Top 20 Restaurants In Chowpatty, Mumbai

Top 20 Restaurants In Chowpatty Mumbai
Top 20 Restaurants In Chowpatty Mumbai

Let us see some of the amazing restaurants in Chowpatty in Mumbai. We will get to know about varieties of food, places, basically something new and interesting. We will get to know about the top 20 restaurants you should visit when you come to Mumbai. Everything is new like a new place, new taste, new food, new nature, etc. Isn’t it amazing to hear? So let us begin with our top 20 journey tour. As we all know that Mumbai is very famous everywhere so the food is also known as much as the city.

1.Revival Restaurant

It includes cuisines like Maharashtrian, North Indian, and Beverages. It is known for its Masala Papad, Chilman Biryani, Rumali Masala Papad, Grand Thali, Rajasthani Thali, Gujarati Food, Tomato Soup, etc. It’s a good place to go with family. The cost for 2 people is 900RS. It’s a bit expensive but a good place.

1RevivalRestaurant 2.

Cream Centre

Cream Centre is very famous in Chowpatty because of its Chole Bhature. It also contains Italian, North Indian, Chinese, Fast food, etc. You can visit here with your family and friends. The food is amazing all in all. You can order anything and be sure to like this place and food.




This place has Gujarati, North Indian, and Italian dishes. Its popular dishes are Gujarati Food, Dal Dhokli, Pasta, Starters, and Pizza. You can visit here with your family and friends. It’s a bit expensive because the cost for 2 people is 1000Rs. It also has a wedding lawn where wedding ceremonies are held.



Café Ideal

Café Ideal has a nice sea view along with good surroundings. It is busy on the weekends. It has different kinds of food such as North Indian, Fast Food, Chinese, Parsi, Sandwich, Pizza, Burger and Beverages. It has great music and services is also good. The price is affordable, 600 Rs for 2 people.



La Veggies

La Veggies is a prime Location and it opens from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. The menu contains Mexican, Italian, Chinese food. Along with this, they have North Indian, continental and beverages available. The quality of food is good and the ambience is very nice. The services are quick and the price is expensive.



Crystal Eastern Emporium

It has different types of food like Ghee Chapati, Fruit Cream, Rice Kheer, Paneer Bhurji, Aloo Jeera, and Masala Rice. It has Amazing food, simple, not too spicy, yet tasty. The meals are great at low costs. It is a small and cozy place. It is a vegetarian restaurant. The services are good and the place is well maintained.



Asian Street Kitchen

It is famous for vegetarian Asian Cuisine. Along witht this, they also have Chinese and Thai food available. The soup and salads are amazing. They provide healthy food, as we say health is wealth. It is average cost and services are good. Spread over two levels indoor and an outdoor seating area. It has great ambience.




This place has a fabulous décor, and with that, they have different cuisines like North Indian, Bar Food, Italian, Oriental, Desserts, and Beverages.  It is a bit busy on weekends, being a good place for family. An amazing place good ambience and delicious food is what can be expected here. Service is good and fast even on the weekends.



Sukh Sagar

It is a very popular place where people come to eat the famous pav bhaji, pizzas, idlis and juices. It has different spaces for eating and drinking. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant, you can come with your friends or family. It’s a very good place and the price is also affordable. Food is best you must try here once.



New Yorkers

Famous dishes are Classic Nachos, Cheese Fondue, Lasagna, Sizzlers, Cheese Balls, and Mojito. It is located at the Seaview ,so, you can enjoy the sunset along with tasty food. It has a decent ambience and the cost for 2 people is 1200 Rs. It has amazing beverages as well as food. Jain food is also available.




It’s a vegetarian restaurant along with multi cuisines. It has a homey vibe and the décor is of Indian gods and goddesses. Popular dishes are Jeera Rice, Sizzlers, Manchow Soup, Pizzas, Nachos and Starter here. It’s a vegetarian restaurant next to Isckon Temple, Chowpatty. It has great food and the cost is 1000Rs for 2 people.



Rahul Food Court

It’s a place for fast food which has great dishes like sandwiches, Pizza, Rolls, Chinese, Frankies, etc. It is situated opposite to Starbucks. Food is a bit spicy but it is good and dosa is also available. 300Rs for 2 people is the cost.




It is very famous for its pizzas and snacks. Most of the teenagers and family goes there to spend time with their friends. Chocolate shakes and chocolate dishes are very famous and tasty. It has a good location and the place is very good. You must go there at least once when you come to Mumbai.




It is a spacious place and has Gujarati cuisine, with street food available. Its famous dishes are Malai Malpua, Biscuit Bhakri, Ganne Ka Juice, Authentic Gujarati Food, Dal Dhokli, and Puranpoli. Not only Gujarati people but most of the people from other places also visit there. It is approximately 800 Rs for 2 people.



39B By The Bay

Cuisines available here are Finger Food, North Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Fast Food. Some of the famous dishes are Pizza Samosa, Dal Kichadi, Fritters, Sizzling Brownie, Mocktail, Naan, etc. This is a decent place opposite to Chowpatty. It is a casual place to chill with friends and family. Their ambience is good and nicely decorated. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant. They have plenty of different types of sitting arrangements so that you can enjoy your food comfortably.



Kobe Sizzlers

It is famous for its sizzlers, Paneer Shaslik, Chilli Cheese Toast, Iced Tea, Caramel Custard, Chips, Burgers, etc. It is the best place to eat sizzlers as it has a different kind of sizzlers and has a great taste of it. The décor is good and the place is clean.



Canto Café And Bar

It is a multi-cuisine café with Continental, Mexican, Italian, American, Pizza, Sandwich, Desserts, and Beverages. Popular dishes are Vegetable Mezze Platter, Seafood Tempura, Ratatouille Crepe, Milano Pizza, Sicilian Chicken, and Pineapple Pizza. It is in a nice location with a classy interior. The food is good and is affordable. There is dim light with great design on the walls.



The Cafeteria at Westside

It is a place that has snacks, desserts, etc. The best food is the pastry, sandwiches, and coffee is amazing. It has great lights and nice music. It is a small place for around 10-15 people. You can sit there and watch TV too. The food is amazing and affordable. You can go with your friends or family.



New York Burritos Company

It has great Mexican food available. The different types of dishes are Tex Mex Burrito, Paneer Burrito, Chocolate Walnut Brownie, Guacamole, Rice Bowl, Quesadilla, etc. It is open from 9AM to 3AM and the food here gets the most out of your taste buds as it is relishing and soothing. What’s best about it is that it never lets you feel the guilt of having junk.



Café New York

It is known for its Jukebox and well-priced alcohol. Its famous food is Beers, Nachos, Egg, Burgers, Drinks, Starters, etc. It is a cool place with a relaxed atmosphere. It cost 950 Rs for 2 people. It opens from 8 am to 8 pm. On weekends it is busy. A great place to visit.