Top 20 Restaurants in Morena

Top 20 Restaurants in Morena
Top 20 Restaurants in Morena

Being the geographical center of India, Visitors of Madhya Pradesh can expect a wonderful experience. Morena, sometimes known as Pech Morena, is a city in Madhya Pradesh’s northern region. It is located southeast of the Chambal River and northwest of Gwalior on a plateau. Morena is an agricultural commerce center connected to Gwalior and Agra in Uttar Pradesh by rail and national highway. The primary industries are oilseed milling and cotton weaving. Sheopur and Tonwarghar princely states used to rule the surrounding region. Visit well-known eateries in Morena to sample both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. The top 20 restaurants in Morena are listed below.

1.MP-O-SIX House of curries

If you are traveling through the city and wish to grab a fast bite, this can be the place to visit. Their top goal is ensuring high standards of quality and sanitation.  The ambience is enhanced by the pleasant atmosphere. Allow this place an opportunity to impress you with their delectable cuisine!

Location: AB Rd, Morena, Madhya Pradesh



Laziz Pizza

If you’re hoping for a location to eat pizza and Chinese food in Morena, this is the place to go. Every day, each Laziz Pizza Outlet rolls its fresh dough and generously tops each pizza only with the best ingredients, along with all Mozzarella Cheese. The green apple mock tail is a must to try.

Location: Gopinath ki puliya, Morena



Akku’s Barbeque

Once you visit Akku’s Barbeque, it will quickly become your favorite restaurant in town. The meals here are consistently excellent, and no matter what you eat, you will be satisfied. Employees are also outstanding, always efficient, cheerful, and courteous. It is definitely, a great spot to enjoy fantastic food.

Location: Tiraha, Sanjay Colony, Morena



Your choice family restaurant

A dedicated area is available for families, couples, and groupings. All food products are priced reasonably at the restaurant. This restaurant boasts a well-kept environment with excellent service and sanitation.  You will enjoy a pleasant stay here.

Location: M S Road, Morena



Kokam Samose Wale

If you’re in Morena or going through Gwalior, this is a must-try. This place serves samosas with a fantastic filling that melts in your mouth. The kachoris, on the other hand, are the star of the show, crisp with a delicious filling. After all of that, there will be jalebis for dessert. The owner is quite pleasant, and the service is prompt and excellent.

Location: Malgodam Rd, Station Rd, Morena



The Kitchen Family Restaurant

Punjabi, North Indian, Indian, and Ice Cream are among the cuisines available. It’s an excellent venue to commemorate modest occasions or have dinner with family or friends. Overall, this is an excellent restaurant that you should try.

Location: M S Road, Morena



Shukla Hotel

It is an excellent highway eatery. The secret to this restaurant’s burgeoning popularity is the food. This place is exceptionally clean, and less crowded. It also accepts no-touch payments. This eating place ought to be visited at least once while visiting Gwalior or Morena.

Location: M S Road, Morena



Saurabh Fast Food & Bakery

It is one of Morena’s top fast-food bakeries. Go there and relax in the aromas of pizza making, patties, and pasta cooking. It’s as if you can taste them. This restaurant is best known for its amazing fast food, but it also serves a variety of Chinese, Indian, and local cuisines.

Location: Indhi Colony, Jiwaji Ganj, Morena



Shri Bhav Bhaveshwar

It’s in a decent neighborhood, right in the heart of the city, and you can take your family to this place. The dosa served here is immensely appreciated because it is inexpensive and delicious. It’s a place where only high-quality food is served.

Location: Markandeshwar Bazar, Jiwaji Ganj, Morena



Shree Amrapur Bless Bakery

Cakes, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, pastries, and burgers are all available at Amrapur Bakery, the finest bakery in town. They serve entirely vegetarian food. Their products are egg-free, and they strive to provide the most satisfactory possible service to their clients. They deliver to your home and accept internet orders.

Location: Sindhi Colony, Morena



Shake It Baby

Shake It Baby in Jiwaji Ganj offers a diverse selection of products and services to meet the needs of its consumers. This place serves milkshakes with 25 Different Flavors, Sandwiches, Burgers, Fries, Momos, Tandoori Chaaps, Tandoori Paneer, Tandoori Chinese Tikkas and more. The personnel at this restaurant is kind and prompt in assisting.

Location: Sindhi Colony, Morena



City Bakers

This place serves an excellent spot for mouthwatering shakes, pizza, pasta, and delectable cakes. You can customize your cake in the same way that you can customize your canvas. This bakery is well-known for its cakes and pizza. They offer the highest-quality cakes and pastries.

Location: Gopal Pura, Morena



D3A Indian Café

With a fully designed interior, this is an ideal location for high-quality meals and celebratory parties. It is recommended that you try the Hakka Noodles, which are tasty. This restaurant has it all: an excellent location, friendly staff, and delicious food.

Location: Old H B Colony, New Ct Rd, Morena



Shubhim Highway Treat

This an excellent place to stay for travelers and to stay away from crowded places inside the city. Try some of their regional specialties and the chef’s creations. It would be best if you come here at least once because the food is delicious.

Location:  Nh3, Baraua, Morena



Parmar hotel and restaurant

It’s in a good neighborhood, so that you can take your whole family. Pure vegetarian, Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Indian, and Tandoori cuisines are available. Kadai paneer is a popular dish in this area. Also, have excellent food quality and a delicious taste at reasonable costs.

Location:  Mumbai – Agra National Hwy, Panihar



Hotel Radhika Palace

It is a highly convenient location and one of the town’s oldest hotels. It is one of Morena’s finest restaurants. The taste of everything, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, appears to be authentic and exquisite. This hotel offers an amiable staff, excellent services, and is mainly geared toward families.

Location:  Radhika palace road, Morena



Hotel Shree Ganesh

Guests at this eatery can sample vegetarian food. The restaurant provides excellent service and has pleasant staff. It is a fantastic restaurant with nutritious food that tastes great. This location is very budget-friendly.

Location:  Mumbai – Agra National Hwy, Morena



Sanwariya Seth Family Restaurant

Usually, Morena does not have such an aura-filled and opulent dining establishment. It is a great spot to eat. The cuisine is of mediocre quality, but the ambience is pleasant. The restaurant is hygienic, and the service is prompt.

Location:  kushwaha Colony, morena



Sangam Family Restaurant & Bhojnalay

Sangam Family Restaurant & Bhojnalay ensures a memorable dining experience by serving delectable cuisine. It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves Bakery, Burger, Café, and Shake. The restaurant offers guests to have a delicious dinner while also providing prompt service.

Location:  Mahadev Naka, Gwalior, Kotwal, Morena



Jai Baba Devpuri Dhaba

It is a respectable establishment that delivers fresh and well-prepared food. The eatery serves vegetarian Dhaba cuisines. This restaurant’s food is truly delectable and well worth the price. In addition, the service is prompt.

Location:  Piprai, Morena