Top 20 Restaurants In Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Top 20 Restaurants In Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh
Top 20 Restaurants In Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie is a hill station in Chamba, in north India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located on five hills and has an elevation of 1,970 above sea level. This place has a humid subtropical climate. In late summer and early spring, see torrential rainfall due to the influence of the monsoon. The minimum and maximum temperature at night is 4 and 11 degree Celsius, respectively. Snowfall is quite common here, and the city sees over 90 frost days and 20-30 snowy days per year. It is one of the most liked vacation spots for people who love snowfall and experience a good amount of tourists visiting the city. There are many excellent food spots in the city, where you can enjoy delicious and flavorful meals, out of which we have bought you the top 20 restaurants in Dalhousie.

1. Lovely Restaurant

As the name says, it is a lovely family restaurant with good food, splendid ambience, and fast service. The place seems to have a massive crowd on a daily basis and is pretty famous in the city. They also have an open sitting area and live music available. You can also make payments through online mode here.

Lovely Restaurant

2. Bunny’s Resto Café

It is located in Moti Tiba, Dalhousie, probably serving the best Indian food in the whole city. Everything about this place is on point; the food, the service, and the vibes. The ambience is awe-inspiring and has a casual atmosphere, making it perfect for visiting with family.

Bunnys Resto Cafe

3. Manmahesh Rasoi

It is situated in Panjpula, Gandhi chowk, and is a perfect option for lunchtime. It is a vegetarian restaurant and is an excellent treat for vegetarians as they have various dishes on their menu. The paratha from this place is a must-try. The service and quality of food both are appreciable.

Manmahesh Rasoi

4. Himachali Kitchen

This outlet is an excellent option if you want to try some delicious Himachali food.  The unique recipe called ‘Madra,’ a local rajma dish made in curd gravy, is a must-try. It is also a good location for history enthusiasts and wants to feel home-like with an authentic rural setting.

Himachali Kitchen

5. Terrace The Restaurant

It is a perfect open terrace restaurant located in Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie. They have Italian and Indian options available on their menu, all of them tasting good and offered at reasonable rates. The view from this site is worth watching.

Terrace The Restaurant

6. Lall’s Food Junction

It is a small junction offering food items and recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a pretty famous and busy place in a comparison to its neighboring shops. The aloo dum is worth-tasting and are served in enough quantity. This junction is near Bus stand, Moti Tiba.

Lalls Food Junction

7. Bon Appetite 

This outlet serves one of the best street side foods in the city you will ever eat. They have wide variety of pizza and many more delicious items to enjoy while visiting this place. Also, the veg cheesy burger is a must-try

Bon Appetite

8. Moti Mahal Restaurant

It is a Restaurant with sumptuous food located in Subhash Chowk, serving almost all types of recipes from different cuisine. The dosa from this place is highly recommended as it is delicious. It is a value for money place with impressive service.

Moti Mahal Restaurant

9. The Kettle House

It is a modern restaurant with a bit ancient look with a buffet facility available at a cost of Rs.525 per head. They have varieties of age-old kettle collections from various countries. The view from this place is splendid with a pleasing atmosphere. They also have Jain food available at their site.

The Kettle House

10. SnackOpedia

It is fast food restaurant serving delicacies like sandwiches, rolls, pasta, cupcake, brownie, and ice cream to satiate your taste buds. It is situated in Avondale Estate Mall, Dalhousie. It is a beautifully decorated area with unique and attractive décor.


11. Friends Sher E Punjab

It is a budget-friendly place serving excellent food for Punjabi cuisine lovers. The parathas and hot tea are highly recommended for breakfast as they are pretty satisfying. The hospitality and food quality both are appreciable.

Friends Sher E Punjab

12. Tibet Corner

It is a joint situated in Subhash Chowk, serving Tibetian food, which is tasty and fulfilling. It is a cozy corner with a casual atmosphere. The momos and thukpa are a must-try. The joint is owned by a lady providing warm hospitality to her guests.

Tibet Corner

13. Café Dalhousie

This is a lovely café with splendid décor and sitting arrangements situated in the Market area. They have a vast menu, each dish being pretty satisfying. The hot chocolate is a must-try and suitable option for sweet cravings. You can have the best experience at this place in the evening.

Cafe Dalhousie

14. Cfc Fast Food

It is an excellent fast food corner for vegetarians serving tasty food made with fresh and authentic ingredients. The momos and Oreo shake is delectable and worth it. The price and quality of food are appreciable.

Cfc Fast Food

15. Forever Café

It is an open café far away from all the distractions of modern life. The place has very good and calm vibes. It is located near Panjpulla Market waterfall and is a simple yet beautifully decorated café. The special offering here is coffee, which will make your day.

Forever Cafe

16. Café By Mongas

It is located on Khajjiar road, next to hotel Gracemount. You will have a fantastic time at this place as everything is good in terms of taste, portion size as well quality. The white sauce pasta is satiating, and the coffee walnut cake is recommended in desserts. It is a must-visit place if you ARE IN Dalhousie.

Cafe By Mongas

17. Illusion Lounge Bar

This restaurant has an open area sitting arrangement with terrific ambience and a pleasing atmosphere. The hospitality is appreciated with excellent food service and taste. It is open from 12 noon to 11 PM and offers a wide variety of light bites.

Illusion Lounge Bar

18. New Sharma Dhaba

It is one of the few pure vegetarian restaurants located on Gandhi Chowk, having a parking facility also, which is rare to find in other restaurants. The food is super tasty and served in reasonable quantities at affordable prices. Apart from that, the view of Mother Nature from this place is worth watching.

New Sharma Dhaba

19. Glory Restaurant

It is a good option for vegetarians and Gujarati cuisine lovers. They serve tempting khathiyawadi delicacies in their outlet. The food is the perfect blend of flavors and spices. It is a simple place with a casual atmosphere; perfect for visiting with family.

Glory Restaurant

20. Kailash Dhaba

This is one of the most special places in Dalhousie for Chinese food options. It is a very famous site, especially the momos are tempting and worth-tasting.  The quality of food is excellent and served in reasonable portions. You can try noodles and soup from this location.

Kailash Dhaba