Top 20 Restaurants in Begusarai

Top 20 Restaurants in Begusarai
Top 20 Restaurants in Begusarai

Begusarai is a developing city that is known as Bihar’s “Industrial Center.” When visiting Begusarai, you will find a variety of restaurants offering delectable meals. There are various hotels and restaurants in this city that are well-known for their friendliness and excellent service. If you’re looking for notable restaurants in this city, take a look at the top 20 restaurants in Begusarai mentioned below.

1.Kanchan Restaurant

It is one of Begusarai’s finest restaurants. It’s a family restaurant with beautiful décor and a pleasant environment. This restaurant serves good food at reasonable costs. You are welcome to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions here.

Location: Vasant Vihar, Begusarai



Pink Kitchen Restaurant

It’s a lovely restaurant near the closed Amardeep Cinema Hall on NH-31. It specializes in non-vegetarian Dhaba cuisine. It is Begusarai’s best chicken restaurant. They also have wonderful Chowmein on the menu. Cabins are also available for privacy at the restaurant. The food is of good quality, and the prices are reasonable.

Location: Hotel Ranjit, Traffic chowk, Bihar



Chill out

Chill out is a restaurant where you can unwind, recharge, and socialize with friends. It’s a spot where you can get high-quality snacks, pizzas, and bakery items. They are known for their eggless cakes and pastries.  Overall, it’s a nice place with friendly service, healthy food, and a clean environment.

Location: GD College Rd, Begusarai, Bihar



Maa Marwadi Basa

It’s one of Begusarai’s best vegetarian restaurants to meet with family and friends. The meal here is of exceptional quality and flavor. The restaurant features a pleasant environment and comfy seats.

Location: Ratanpur, Begusarai



Dosa plaza

It’s a fantastic spot for anyone who likes authentic South Indian cuisine. Dosa of several varieties can be found here. There is also Chinese food available. Although this place is modest, the atmosphere is fantastic. They serve food that is neat and clean, as well as healthy and inexpensive.

Location: GD College Rd, Vasant Vihar, Begusarai



Hotel Jagdamba & Family Restaurants

In Begusarai, it is undoubtedly a wonderful place to go out for a party with family and friends. You will adore the chicken masala here once you try it.  The personnel is courteous and cooperative. Food amount and quality are also appropriate.

Location: Vishnupur, Sarvodaya Nagar, Begusarai



Chilli Chaat Lounge

The restaurant’s Vegetarian Food Menu features delectable and mouth-watering dishes and beverages. Their menu features North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese cuisines. Every dish on the menu is delicious. Your plate will be satisfied by the authentic ingredients and rich gravy preparation. Both the atmosphere and the food will make you feel like you’re in a five-star restaurant!

Location: Sona Jageshwar Complex, Traffic Chowk, Begusarai



New Satkar Hotel

It’s a nice, quiet, and hygienic setting to eat. They have made a name for themselves with a tangy, spicy chilly chicken dish. Chicken Masala, kadhai chicken, and chicken Afghani are also worth trying. Paneer dishes are a must-try in this restaurant. The restaurant provides excellent service at an affordable price.

Location: Har har Mahadev chowk, Begusarai



Chhappan Bhog

It’s a fantastic venue for a family gathering or a party, and the food is delicious. The restaurant offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines, as well as delectable pastries. This place provides a pleasant and relaxing environment with comfortable seating arrangements. The ambience is enjoyable and serene because the area is clean, compact, and less congested.

Location: Vasant Vihar, Begusarai



Anupam Sweets, Ghee & Family Restaurant

It is a good restaurant for sweets prepared with pure ghee, such as Banarasi cham cham, peda, and soan papdi, at a reasonable price. It’s an excellent spot to go for high-quality items like desserts and samosas. The chaat prepared here is delicious and enjoyable.

Location: Hiralal Chowk, Begusarai



D’Desire Food Outlet

It provides high-quality snacks and meals that are delicious. The restaurant has two kitchens, one for vegetarian cuisine and the other for non-vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant’s signature dish is chicken Mughlai, which you must taste. The restaurant serves delicious meals at a low cost. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and delicious food and shakes!

Location: Shri Krishna Singh complex, Block B, Bihar



Swayamprabha Restaurant

It is the finest dine-in restaurant in the area, serving delectable cuisine. Every form of fast food may be found here. The restaurant offers excellent food and service at a reasonable price. Here you may get the greatest semi-gravy and dry paneer chilly in town. It is hygienic and one of the town’s top restaurants.

Location: Motel Sayonara, NH-31, Begusarai




Begusarai’s Biryaniz is a multi-cuisine family restaurant. Biryani and Hyderabadi cuisines are offered at the restaurant. The place provides a pleasant ambience as well as tasty meals. You will become addicted to this eatery after just one visit.

Location: Vasant Vihar, Begusarai



Manbhavan Restaurant

It is the site to some of the country’s most popular cuisines, to accommodate a considerable amount of diners. Chinese, Biryani, Punjabi, Mughlai, Indian, Tandoori, Hyderabadi, Kashmiri, Afghani, and Mongolian cuisines are available. The restaurant ensures pleasant dining by serving excellent cuisine.

Location: Hemra Road, Begusarai



Marwari Bhojnalaya

It isn’t easy to find a pure vegetarian restaurant in Begusarai that serves dishes without onion or garlic, but this Marwari Bhojnalaya does. The cuisine here tastes the same as it does at home. If you’ve had your fill of junk food over the last few days and want to try something nutritious in a desi and straightforward way, visit here.

Location: Vishnupur, Chitragupta Nagar, Begusarai




In Begusarai, this is often one of the highest-rated restaurants. The eating place serves delicious food from the House of Chill out, which is of the best quality. The eatery offers high-quality rolls, biryani, and shawarma. The staff is courteous and humble. It is often an excellent place to playtime together with your family.

Location: Nirala Nagar, Begusarai



Colonel Kebabz

It is a fantastic place to go with friends. Without any doubt, order non-vegetarian specialties as appetizers and main courses. The cuisine here is well worth the price. This place provides an excellent service and a relaxing atmosphere with lovely dim lighting. It is overall, a fantastic site to visit.

Location: Deepshikha Road, cinema, Begusarai



Dhaba Café

It’s a nice spot to chill out. The food is excellent, and the restaurant’s interior is stunning. Try their garlic bread and cold coffee. It is the best cafe in town, with reasonable prices and a wide selection of delectable dishes.

Location: Vishwanath Nagar, Pipra, Begusarai



Hotel James Restaurant Laziz

It is one of Begusarai’s premier restaurants. The cuisine offered here is very excellent, nicely prepared, and, more importantly, the place is spotless and hygienic. The attitude of the employees is outstanding. The most excellent part is that the service is swift and pleasant.

Location: Traffic Chowk, In front of the post office, Bihar



Champaran Handi Mutton House

The greatest Handi Mutton and Chicken in town can be found at Champaran Handi Meat House. The meal is prepared in the purest Desi style. The Handi is prepared over wood charcoal, giving it a flavor that will be remembered. It is a must-visit restaurant for non-vegetarians if you are in or around Begusarai.

Location: Darji wali Gali, Begusarai