Top 20 Restaurants In Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Top 20 Restaurants In Kasauli Himachal Pradesh
Top 20 Restaurants In Kasauli Himachal Pradesh

Kasauli is a town and cantonment, which is located in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh, India. The whole city is divided into six wards and has a population of 3,885. It has a moderate climate reaching approximately 2 degrees in winters. During January, one can also experience snowfall here and some frosty nights. In summers, the temperature does not exceed 32 degree Celsius or more. Recently, it has been a favorite vacation spot of people as they want to explore the new hill stations for Himachal Pradesh. The city has a vast number of restaurants serving delicious hill station food. We have shortlisted  the20 best restaurants for you, so let us have a look at them.

1. Labu’s Kitchen Kasauli

It is a beautiful restaurant where you can sit and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. Also, the music played in the background is soothing. The lemon coriander soup is worth tasting and goes well with the cold climate of the city. Apart from that, you can also try Paneer lababdar, which is equally delicious.

Labus Kitchen Kasauli

2. Barbeque Square

It is located near the Garkhal Bus stop in Kasauli. The view from this place is mesmerizing, and so is the food served here. You can enjoy a hot cup of tea in the cold climate while enjoying the view, and the preparations are fresh and tempting. They have broad menu of authentic Indo-Chinese food.

Barbeque Square

3. Shakes And Snacks

It is located in Upper Mall, Kasauli serving the true essence of comfort food. It is a highly recommended site for quick bites and snacks. The chana kulcha and shakes offered at this location are a must-try. Also, this place serves one of the best ‘Adrak vali Chai’.

Shakes And Snacks

4. Hangout

This is a rooftop Indian restaurant offering beautiful hillside views and cocktails and Dj. The view is undoubtely worth watching, and the food tastes fantastic. The place is busy during the evening and can make you wait a bit longer for seats.


5. The Riyawat

This is one of the restaurants in Kasauli, which should not be missed by you on your visit to the city. The service and presentation are impressive. The pizza is a must-try as it is fabulous in taste.

The Riyawat

6. Sher-E-Punjab Anand Dhaba

It is a bit cozy place managed by three gentlemen, which is located at the entrance of the heritage market. The environment is simple and all staff working here is more than 40 years old. All the dishes served here are delicious, and pickles are perfect for having a tangy taste.

Sher E Punjab Anand Dhaba

7. Chandel’s Zaika

It is one of the best eateries in locality compared to other ones. They have excellence in tandoori dishes served along with lip-smacking gravy dishes. The interior and ambience both are splendid. The hygiene and cleanliness are well-maintained.

Chandels Zaika

8. Mom’s Kitchen

It is a small café in the heart of the heritage market, Kasauli. The place is clean with well-maintained hygiene. The site is an excellent option to chill out with friends. They serve a wide range of delicious milkshakes, among which strawberry and banana milkshakes are a must-try.

Moms Kitchen

9. Lazeez Restro

This is a simple place serving delicious noodles and milkshakes in Kasauli. The prices and quality of food are appreciable. The best thing about this restro is that if you don’t like any food item, they don’t charge for it. It is a good option for quick visits with friends.

Lazeez Restro

10. Shaane Kasauli Punjabi Tadka

It is one of the prominent choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options having the best taste. They serve Indian and Chinese cuisine along with delicious ice-creams. The service options available here are curbside pick-up, take-away, and dine-in.

Shaane Kasauli Punjabi Tadka

11. Tandoori Night

It is a must-visit place if you are searching for an economical place without compromising on taste. The ambience and lighting are classy, with the fabulous presentation of food items. They provide warm hospitality and service. You can try barbeque items from this place.

Tandoori Night

12. Grill On The Hill

This is a highly recommended place if you are a Chinese food lover as this place is well known for this cuisine. They also have a machine-made Panipuri. Apart from the Chinese cuisine, the pizza and softy are delicious and worth craving. The site is extensive, cozy, and clean.

Grill On The Hill

13. Goofa Café

If you once visit this place, you will for sure not forget the lovely experience and will not be able to resist yourself from seeing it again. It is an eatery in the corner with ultimate food options that are terrific in taste. Though every dish offered is excellent, but the Thukpa and chili potato are the best.

Goofa Cafe

14. Café Gravity

It is a peaceful and relaxing serving variety of Indian and Chinese recipes, which are flavorful and mouth-watering. Apart from the snacks and meals, this place is best known for different ice-creams, which are worth tasting. The fried ice cream is a must-try here.

Cafe Gravity

15. Macho Daddy

It is situated in Heritage market, Kasauli, having the most stylish and fancy décor in the locality. The food is tempting, especially chole-bhature are must-try. The tea is pretty famous in this outlet. The service options are take-away and dine-in.

Macho Daddy

16. Café Mantra

This café is beautifully decorated and has attractive interiors. It is located in Heritage market, just adjacent to Narinder sweets. The chilly garlic noodles and pizza are fabulous. The coffee is also quite famous here, and you can try it if a coffee lover. It has a college canteen vibe with a small seating area with floor sitting.

Cafe Mantra

17. Taste Of Tibet

It is a bit simple place offering Tibetian food. The options available on the menu are limited, but each dish is mesmerizing and satisfying. The veg chili momos are a must-try, and a treat for spicy food lovers as the sauce is super spicy. Apart from that, the veg thukpa is also highly recommended.

Taste Of Tibet 1

18. Punjabi Rasoi

It is one of the few restaurants in Kasauli which can accommodate seats for a group of 6 people together. The food preparations are home-like, with no extra spices added. The food is satisfying having a reasonable price. It will be good if you visit the place after reserving a seat.

Punjabi Rasoi

19. Old Town Coffee House

This place is best in terms of ambience and interior. The staff is gentle and professional, handling customers very well. They pay attention to your order and prepare it on time. All the food prepared is fresh and a value for money. It is advisable to book seats in advance if visiting on weekends.

Old Town Coffee House

20. Green Hills

This outlet is located in Mashobra, Kasauli, having a pretty view. It comes on the way to Kasauli and is an excellent option to stop for rest and munching on snacks. The hot tea and pakoras are the best choices in the cold climate of the city.

Green Hills