Top 20 Restaurants In Hudson Lane

Top 20 Restaurants In Hudson Lane
Top 20 Restaurants In Hudson Lane

 Everyone is drooling over a Farmhouse Pizza, cheesy penne spaghetti, or a thick chocolate brownie shake while dancing to the music and having a good time with their pals. Are you looking for a place to stay? In GTB Nagar, take Hudson Lane. It offers the most incredible cafés with a menu that includes all of your favorite cuisines. These cafés also provide a pleasant ambiance in which you may relax and go on a date. Check out these wonderful cafés for sweet, savory, and spicy hunger treats.


Ricos is every student’s favorite hangout spot. It serves a range of cuisines from Mexican to Lebanese to Italian, as well as sheer competence and affordable, quick meals. It’s worth a visit because of their uber-cool wooden décor and quirky graffiti painted throughout the walls! Rosemary Infused Chicken Steak and Jack Daniels Pork Ribs are two meals that you must try.


2.The Hudson Cafe

The Hudson Cafe takes its name from the well-known Hudson Lane. This nook’s comfortable and laid-back feel may be just what you need to unwind after a long day of lectures and projects. The Hudson Cafe is the most popular restaurant in the region, serving exquisite Italian and Chinese cuisine. Their delectable Banoffee Pie may undoubtedly brighten up a dreary day!


3.Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door (abbreviated as BYD) is a restaurant that serves both Italian and fast cuisine. It has developed a cult following among its clients for its burgers and nachos, to the point where it now has two locations on Hudson Lane. After those lengthy lectures, their comfortable ambiance would be ideal for a gossip session with your besties! For any fast food fan, their BYD Cheese Bomb Burger and Chicken Winglets are a must-try!


4.By The Bay

If you enjoy spending time at the beach but cannot do so in Delhi, fear not, for By The Bay has you covered. This beach-themed cafe features swing chairs and a pool in the center, where you may relax with a beverage in hand, and your feet plunged in the pool. Also, their MTB Panini Sandwich and Nachos Corn Chat are a must-try.


5.Cafeteria & CO.

If you’re a die-hard foodie, Cafeteria & CO. will undoubtedly become one of your favorite hangout spots, because these guys make the most delectable pizza and pasta. In addition, their restaurant has unique delicacies such as the Marilyn Monroe Burger, Blueberry Bourbon Meatballs, Three-Way Chicken Fries, and more. So, if you’re looking for a filling lunch, Cafeteria & CO. is the spot to go!


6.Woodbox Cafe

Woodbox Cafe is a one-of-a-kind eatery that perfectly represents its name with its interiors and design, down to the silverware used, with everything being wooden-themed. Woodbox Cafe has both Chinese and Italian cuisines. It is quite popular among college-going students because of its wonderful atmosphere and excellent quick food. Did we mention these cuties have Flying Noodles as well?



The notion of recruiting differently-abled employees makes this one stand out since it contributes to a great humanitarian purpose. This one is not to be missed, with live music and delectable food on the menu. We recommend trying their Cream Cheese Pasta and Farm Fight Pizza, both known for their Italian cuisine. Not to mention their Tandoori Momos, which are genuinely to die for.



Sambookas is just lovely, with its wood interiors, planters, frames, and walls covered with adorable graffiti, and the basic yet attractive blue and yellow color scheme add to its appeal. After you’ve had your fill of admiring the establishment, we recommend trying their Fried Chicken, Caramelized Apple, and Brownie Blackout, which are all delicious!


9.Spezia Bistro

The bright seats and amusing wall posters that make it all the more fascinating and eccentric are what we like best about this venue. After you’ve settled into your beautiful color chair, try their delectable Aglio Olio Pasta, sugar-laden Mango Margarita, and Thai Basil Chilli Noodles (swooning already) for a fantastic foodie date!


10.Greedy Soul – Kitchen & Bar

If we were, to sum up, this eatery in a single word, we’d say it’s stunning! What else would you name a location packed with lovely lights, adorable plants, and many colors of green?

If you’re always hooked to your Instagram feeds, this spot will undoubtedly provide you with a few fantastic photos for your next upload.



Paparizza offers a delicious selection of pizzas that are so large that your stomach will explode! Paparizza, with its fantastic ambiance, should be the next stop for your crew. When you visit, try their Chicken Tikka Pizza and Deconstructed Pizza, all of which will leave you craving more.


12.Shake Eat Up

If you’re the sort of person who likes to eat a lot of food at a reasonable price, this little corner in Hudson could be the spot for you. But wait, aren’t we all that type of person *wink*? Their Floral Platter, which includes spaghetti, fries, momos, chilly potato, and dry Manchurian, is a must-try! You’ll thank us later if you sample their Turtle Shake, Chocolate Chaat, and Rainbow Pizza.


13.Phone Booth Cafe

Beautiful walls and a relaxing atmosphere is found here. This restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. Phone Booth Cafe offers a wide range of pizzas and nachos, as well as the most delectable Mutton Rogan Josh. Outside the café is a surreal-looking vintage 90s-style phone booth that also serves as a fantastic photo opportunity.


14.Chalte Firte

It’s the most economical spot on Hudson Lane, with a wide range of momos for a low price. This location also offers a wide range of fast food and Chinese cuisine. Unlike other cafes, this one is relatively tiny and provides an effortless and understated ambiance to dine and enjoy yourself.


15.Yolo 21

This café is well-liked by everybody, as seen by the sticky notes left behind with thank-you letters. The cafe is decorated with wooden furniture and framed photographs of celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Sunita Williams, and Kishore Kumar. Yolo 21 Pizza, Spaghetti Pesto Pasta, and Banoffee Pie are among the Italian and Continental delicacies.


16.For God’s Cake

For the love of God, don’t miss For God’s Cake. For God’s Cake, located on Hudson Lane, is the place to go for a sinful quantity of chocolate. Here you may buy a selection of milkshakes, as well as their super-chocolaty Nutella cheesecake.


17.Mama Boui

Mama’s Buoi is the perfect place to go if you’re searching for a terrace café in Hudson Lane. This café is usually booming with fantastic music and the cheers of passionate clients, so you won’t have any trouble finding it. They offer a spectacular rooftop location that is almost always full of people. Weekends are distinguished by LIT parties, live performances, and a buzzing audience. The food and drink menus each include a variety of delectable options. Their drinks, on the other hand, are a great hit with customers, making them one of the top Hudson Lane cafés with alcohol on the menu.


18.Tea Trails Cafe

Tea Trails Café is a must-visit for tea lovers. They provide a wide range of teas, including green tea, Darjeeling tea, masala tea, and many more. Along with your tea, they have various snacks. At Tea Trails Café, two people may spend quality time over a cup of tea or coffee for around 600/-.



AbongChiiz is a relatively new addition to Hudson Lane’s café scene. Abongchiiz’s interior design has a one-of-a-kind seating configuration. Some establishments offer mats on the floors to sit on, while others have chairs and tables, as well as a tiny yet comfortable outdoor patio. In this café, you may play various board games such as carom, ludo, and others. This restaurant serves North Indian, Chinese, and Continental food. It is a delightful and more or less affordable destination to visit.


20.Central Perk

All F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans are invited to visit Central Perk on Hudson Lane! Everything about this café, from the atmosphere to the intriguingly titled meals – Joey’s Pizza, Rachel’s Green Salad, Monica’s Bunwich, and the Ross Special – will bring back memories of the legendary program. If you’re a big fan of the show, this is one of the finest cafés in Hudson Lane to stop by – you’ll be greeted by the iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sofa, which makes for a great Instagram backdrop.