guest with all kinds of dishes ranging from snacks to proper wholesome meals. They have sitting arrangements also where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with your family. They also provide catering and home delivery facilities.

Location: Bishnupur College Road, Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur.

Quality Food Tour

13. Suruchi Restaurant

It is a small place that offers tasty chaat items to their guest, especially tasty puchkas. They also have seating arrangements but, with very few seats, so it is best if one prefers taking away the order. The tasty puchkas from this place is quite popular among locals here.

Location: Bishnupur-Arambagh Road, Kabiraj Para, Bishnupur.

Suruchi Restaurant 1

14. Food Caravan

This restaurant offering fast food to their customers is situated on Bishnupur college road, Mayra Pukur. They provide tasty, quality dishes at a reasonable price. It opens at 5 PM in the evening and closes by 9 PM in the night.

Location: Bishnupur College Road, Mayra Pukur, Bishnupur.

Food Caravan

15. Taste Ride

This place with a decent ambience and fine sitting arrangement, serves tasty, quality, and hygienic preparations to people at an affordable price. They serve biryani, fried rice, etc. that are hot and fresh. The staff is friendly and provide good service.

Location: Bishnupur College Road, Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur.

Taste Ride

16. Madhulika Restaurant

It is one of the best places in the city where you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner as they provide various options for a meal. This place might lack lustre but surely does not compromise on taste. You must try Chana Bhatura and lassi from this place.

Location: Kalindinibandh, Bishnupur.

Madhulika Restaurant

17. Red Earth Restaurant

This outlet is situated on Jamuna Bandh Lake side Road, Krishna Ganj. They serve unique combinations that are delicious and hygienic. The staff is polite and manages guests well. You will surely love to revisit this location.

Location: On Jamuna Bandh Lake, Krishna Ganj, Bishnupur.

Red Earth Restaurant

18. Bishnupur Hotel

It is a Bengali restaurant serving the regional dishes and staple food of the state. It is one of the oldest hotels located in Bishnupur, winning people’s heart to today’s date. They provide good quality wholesome lunch and dinner recipes. It is a highly recommended place for travellers.

Location: Rasikanj, Bishnupur.

Bishnupur Hotel

19. Darbari Cafeteria

It is an open cafeteria with down to earth setting and decoration. You will have a fantastic experience here, enjoying delicious food with warm hospitality. The aloo parathas are an ideal choice for breakfast.

Location: Rajdarbar, Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur.

Darbari Cafeteria

20. Mukhorochak-Fast Food Centre

It is a fast food center with 3-4 tables arranged for eating at the location.  Their menu consists of momos, pakoras, and much more. If you visit this place, you can try Roll or Mughlai items. The items are hygienically served by courteous staff.

Location: Bishnupur College Road, Kabiraj Para, Bishnupur.